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04 Mar 2018 - 10 Mar 2018

Economic events on Thu, 08 Mar1-75 of 75 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Economy Watchers Poll SAJP12:00AM ESTFeb48.6-49.9-
CPI YY NSANL12:30AM ESTFeb1.2-1.5-
Unemployment Rate UnadjCH1:45AM ESTFeb3.2-3.3-
Unemployment Rate AdjCH1:45AM ESTFeb--3-
Manufacturing Output MMNO2:00AM ESTJan-2-
CPI Final YYDE2:00AM ESTFeb-1.41.4-
HICP Final YYDE2:00AM ESTFeb-1.21.2-
Industrial Orders MMDE2:00AM ESTJan--3.8-
Unemployment RateCZ3:00AM ESTFeb3.73.83.9-
CPI YYHU3:00AM ESTFeb1.922.1-
Foreign Trade BalanceSK3:00AM ESTJan-43.61708.5-63
Core CPI YYHU3:00AM ESTFeb2.4-2.5-
Corp. Sector Wages YYPL4:00AM ESTFeb6.87.37.3-
Consumer Price Index MMLT4:00AM ESTFeb-0.2-0.3-
Employment YYPL4:00AM ESTFeb3.73.73.8-
Consumer Price Index YYLT4:00AM ESTFeb3.5-4-
CPI MMPL4:00AM ESTFeb-0.20.10-
Unemployment RatePL4:00AM ESTFeb6.86.86.9-
CPI YYPL4:00AM ESTFeb1.41.70-
Industrial Output YYPL4:00AM ESTFeb7.48.18.6-
Retail Sales YYPL4:00AM ESTFeb7.988.2-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTJan--0.30.4-
Inflation, Final YYEU5:00AM ESTFeb-1.21.2-
Inf Ex Eng,Fd,To&Al FinalEU5:00AM ESTFeb-11-
Inflation Final MMEU5:00AM ESTFeb-0.2-0.9-
Unemployment Rate (Mth)GR5:00AM ESTDec20.8-20.921
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTJan-4.75.2-
Inflation MMCL6:00AM ESTFeb--0.5-
CPI YYTZ6:00AM ESTFeb4.1-4-
GDP QQIE6:00AM ESTQ4--4.2-
GNP QQIE6:00AM ESTQ4--11.9-
GNP YYIE6:00AM ESTQ4--11.2-
Consumer Price Index MMLV6:00AM ESTFeb0.2-0-
GDP YYIE6:00AM ESTQ4--10.5-
Core InflationCL6:00AM ESTFeb0.1-0.3-
Consumer Price Index YYLV6:00AM ESTFeb1.8-2-
BOE Bank RateGB7:00AM ESTMar0.50.50.5-
GB BOE QE GiltsGB7:00AM ESTMar435435435-
Challenger LayoffsUS7:30AM ESTFeb35.37-44.65-
ECB Refinancing RateEU7:45AM ESTMar--0-
Cbank Wkly ReservesRU8:00AM EST---450.9-
Current AccountPL8:00AM ESTJan20051687-1152-
12-Month InflationMX8:00AM ESTFeb-5.395.55-
Headline InflationMX8:00AM ESTFeb--0.53-
Core InflationMX8:00AM ESTFeb--0.28-
M3 Money Supply YYPL8:00AM ESTFeb4.954.8-
Net Inflation YYPL8:00AM ESTJan-10.9-
House Starts, AnnualizedCA8:15AM ESTFeb--216.2-
Building Permits MM.CA8:30AM ESTJan--4.8-
Continued Jobless ClaimsUS8:30AM EST---1.93-
New Housing Price IndexCA8:30AM ESTJan--0-
Jobless Claims 4-Wk AvgUS8:30AM EST-222.5-220.5-
Headline InflationMX9:00AM ESTFeb0.380.410.53-
12-Month InflationMX9:00AM ESTFeb5.345.375.55-
Core InflationMX9:00AM ESTFeb0.490.480.28-
Trade BalancePE3:00PM ESTJan592-1081-
Elec Card Retail Sales YYNZ4:45PM ESTFeb3.3-3.4-
Electronic Card Retail Sales mthNZ4:45PM ESTFeb-0.3-1.4-
Interest RatePE5:00PM ESTMar2.752.883-
All Household Spding YYJP6:30PM ESTJan---0.1-
All Household Spending MMJP6:30PM ESTJan2.7-0.4-2.5-
New Yuan LoansCN7:00PM ESTFeb839.39002900-
Retail Sales Index YYID7:00PM ESTJan-1.8-0.7-
Benchmark Intr RateRO7:00PM ESTN/A2.252.52-
Interest RateAO7:00PM ESTN/A18-18-
Outstanding Loan GrowthCN7:00PM ESTFeb12.812.913.2-
Trade Deficit Govt -USDIN7:00PM ESTFeb11.9814.316.3-
Overtime PayJP7:00PM ESTJan0-0.90.6
Exports YYPH8:00PM ESTJan0.5-2.32.3
Trade Balance USDPH8:00PM ESTJan-3317--4017-
Imports YYPH8:00PM ESTJan11.4-17.6-
PPI YYCN8:30PM ESTFeb--4.3-
CPI YYCN8:30PM ESTFeb--1.5-
CPI MMCN8:30PM ESTFeb-0.80.6-
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