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03 Dec 2017 - 09 Dec 2017

Economic events on Mon, 04 Dec1-100 of 124 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Consumer Confid. IndexJP12:00AM ESTNov44.9-44.5-
Net Gold & Forex ResZA1:00AM ESTNov42.6942.742.49-
Gross Gold & Forex ResZA1:00AM ESTNov50.348.8348.9-
Unemployment Rate UnadjCH1:45AM ESTNov3.13.13-
Unemployment Rate AdjCH1:45AM ESTNov33.13.1-
IPC-Fipe Inflation IdxBR2:00AM ESTNov0.290.330.320.32
Producer Price Index YYRO2:00AM ESTOct4-4.3-
Imports MM SADE2:00AM ESTOct1.81.1-1-1.1
PPI MMTR2:00AM ESTNov2.02-1.71-
Exports MM SADE2:00AM ESTOct-0.41-0.4-
CPI MMTR2:00AM ESTNov--2.08-
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTOct-1.41-1.6-0.9
Industrial Orders MMDE2:00AM ESTOct0.5-0.311.2
PPI YYTR2:00AM ESTNov17.3-17.28-
Trade Balance, EUR, SADE2:00AM ESTOct19.921.821.821.9
CPI YYTR2:00AM ESTNov12.98-11.9-
Trade Balance, EUR, SAFR2:45AM ESTOct-4.96-4.6-4.67-
Industrial Output MMFR2:45AM ESTOct1.9-
Ind Output Cal Adj YYES3:00AM ESTOct4.13.73.4-
CPI MMCH3:15AM ESTNov-0.1-0.1-
CPI YYCH3:15AM ESTNov0.80.90.7-
Services PMIES3:15AM ESTNov54.455.154.6-
HalifaxHousePrice 3M/YYGB3:30AM ESTNov3.93.94.5-
Halifax House Prices MMGB3:30AM ESTNov0.50.20.3-
Mining Production YYZA4:30AM ESTOct5.24.15-0.9-0.3
Manufacturing Output MMGB4:30AM ESTOct0.10.10.7-
Goods Trade Bal. Non-EUGB4:30AM ESTOct-2.38-3.3-2.98-2.99
Industrial Output YYGB4:30AM ESTOct3.63.52.5-
Industrial Output MMGB4:30AM ESTOct0-0.7-
Manufacturing Output YYGB4:30AM ESTOct3.93.92.7-
Sentix IndexEU4:30AM ESTDec31.133.634-
Markit/CIPS Cons PMIGB4:30AM ESTNov53.15150.8-
Goods Trade Balance GBPGB4:30AM ESTOct-10.78-11.45-11.25-10.45
Construction O/P Vol YYGB4:30AM ESTOct-
Construction O/P Vol MMGB4:30AM ESTOct-1.70.4-1.6-
GDP QQ AnnualisedZA4:30AM ESTQ321.52.52.8
Producer Prices YYEU5:00AM ESTOct2.
Producer Prices MMEU5:00AM ESTOct0.
Retail Sales YYEU5:00AM ESTOct0.41.53.74
Retail Sales MMEU5:00AM ESTOct-1.1-
IGP-DI Inflation IndexBR5:00AM ESTNov-0.620.1-
GDP Revised QQEU5:00AM ESTQ30.60.60.6-
GDP Revised YYEU5:00AM ESTQ32.62.52.5-
Industrial Output MMBR6:00AM ESTOct0.
IPCA Inflation Index MMBR6:00AM ESTNov0.280.350.42-
Industrial Production YYLV6:00AM ESTOct5.4-12.9-
IPCA Inflation Index YYBR6:00AM ESTNov2.82.882.7-
Inflation MMCL6:00AM ESTNov-0.10.6-
Industrial Output YYBR6:00AM ESTOct5.
Industrial Production MMLV6:00AM ESTOct-2-1.4-
Imacec Econ. ActivityCL6:30AM ESTOct2.92.91.3-
Trade BalanceCL6:30AM ESTNov512670583-
Manufacturing PMISG8:00AM ESTNov52.9-52.6-
House Starts, AnnualizedCA8:15AM ESTNov252.2215222.8222.7
ADP National EmploymentUS8:15AM ESTNov190185235-
Non-Farm PayrollsUS8:30AM ESTNov-200261-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST-1.911.911.961.96
Retail Sales Ex-Autos MMUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.60.1-
Government PayrollsUS8:30AM ESTNov759-3
Capacity UtilizationCA8:30AM ESTQ385858584.3
Manufacturing PayrollsUS8:30AM ESTNov31172423
PPI exFood/Energy MMUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.30.4-
International Trade MMUS8:30AM ESTOct-48.7-47.5-43.5-44.9
PPI Final Demand MMUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.40.4-
Trade Balance CCA8:30AM ESTOct-1.47-2.7-3.18-3.36
Labor Costs RevisedUS8:30AM ESTQ3-
Core CPI MM, SAUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.20.2-
Unemployment RateUS8:30AM ESTNov4.14.14.1-
Retail Sales MMUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.30.2-
Building Permits MM.CA8:30AM ESTOct3.
Retail ControlUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.40.3-
CPI MM, SAUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.30.1-
Average Workweek HrsUS8:30AM ESTNov34.534.434.4-
Import Prices MMUS8:30AM ESTNov-0.30.2-
Initial Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST-236240238-
Average Earnings MMUS8:30AM ESTNov0.20.30-0.1
Productivity RevisedUS8:30AM ESTQ333.33-
Private PayrollsUS8:30AM ESTNov221190252247
Headline InflationMX9:00AM ESTNov1.031.010.63-
Core InflationMX9:00AM ESTNov0.340.320.25-
Gross Fixed Invest. YYMX9:00AM ESTSep-2.6-0.620.3-
12-Month InflationMX9:00AM ESTNov6.636.66.37-
Capacity Utilization MMUS9:15AM ESTNov-77.177-
Industrial Production MMUS9:15AM ESTNov-0.40.9-
ISM-New York IndexUS9:45AM ESTNov753.5-749.4-
U Mich Expectations PrelimUS10:00AM ESTDec84.690.688.9-
Factory Orders MMUS10:00AM ESTOct--1.4-
Durables Ex-Def, R MMUS10:00AM ESTOct-0.4--0.8-
Wholesale Sales MMUS10:00AM ESTOct0.
Currency ReservesDK10:00AM ESTNov464.2-464.3-
Factory Ex-Transp MMUS10:00AM ESTOct0.8-0.71.1
Durables Ex-Transpt R MMUS10:00AM ESTOct0.9-0.4-
Business Inventories MMUS10:00AM ESTOct--0.10-
U Mich Sentiment PrelimUS10:00AM ESTDec96.89998.5-
U Mich Conditions PrelimUS10:00AM ESTDec115.9115.5113.5-
ISM N-Mfg PMIUS10:00AM ESTNov57.45960.1-
Wholesale Invt(y), R MMUS10:00AM ESTOct-0.5-0.4-0.4-
Durable Goods, R MMUS10:00AM ESTOct-0.8--1.2-
Nondef Cap Ex-Air R MMUS10:00AM ESTOct0.3--0.5-
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