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04 Feb 2018 - 10 Feb 2018

Economic events on Fri, 09 Feb1-100 of 133 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Manufacturing Output MMNL12:30AM ESTDec0.6-1.12
Foreign Trade MMEE1:00AM ESTDec-195--111.2-
WPI Inflation YYIN1:30AM ESTJan-3.253.58-
Unemployment Rate UnadjCH1:45AM ESTJan3.33.43.3-
Unemployment Rate AdjCH1:45AM ESTJan-33-
Consumer Price Index YYNO2:00AM ESTJan1.61.61.6-
HICP Final YYDE2:00AM ESTJan-1.40-
GDP Growth MainlandNO2:00AM ESTQ40.
Core InflationNO2:00AM ESTJan1.11.51.4-
GDP GrowthNO2:00AM ESTQ4-0.3-0.70.8
CPI Final YYDE2:00AM ESTJan-1.61.6-
Current Account BalanceTR2:00AM ESTDec-7.7-7.5-4.2-
HICP Final MMDE2:00AM ESTJan--1-1-
Core Inflation MMNO2:00AM ESTJan-0.8-0.20.1-
Producer Price Index YYNO2:00AM ESTJan10.3-7.3-
CPI Final MMDE2:00AM ESTJan--0.7-0.7-
Trade BalanceRO2:00AM ESTDec-1.61--1.12-
GDP Flash QQ SADE2:00AM ESTQ4-0.60.8-
CPI YYDK2:00AM ESTJan0.70.91-
Consumer Price Index MMNO2:00AM ESTJan--0-
Industry Output YYFI2:00AM ESTDec4.2-3.44.2
Currency SwapsTH2:30AM EST-35-35.2-
Forex ReservesTH2:30AM EST-214.4-213.8-
Industrial Output MMFR2:45AM ESTDec---0.5-
HICP YYES3:00AM ESTJan-0.70.7-
CPI YYCZ3:00AM ESTJan-2.22.4-
CPI MMCZ3:00AM ESTJan-0.60.1-
CPI MMES3:00AM ESTJan--1.10-
CPI MMCH3:00AM ESTJan-0.1-0.10-
HICP MMES3:00AM ESTJan--1.50-
Trade Balance Mth PrilimHU3:00AM ESTDec502443.5713-
CPI YYCH3:00AM ESTJan0.70.80.8-
Industrial Output YYSK3:00AM ESTDec-
CPI YYES3:00AM ESTJan-0.51.1-
Riksbank RateSE3:30AM ESTN/A-0.5-0.5-0.5-
Unemployment RateSE3:30AM ESTJan776-
Industrial Output YY WDAIT4:00AM ESTDec--2.2-
GDP Prelim YYIT4:00AM ESTQ4-1.61.7-
Current Account MMCZ4:00AM ESTDec-2.92-6.50.04-
Foreign TradeLT4:00AM ESTDec-0.07--0.18-
GDP Prelim QQIT4:00AM ESTQ4-0.40.4-
Industrial Output MM SAIT4:00AM ESTDec--0-
PPI Output Prices YY NSAGB4:30AM ESTJan-33.3-
Construction O/P Vol MMGB4:30AM ESTDec1.6-0.40.1
PPI Core Output MM NSAGB4:30AM ESTJan-0.30.3-
PPI Input Prices YY NSAGB4:30AM ESTJan-4.34.9-
Manufacturing Output MMGB4:30AM ESTDec--0.4-
Retail Sales Ex-Fuel MMGB4:30AM ESTJan-0.4-1.6-
Retail Sales YYGB4:30AM ESTJan-2.61.4-
PPI Output Prices MM NSAGB4:30AM ESTJan-0.20.4-
Industrial Output MMGB4:30AM ESTDec-1.3-
Construction O/P Vol YYGB4:30AM ESTDec--1.40.4-
PPI Input Prices MM NSAGB4:30AM ESTJan-0.80.1-
CPI YYGB4:30AM ESTJan-2.93-
Goods Trade Bal. Non-EUGB4:30AM ESTDec---4.68-
PPI Core Output YY NSAGB4:30AM ESTJan-2.32.5-
Manufacturing Output YYGB4:30AM ESTDec--3.5-
RPI MMGB4:30AM ESTJan--0.70.8-
CPI MMGB4:30AM ESTJan--0.60.4-
Goods Trade Balance GBPGB4:30AM ESTDec---12.23-
Retail Sales MMGB4:30AM ESTJan-0.5-1.5-
Retail Sales Ex-Fuel YYGB4:30AM ESTJan-2.51.3-
RPI YYGB4:30AM ESTJan-4.14.1-
Industrial Output YYGB4:30AM ESTDec--2.5-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTDec--1-
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTDec-4.23.2-
GDP Flash Estimate QQEU5:00AM ESTQ4-0.60.6-
Industrial Output YYGR5:00AM ESTDec0.2-0.82
GDP Flash Estimate YYEU5:00AM ESTQ4-2.72.7-
Retail Sales YYZA6:00AM ESTDec5.348.27.9
Retail Sales MMBR6:00AM ESTDec-1.5-0.40.71
Foreign Trade MMLV6:00AM ESTDec-238.1--100.8-
Retail Sales YYBR6:00AM ESTDec3.34.75.96
CPI YYNG6:00AM ESTJan15.1315.0515.37-
FX Reserves, USDIN6:30AM EST-421.91-417.79-
Industrial Output YYIN6:30AM ESTDec-6.28.4-
Consumer Price Index YYIN7:00AM ESTJan-5.145.21-
Foreign TradeRU8:00AM ESTDec13.71311.52-
Employment ChangeCA8:30AM ESTJan--78.6-
Participation RateCA8:30AM ESTJan65.5-65.8-
Retail Sales MMUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.20.4-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST--1.931.92-
NY Fed ManufacturingUS8:30AM ESTFeb-1817.7-
Building Permits: NumberUS8:30AM ESTJan-1.31.3-
Manufacturing Sales MMCA8:30AM ESTDec-0.33.4-
Unemployment RateCA8:30AM ESTJan--5.7-
Real Weekly Earnings MMUS8:30AM ESTJan--0.30.2-
Housing Starts Number MMUS8:30AM ESTJan-1.231.19-
CPI Index, NSAUS8:30AM ESTJan-247.57246.52-
Export Prices MMUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.3-0.1-
CPI MM, SAUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.30.1-
Full time employment chngCA8:30AM ESTJan49-23.723.2
CPI YY, NSAUS8:30AM ESTJan-1.92.1-
Retail ControlUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.40.3-
Core CPI YY, NSAUS8:30AM ESTJan-1.71.8-
Core CPI MM, SAUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.20.3-
Import Prices MMUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.60.1-
PPI Final Demand MMUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.4-0.1-
Retail Sales Ex-Autos MMUS8:30AM ESTJan-0.40.4-
Initial Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST--227221-
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