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31 Dec 2017 - 06 Jan 2018

Economic events on Thu, 04 Jan1-70 of 70 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Nikkei Markit Svcs PMIIN12:00AM ESTDec50.9-48.5-
Industrial Prod YYEE1:00AM ESTNov2.7-6.2-
Industrial Prod MMEE1:00AM ESTNov-1.4-1.8-
Nationwide house price mmGB2:00AM ESTDec--0.1-
Nationwide house price yyGB2:00AM ESTDec2.622.5-
Producer Price Index YYRO2:00AM ESTNov4.4-43.9
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTNov-1.6-1.4-
Industrial Orders MMDE2:00AM ESTNov-0.70.5-
Industrial OutlookDK2:00AM ESTDec3-23
Std Bank Whole Econ PMIZA2:15AM ESTDec48.4-48.8-
PMI Services MMSE2:30AM ESTDec64.6-61.861.9
3M Unemployment RateHU3:00AM ESTNov3.8-4-
Imports of GoodsTW3:00AM ESTDec12.29.259-
Consumer Price Index YYTW3:00AM ESTDec1.210.950.350.34
Trade BalanceTW3:00AM ESTDec6.135.565.96-
Exports of GoodsTW3:00AM ESTDec14.89.4514-
Services PMIES3:15AM ESTDec--54.4-
M4 Money SupplyGB4:30AM ESTNov0.1-0.6-
Mortgage LendingGB4:30AM ESTNov3.53.43.393.35
Mortgage ApprovalsGB4:30AM ESTNov--64.57-
BOE Consumer CreditGB4:30AM ESTNov--1.45-
Unemployment RateEU5:00AM ESTNov-8.78.8-
Economic SentimentEU5:00AM ESTDec-114.9114.6-
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTNov-3.23.7-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTNov-0.50.2-
Inflation MMCL6:00AM ESTDec-0.170.1-
Markit Services PMIBR7:00AM ESTDec47.4-46.9-
Markit Composite PMIBR7:00AM ESTDec48.8-48.9-
Challenger LayoffsUS7:30AM ESTDec32.42-35.04-
ADP National EmploymentUS8:15AM ESTDec--190-
Producer Prices YYCA8:30AM ESTNov2.7-1.81.7
Unemployment RateUS8:30AM ESTDec4.14.14.1-
Raw Materials Prices YYCA8:30AM ESTNov14.2-6.6-
Initial Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST---245-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST---1.94-
Raw Materials Prices MMCA8:30AM ESTNov5.54.53.8-
Non-Farm PayrollsUS8:30AM ESTDec148190228252
Jobless Claims 4-Wk AvgUS8:30AM EST-241.75-237.75238.25
Producer Prices MMCA8:30AM ESTNov--1-
Gross Fixed Invest. MMMX9:00AM ESTOct---1.2-
Gross Fixed Invest. YYMX9:00AM ESTOct---2.6-
Primary Bud Bal FinalAR2:00PM ESTNov-29661.5--32494.8-
Current Account BalanceKR6:00PM ESTNov5.67-5.01-
Benchmark Intr RateRO7:00PM ESTN/A21.751.75-
Consumer Conf IndexID7:00PM ESTDec126.4-122.1-
Exports YYCN7:00PM ESTDec10.99.112.3-
CPI YYCO7:00PM ESTDec4.093.984.12-
M2 Money Supply YYCN7:00PM ESTDec8.29.19.1-
Outstanding Loan GrowthCN7:00PM ESTDec12.713.113.3-
Gross Forex ReservesUA7:00PM ESTDec18.81-18.9-
Trade Balance USDCN7:00PM ESTDec54.693740.21-
Imports YYCN7:00PM ESTDec4.51317.7-
CPI MMCO7:00PM ESTDec0.380.280.18-
New Yuan LoansCN7:00PM ESTDec584.410001120-
Trade Deficit Govt -USDIN7:00PM ESTDec-12.3713.83-
Trade Balance G&S (A)AU7:30PM ESTNov-628-105-302
Goods/Services ImportsAU7:30PM ESTNov1-2-
Goods/Services ExportsAU7:30PM ESTNov0--3-
Core CPI YYPH8:00PM ESTDec3-3.3-
CPI MMPH8:00PM ESTDec0.3-0.5-
CPI YYPH8:00PM ESTDec3.33.33.3-
PPI YYCN8:30PM ESTDec4.94.85.8-
CPI YYCN8:30PM ESTDec1.81.91.7-
CPI MMCN8:30PM ESTDec0.30.40-
Retail Sales YYCN9:00PM ESTDec-10.110.2-
Industrial Output YYCN9:00PM ESTDec-66.1-
Urban investment (ytd)yyCN9:00PM ESTDec-7.17.2-
Trade BalanceMY11:00PM ESTNov--10.6-
ImportsMY11:00PM ESTNov15.213.920.9-
ExportsMY11:00PM ESTNov--18.9-
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