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31 Dec 2017 - 06 Jan 2018

Economic events on Fri, 05 Jan1-100 of 168 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
WPI Inflation YYIN1:30AM ESTDec-43.93-
Unemployment Rate AdjCH1:45AM ESTDec-33-
Consumer Price IndexRO2:00AM ESTDec3.33.33.2-
Trade Balance, EUR, SADE2:00AM ESTNov-2119.9-
IPC-Fipe Inflation IdxBR2:00AM ESTDec--0.29-
Core Inflation MMNO2:00AM ESTDec--0.1-0.3-
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTNov-1.8-1.4-
Current Account BalanceTR2:00AM ESTNov-4.2-3.92-3.83-
Forex Reserves USDPH2:00AM ESTDec81.47-80.3180.31
Consumer Price Index YYNO2:00AM ESTDec-1.51.1-
Core InflationNO2:00AM ESTDec-1.21-
Retail Sales YY RealDE2:00AM ESTNov---1.4-
Consumer Price Index MMNO2:00AM ESTDec--0.10.1-
Manufacturing Output MMNO2:00AM ESTNov-0.50.7-
Industrial Orders MMDE2:00AM ESTNov-
Retail Sales MM RealDE2:00AM ESTNov---1.2-
Exports MM SADE2:00AM ESTNov-1.2-0.4-
ReservesMY2:00AM EST-102.4-102.2-
Imports MM SADE2:00AM ESTNov-0.61.8-
CPI YYDK2:00AM ESTDec-1.31.3-
Credit Indicator YYNO2:00AM ESTNov5.8-5.7-
Unemployment RateDK2:00AM ESTNov3.4-3.4-
Inflation (HICP) YYDK2:00AM ESTDec0.81.41.3-
Forex ReservesTH2:30AM EST-202.6-202.8-
Currency SwapsTH2:30AM EST-36.7-34.4-
Consumer ConfidenceFR2:45AM ESTDec--102-
Industrial Output MMFR2:45AM ESTNov--0.51.9-
Wholesale Price IndexTW3:00AM ESTDec0.24-1.57-
CPI YYHU3:00AM ESTDec2.12.32.5-
Consumer Price Index MMTW3:00AM ESTDec0.18-0.71-
Ftrade Bal NRACZ3:00AM ESTNov11.75.89.7-
PPI YYHU3:00AM ESTNov4.5-4.5-
Industrial Output YYCZ3:00AM ESTNov8.55.910.5-
Consumer Price Index YYTW3:00AM ESTDec1.210.950.35-
Wholesale Prices NSA MMAT3:00AM ESTDec-0.1-0.8-
Wholesale Prices NSA YYAT3:00AM ESTDec3.2-5.6-
Industrial Output YYHU3:00AM ESTNov3.46.757.6-
Trade Balance Mth PrilimHU3:00AM ESTNov718675495-
CPI YYCH3:15AM ESTDec0.80.80.8-
Foreign Exchange ReserveTW3:20AM ESTDec451.5-450.47-
Halifax House Prices MMGB3:30AM ESTDec-
CPIF YYSE3:30AM ESTDec-1.92-
CPI YYSE3:30AM ESTDec-1.81.9-
FX ReservesHK3:30AM ESTDec431.3-422.1-
HalifaxHousePrice 3M/YYGB3:30AM ESTDec2.73.33.9-
CPI MMSE3:30AM ESTDec-0.40.2-
CPIF MMSE3:30AM ESTDec-0.40.2-
Foreign Reserves MMSG4:00AM ESTDec--279.6-
Consumer Conf IndexID4:00AM ESTDec--122.1-
Industrial Output MM SAIT4:00AM ESTNov-0.50.5-
Unemployment RateIT4:00AM ESTNov-1111.1-
ISTAT Public Deficit/GDPIT4:00AM ESTQ32.1-0.50.6
Construction O/P Vol MMGB4:30AM ESTNov-0.8-1.7-
Industrial Output YYGB4:30AM ESTNov-1.83.6-
Construction O/P Vol YYGB4:30AM ESTNov--0.9-0.2-
Industrial Output MMGB4:30AM ESTNov-0.30-
Goods Trade Bal. Non-EUGB4:30AM ESTNov--2.6-2.38-
Sentix IndexEU4:30AM ESTJan-31.231.1-
Manufacturing Output MMGB4:30AM ESTNov-0.30.1-
Manufacturing Output YYGB4:30AM ESTNov-2.83.9-
Goods Trade Balance GBPGB4:30AM ESTNov--10.7-10.78-
Retail Sales MMEU5:00AM ESTNov1.51.3-1.1-
Services SentimentEU5:00AM ESTDec18.416.516.316.4
Unemployment RateEU5:00AM ESTNov-8.78.8-
Consumer Price Prelim MMIT5:00AM ESTDec0.4--0.2-
CPI (EU Norm) Prelim YYIT5:00AM ESTDec1-1-
Producer Prices MMEU5:00AM ESTNov0.60.30.4-
Consumer Price Prelim YYIT5:00AM ESTDec0.9-0.9-
IGP-DI Inflation IndexBR5:00AM ESTDec-0.810.8-
Industrial SentimentEU5:00AM ESTDec9.
CPI (EU Norm) Prelim MMIT5:00AM ESTDec0.3--0.2-
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTNov-3.23.7-
Business ClimateEU5:00AM ESTDec1.661.511.49-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTNov-0.80.2-
Consumer Confid. FinalEU5:00AM ESTDec0.50.50.50
Producer Prices YYEU5:00AM ESTNov--2.5-
Economic SentimentEU5:00AM ESTDec116114.8114.6-
Retail Sales YYEU5:00AM ESTNov2.
Inflation MMCL6:00AM ESTDec0.10.180.1-
Retail Sales YYBR6:00AM ESTNov-3.42.5-
Retail Sales YYIE6:00AM ESTNov6.8-4.5-
Industrial Output YYBR6:00AM ESTNov--5.3-
Retail Sales MMIE6:00AM ESTNov2.6-0-
IPCA Inflation Index MMBR6:00AM ESTDec-0.30.28-
IPCA Inflation Index YYBR6:00AM ESTDec-2.82.8-
Retail Sales MMBR6:00AM ESTNov-0.2-0.9-
Industrial Output MMBR6:00AM ESTNov0.2-
Deposit GrowthIN6:30AM EST-4-3.3-
Bank Loan GrowthIN6:30AM EST-10.7-9.8-
Imacec Econ. ActivityCL6:30AM ESTNov--2.9-
Industrial Output YYIN6:30AM ESTNov-4.42.2-
FX Reserves, USDIN6:30AM EST-409.37-404.92-
Consumer Price Index YYIN7:00AM ESTDec-5.074.88-
CPI MMUA7:00AM ESTDec--0.9-
Central Bank FX ReservesPL8:00AM ESTDec94.5-95.8-
House Starts, AnnualizedCA8:15AM ESTDec-210252.2-
Full time employment chngCA8:30AM ESTDec23.7-29.6-
Exports CCA8:30AM ESTNov46.21-44.4644.54
Core CPI YY, NSAUS8:30AM ESTDec-1.71.7-
Retail Sales Ex-Autos MMUS8:30AM ESTDec-0.41-
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