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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GEO.LGEORGIAN MINING CORPORATION ORD10.75 21 Oct 16:47Up 1.00 (10.26%)341,228Chart, More
EMH.LEUROPEAN METALS HOLDINGS LIMITE32.50 21 Oct 17:51Up 2.63 (8.79%)1,256,092Chart, Profile, More
IMG.LIMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES GROUP 244.25 21 Oct 16:52Up 15.50 (6.78%)1,414,125Chart, Profile, More
LWB.LLOW & BONAR PLC ORD 5P68.88 21 Oct 17:15Up 3.88 (5.96%)370,796Chart, Profile, More
OXB.LOXFORD BIOMEDICA PLC ORD 1P3.16 21 Oct 16:36Up 0.16 (5.33%)5,749,042Chart, Profile, More
MONI.LMONITISE PLC ORD 1P2.55 21 Oct 16:57Up 0.08 (3.24%)1,021,253Chart, Profile, More
BRBY.LBURBERRY GROUP PLC ORD 0.05P1,495.00 21 Oct 17:11Up 45.00 (3.10%)10,953,448Chart, Profile, More
ALY.LASHLEY (LAURA) HOLDINGS PLC ORD20.88 21 Oct 16:19Up 0.63 (3.09%)215,912Chart, Profile, More
KLR.LKELLER GROUP PLC ORD 10P663.00 21 Oct 17:15Up 18.50 (2.87%)841,693Chart, Profile, More
AAL.LANGLO AMERICAN PLC ORD USD0.5491,094.00 21 Oct 17:02Up 30.00 (2.82%)8,916,279Chart, Profile, More
VED.LVEDANTA RESOURCES PLC ORD USD0.679.50 21 Oct 17:11Up 18.50 (2.80%)722,686Chart, Profile, More
RWA.LROBERT WALTERS PLC ORD 20P351.25 21 Oct 16:29Up 8.88 (2.59%)3,951Chart, Profile, More
GAW.LGAMES WORKSHOP GROUP PLC ORD 5P577.25 21 Oct 15:13Up 14.25 (2.53%)11,530Chart, Profile, More
FCCN.LFRENCH CONNECTION GROUP PLC ORD32.75 21 Oct 13:43Up 0.75 (2.34%)5,468Chart, Profile, More
PHTM.LPHOTO-ME INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 157.50 21 Oct 17:11Up 3.50 (2.27%)385,681Chart, Profile, More
SIA.LSOCO INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 5P141.00 21 Oct 17:06Up 3.00 (2.17%)310,693Chart, Profile, More
MTO.LMITIE GROUP PLC ORD 2.5P206.10 21 Oct 16:51Up 4.20 (2.08%)891,846Chart, Profile, More
ATK.LATKINS (WS) PLC ORD 0.5P1,575.00 21 Oct 17:11Up 32.00 (2.07%)231,187Chart, Profile, More
BMS.LBRAEMAR SHIPPING SERVICES PLC O336.75 21 Oct 16:35Up 6.75 (2.05%)23,433Chart, Profile, More
RBS.LROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PL190.00 21 Oct 17:06Up 3.70 (1.99%)22,386,091Chart, Profile, More
CHG.LCHEMRING GROUP PLC ORD 1P143.75 21 Oct 16:37Up 2.75 (1.95%)141,060Chart, Profile, More
RIO.LRIO TINTO PLC ORD 10P2,668.50 21 Oct 17:08Up 50.00 (1.91%)3,810,758Chart, Profile, More
CTO.LCLARKE (T.) PLC ORD 10P64.25 21 Oct 14:57Up 1.13 (1.78%)16,859Chart, Profile, More
RBG.LREVOLUTION BARS GROUP PLC ORD 0175.50 21 Oct 16:22Up 3.00 (1.74%)687,995Chart, Profile, More
ERM.LEUROMONEY INSTITUTIONAL INVESTO1,015.00 21 Oct 16:35Up 15.50 (1.55%)9,285Chart, Profile, More