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03 Dec 2017 - 09 Dec 2017

Economic events on Tue, 05 Dec1-67 of 67 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Nikkei Markit Svcs PMIIN12:00AM ESTNov48.5-51.7-
Manufacturing Output MMNO2:00AM ESTOct0.
Consumer Price IndexRO2:00AM ESTNov3.22.952.6-
Std Bank Whole Econ PMIZA2:15AM ESTNov48.8-49.6-
C/A Balance QQHU2:30AM ESTQ30.811.171.751.87
PMI Services MMSE2:30AM ESTNov61.8-61.4-
Quarterly Final GDP YYSK3:00AM ESTQ33.4-3.3-
Trade Balance Mth PrilimHU3:00AM ESTOct522729937-
Ind Output Cal Adj YYES3:00AM ESTOct--3.4-
Consumer Price Index MMTW3:00AM ESTNov0.71-0.38-
CPI YYHU3:00AM ESTNov2.52.52.2-
Industrial Output YYHU3:00AM ESTOct7.66.25.4-
Unemployment RateCZ3:00AM ESTNov-3.53.6-
Retail Sales YYHU3:00AM ESTOct6.3-66.2
GDP YY FinalHU3:00AM ESTQ33.9-3.6-
Retail Sales YYCZ3:00AM ESTOct6.
Consumer Price Index YYTW3:00AM ESTNov---0.32-
Industrial Output YYCZ3:00AM ESTOct-10.34.4-
Ftrade Bal NRACZ3:00AM ESTOct9.715.320.218.3
Wholesale Price IndexTW3:00AM ESTNov1.57-1.58-
Services PMIES3:15AM ESTNov--54.6-
Foreign Exchange ReserveTW3:20AM ESTNov450.47-447.79-
Ind Production MMSE3:30AM ESTOct1.9-2.21.3
Ind Production YYSE3:30AM ESTOct6-4.52.7
New Orders Manuf. YYSE3:30AM ESTOct3.8-11.2-
Regional Network SurveyNO4:00AM ESTN/A1.19-1.11-
GDP QQ AnnualisedZA4:30AM ESTQ3--2.5-
Retail Sales MMEU5:00AM ESTOct--0.7-
Retail Sales YYEU5:00AM ESTOct--3.7-
Industrial Output MMBR6:00AM ESTOct--0.2-
Industrial Output YYBR6:00AM ESTOct--2.6-
Imacec Econ. ActivityCL6:30AM ESTOct--1.3-
Markit Services PMIBR7:00AM ESTNov46.9-48.8-
Gross Forex ReservesUA7:00AM ESTNov18.9-18.74-
Markit Composite PMIBR7:00AM ESTNov48.9-49.5-
CPI YYRU8:00AM ESTNov2.52.62.7-
International Trade MMUS8:30AM ESTOct-48.7-47.5-43.5-44.9
Imports CCA8:30AM ESTOct45.93-46.7446.67
Non-Farm PayrollsUS8:30AM ESTNov-200261-
Exports CCA8:30AM ESTOct44.46-43.5643.3
Trade Balance CCA8:30AM ESTOct---3.18-
Redbook YYUS8:55AM EST-3-4.8-
Redbook MMUS8:55AM EST--0.9--0.2-
Gross Fixed Invest. YYMX9:00AM ESTSep--0.3-
Gross Fixed Invest. MMMX9:00AM ESTSep-1.2-1.5-
ISM N-Mfg New Orders IdxUS10:00AM ESTNov58.7-62.8-
ISM N-Mfg Employment IdxUS10:00AM ESTNov55.3-57.5-
ISM N-Mfg Bus ActUS10:00AM ESTNov--62.2-
ISM N-Mfg Price Paid IdxUS10:00AM ESTNov60.7-62.7-
ISM N-Mfg PMIUS10:00AM ESTNov57.45960.1-
Budget Balance - ILSIL7:00PM ESTNov-2200-38003800
CPI YYMU7:00PM ESTNov3.6-3.5-
M2 Money Supply YYKW7:00PM ESTOct1.9-2.5-
CPI YYCO7:00PM ESTNov4.124.064.05-
CPI MMCO7:00PM ESTNov0.180.130.02-
Bank RateNA7:00PM ESTDec6.75-6.75-
M3 Money SupplyIN7:00PM EST-8.8-7.3-
Pvt Bank Lending YYKW7:00PM ESTOct4.2-2.8-
GDP Final Consumption QQAU7:30PM ESTQ30.2-0.80.9
GDP YYAU7:30PM ESTQ32.831.8-
GDP Chain Price IndexAU7:30PM ESTQ30--1.1-
GDP Capital ExpenditureAU7:30PM ESTQ31.8-1.50.4
ExportsMY11:00PM ESTOct--14.8-
ImportsMY11:00PM ESTOct--15.2-
Trade BalanceMY11:00PM ESTOct--8.6-
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