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04 Feb 2018 - 10 Feb 2018

Economic events on Wed, 07 Feb1-88 of 88 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Coincident Indicator MMJP12:00AM ESTDec2.8-1.71.5
Leading IndicatorJP12:00AM ESTDec-0.3-2.11.9
Forex ReservesID12:00AM ESTJan131.98-130.2-
Gross Gold & Forex ResZA1:00AM ESTJan--50.72-
Consumer Price Index MMEE1:00AM ESTJan0.4--0.3-
Net Gold & Forex ResZA1:00AM ESTJan--42.93-
Consumer Price Index YYEE1:00AM ESTJan3.5-3.4-
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTDec--3.4-
ExportsMY2:00AM ESTDec4.712.414.414.5
Trade BalanceFI2:00AM ESTDec-0.34--0.24-
Manufacturing Output MMNO2:00AM ESTDec1.30.50.3-
Trade BalanceMY2:00AM ESTDec7.39.710-
ImportsMY2:00AM ESTDec7.913.415.2-
Industrial Production MMDK2:00AM ESTDec0.7-2.7-
Forex Reserves USDPH2:00AM ESTJan81.2-81.4781.57
Exports, EUR Approx TimeFR2:45AM ESTDec41.6-39.32-
Imports, EUR Approx TimeFR2:45AM ESTDec45.1-45.01-
Trade Balance, EUR, SAFR2:45AM ESTDec---5.69-
Current AccountFR2:45AM ESTDec-0.9--3.3-
EU Norm Inflation YYSK3:00AM ESTJan2.62.42-
Headline Inflation MMSK3:00AM ESTJan0.80.70-
Wholesale Prices NSA MMAT3:00AM ESTJan0.9--0.1-
Core Inflation MMSK3:00AM ESTJan0.80.60-
Trade BalanceTW3:00AM ESTJan2.425.356.13-
Exports of GoodsTW3:00AM ESTJan15.317.714.8-
Industrial Output YYSK3:00AM ESTDec-
Industrial Output YYHU3:00AM ESTDec-
Wholesale Prices NSA YYAT3:00AM ESTJan3.3-3.2-
Headline Inflation YYSK3:00AM ESTJan2.42.31.9-
Core Inflation YYSK3:00AM ESTJan2.72.62.7-
Imports of GoodsTW3:00AM ESTJan23.310.712.2-
EU Norm Inflation MMSK3:00AM ESTJan0.90.70-
Quarterly Prelim GDP YYSK3:00AM ESTQ43.53.43.4-
FX ReservesHK3:30AM ESTJan441.5-431.3-
Halifax House Prices MMGB3:30AM ESTJan---0.6-
HalifaxHousePrice 3M/YYGB3:30AM ESTJan2.22.42.7-
FX ReservesCZ4:00AM ESTJan121.81-123.39123.36
Retail Sales SA MMIT4:00AM ESTDec-0.3-1.10.9
Foreign Reserves MMSG4:00AM ESTJan282.4-279.9-
Cash Reserve RatioIN4:00AM ESTN/A-44-
Retail Sales NSA YYIT4:00AM ESTDec-0.1-1.4-
Reverse Repo RateIN4:00AM ESTN/A5.755.755.75-
Repo RateIN4:00AM ESTN/A666-
IGP-DI Inflation IndexBR5:00AM ESTJan0.580.650.74-
Unemployment RateSK5:00AM ESTJan5.95.95.9-
Unemployment Rate QtrlyPT6:00AM ESTQ48.1-8.5-
IPCA Inflation Index YYBR6:00AM ESTJan2.862.982.95-
Inflation MMCL6:00AM ESTJan0.50.270.1-
Retail Sales MMBR6:00AM ESTDec-1.5-0.40.71
IPCA Inflation Index MMBR6:00AM ESTJan0.290.410.44-
Retail Sales YYBR6:00AM ESTDec3.34.75.96
Copper ExportsCL6:30AM ESTJan2583-3865-
Trade BalanceCL6:30AM ESTJan1210-1057-
Imacec Econ. ActivityCL6:30AM ESTDec2.62.33.2-
Mortgage Market IndexUS7:00AM EST-416.3-413.4-
MBA 30-Yr Mortgage RateUS7:00AM EST-4.5-4.41-
Mortgage Refinance IndexUS7:00AM EST-1299.3-1288-
MBA Purchase IndexUS7:00AM EST-255.4-255.5-
Central Bank FX ReservesPL8:00AM ESTJan94.39-94.5-
CPI MMRU8:00AM ESTJan0.30.40.4-
Building Permits MM.CA8:30AM ESTDec---7.7-
Headline InflationMX9:00AM ESTJan0.530.50.59-
12-Month InflationMX9:00AM ESTJan5.555.516.77-
Industrial Output MMMX9:00AM ESTDec0.90.5-0.1-
Gross Fixed Invest. MMMX9:00AM ESTNov-0.9-0.2-1-
Gross Fixed Invest. YYMX9:00AM ESTNov-4.5-3-2.6-
Industrial Output YYMX9:00AM ESTDec-0.7-1.1-1.5-
Core InflationMX9:00AM ESTJan0.280.270.42-
Treasury Cash BalanceTR9:30AM ESTJan-1.55--21.12-
Selic Interest RateBR12:00PM ESTN/A--7-
Selic Interest RateBR2:00PM ESTN/A6.756.757-
Interest RateMX2:00PM ESTJan7.57.57.25-
Cen Bank Interest RateNZ3:00PM ESTN/A--1.75-
Consumer CreditUS3:00PM ESTDec--27.95-
Interest RatePE5:00PM ESTFeb333-
Bank Lending YYJP6:50PM ESTJan2.4-2.5-
Foreign Invest JP StockJP6:50PM EST--126.7--300.5-171.8
Foreign Bond InvestmentJP6:50PM EST--866.6-41.116.4
Current Account NSA JPYJP6:50PM ESTDec--1347.3-
Trade Balance USDCN7:00PM ESTJan20.3454.154.6954.69
Imports YYCN7:00PM ESTJan--4.54.5
CPI YYMU7:00PM ESTJan6.2-4.2-
Inflation YYEG7:00PM ESTJan17.1-21.9-
Trade Deficit Govt -USDIN7:00PM ESTJan16.312.9714.88-
Core InflationEG7:00PM ESTJan14.35-19.86-
Exports YYCN7:00PM ESTJan11.19.610.910.9
RICS Housing SurveyGB7:01PM ESTJan858-
Industrial Output YYMY11:00PM ESTDec2.945-
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