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03 Dec 2017 - 09 Dec 2017

Economic events on Thu, 07 Dec1-84 of 84 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Coincident Indicator MMJP12:00AM ESTOct0.3--1.9-1.4
Leading IndicatorJP12:00AM ESTOct-0.4--0.6-0.7
CPI YY NSANL12:30AM ESTNov1.5-1.3-
Gross Gold & Forex ResZA1:00AM ESTNov--48.9-
Consumer Price Index YYEE1:00AM ESTNov4.2-3.8-
Net Gold & Forex ResZA1:00AM ESTNov--42.49-
Consumer Price Index MMEE1:00AM ESTNov0.5--0.2-
Unemployment Rate AdjCH1:45AM ESTNov--3.1-
Unemployment Rate UnadjCH1:45AM ESTNov--3-
HICP Final YYDE2:00AM ESTNov-1.81.8-
ReservesMY2:00AM EST-101.9-101.5-
Forex Reserves USDPH2:00AM ESTNov80.31-80.6280.42
HICP Final MMDE2:00AM ESTNov-0.30.3-
Industrial Production MMDK2:00AM ESTOct2.5--4.2-
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTOct---1.6-
Manufacturing Output MMNO2:00AM ESTOct0.
CPI Final YYDE2:00AM ESTNov-1.81.8-
CPI Final MMDE2:00AM ESTNov-0.30.3-
Imports, EUR Approx TimeFR2:45AM ESTOct45.4-44.96-
Exports, EUR Approx TimeFR2:45AM ESTOct40.45-40.29-
Trade Balance, EUR, SAFR2:45AM ESTOct---4.67-
Current AccountFR2:45AM ESTOct-2.2--3.1-
Construction Output YYCZ3:00AM ESTOct5.9--1.1-3.2
Ftrade Bal NRACZ3:00AM ESTOct9.715.320.218.3
Foreign Trade BalanceSK3:00AM ESTOct505455.4450479
Industrial Output YYCZ3:00AM ESTOct--4.4-
FX ReservesHK3:30AM ESTNov422.1-419.2-
3M Target LIBOR RateCH3:30AM ESTQ4-1.25-0.75-0.75-
Halifax House Prices MMGB3:30AM ESTNov0.50.20.3-
HalifaxHousePrice 3M/YYGB3:30AM ESTNov--4.5-
Cenbank Rate DecisionNO4:00AM ESTN/A0.50.50.5-
Foreign Reserves MMSG4:00AM ESTNov279.6-276-
FX ReservesCZ4:00AM ESTNov123.01-123.69124.1
Gold Production YYZA4:30AM ESTOct-0.9-2.32.2
Mining Production YYZA4:30AM ESTOct---0.9-
Business Confidence IdxZA4:30AM ESTNov--92.9-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTOct--0.4-0.6-
Budget BalanceHU5:00AM ESTNov-220.8--181.9-
GDP Revised YYEU5:00AM ESTQ32.62.52.5-
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTOct-33.3-
GDP Revised QQEU5:00AM ESTQ3--0.6-
Unemployment Rate (Mth)GR5:00AM ESTSep20.5-20.620.7
ZEW Economic SentimentDE5:00AM ESTDec-1618.7-
IGP-DI Inflation IndexBR5:00AM ESTNov--0.1-
Core InflationCL6:00AM ESTNov-0.1-0.5-
Inflation MMCL6:00AM ESTNov--0.6-
Trade BalanceCL6:30AM ESTNov512670583-
Copper ExportsCL6:30AM ESTNov3262-3227-
Gross Forex ReservesUA7:00AM ESTNov18.9-18.74-
Challenger LayoffsUS7:30AM ESTNov35.04-29.83-
Cbank Wkly ReservesRU8:00AM EST-430.6-430.2-
Central Bank FX ReservesPL8:00AM ESTNov95.8-95.09-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST---1.96-
Building Permits MM.CA8:30AM ESTOct--3.8-
Jobless Claims 4-Wk AvgUS8:30AM EST-241.5-242.25-
Headline InflationMX9:00AM ESTNov--0.63-
12-Month InflationMX9:00AM ESTNov6.636.66.37-
Core InflationMX9:00AM ESTNov--0.25-
CPI YYMZ9:00AM ESTNov7.15-8.35-
Treasury Cash BalanceTR9:30AM ESTNov5.65--4.5-
Ivey PMI SACA10:00AM ESTNov63-63.8-
Ivey PMICA10:00AM ESTNov62.4-63.5-
Consumer CreditUS3:00PM ESTOct--20.83-
Manufacturing SalesNZ4:45PM ESTQ30.3-1-
GDP Revised QQJP6:50PM ESTQ30.60.40.3-
Current Account NSA JPYJP6:50PM ESTOct2176.41720.52271.2-
Bank Lending YYJP6:50PM ESTNov2.7-2.8-
GDP Rev QQ AnnualisedJP6:50PM ESTQ32.51.51.4-
GDP QQ Pvt Consmp RevisedJP6:50PM ESTQ3-0.5--0.5-
GDP Cap Ex Rev QQJP6:50PM ESTQ31.10.40.2-
GDP QQ External Demand RJP6:50PM ESTQ30.5-0.5-
Trade Balance USDCN7:00PM ESTNov--38.1738.19
CPI MMUA7:00PM ESTNov--1.2-
Exports YYCN7:00PM ESTNov12.356.96.9
Imports YYCN7:00PM ESTNov17.711.317.217.2
Overtime PayJP7:00PM ESTOct0.2-0.9-
Consumer SentimentIE7:01PM ESTNov103.6-104.8-
RICS Housing SurveyGB7:01PM ESTNov-11-
EmploymentAU7:30PM ESTNov61.6183.77.8
Invest Housing FinanceAU7:30PM ESTOct1.6--6.2-
Unemployment RateAU7:30PM ESTNov5.45.45.4-
Participation RateAU7:30PM ESTNov65.565.165.165.2
Housing FinanceAU7:30PM ESTOct---2.3-
Home Price IndexAU7:30PM ESTQ3-
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