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Price Gainers (%)

SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
IMG.LIMAGINATION TECHNOLOGIES GROUP 240.50 17:01Up 20.50 (9.32%)2,932,509Chart, Profile, More
NTG.LNORTHGATE PLC ORD 50P474.50 17:01Up 39.50 (9.08%)318,138Chart, Profile, More
GEO.LGEORGIAN MINING CORPORATION ORD8.38 17:38Up 0.50 (6.35%)2,022,355Chart, Profile, More
RBS.LROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PL209.10 17:05Up 11.30 (5.71%)22,781,129Chart, Profile, More
INM.LINDEPENDENT NEWS & MEDIA PLC OR0.12 16:35Up 0.01 (5.38%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
RBG.LREVOLUTION BARS GROUP PLC ORD 0192.00 17:09Up 9.50 (5.21%)5,181,076Chart, Profile, More
DVO.LDEVRO PLC ORD 10P157.25 17:01Up 7.50 (5.01%)253,818Chart, Profile, More
BARC.LBARCLAYS PLC ORD 25P226.75 17:06Up 9.95 (4.59%)64,700,826Chart, Profile, More
BKG.LBERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS (THE) P2,908.00 17:11Up 106.00 (3.78%)1,863,373Chart, Profile, More
TPK.LTRAVIS PERKINS PLC ORD 10P1,405.00 17:01Up 48.00 (3.54%)948,039Chart, Profile, More
ITV.LITV PLC ORD 10P175.00 17:10Up 5.90 (3.49%)20,733,004Chart, Profile, More
HRN.LHORNBY PLC ORD 1P31.00 12:46Up 1.00 (3.33%)2,633Chart, Profile, More
SHI.LSIG PLC ORD 10P92.50 16:49Up 2.90 (3.24%)2,186,763Chart, Profile, More
BRW.LBREWIN DOLPHIN HOLDINGS PLC ORD285.10 17:29Up 8.90 (3.22%)312,248Chart, Profile, More
MKLW.LMUCKLOW (A & J) GROUP PLC ORD 2475.00 16:35Up 14.50 (3.15%)5,968Chart, Profile, More
AV.LAVIVA PLC ORD 25P464.40 17:10Up 14.10 (3.13%)14,414,599Chart, Profile, More
GHT.LGRESHAM TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 5P117.50 10:47Up 3.50 (3.07%)9,073Chart, Profile, More
VCT.LVICTREX PLC ORD 1P1,758.00 17:01Up 50.00 (2.93%)389,847Chart, Profile, More
SVS.LSAVILLS PLC ORD 2.5P691.50 17:00Up 19.50 (2.90%)347,746Chart, Profile, More
WKP.LWORKSPACE GROUP PLC ORD GBP1709.50 17:10Up 19.00 (2.75%)248,959Chart, Profile, More
SGP.LSUPERGROUP PLC ORD 5P1,607.00 17:10Up 43.00 (2.75%)225,853Chart, Profile, More
TNI.LTRINITY MIRROR PLC ORD 10P84.25 17:42Up 2.25 (2.74%)231,666Chart, Profile, More
GPOR.LGREAT PORTLAND ESTATES PLC ORD 617.50 17:05Up 16.00 (2.66%)1,761,467Chart, Profile, More
PAG.LPARAGON GROUP OF COMPANIES PLC 380.00 17:01Up 9.70 (2.62%)785,073Chart, Profile, More
SMP.LST.MODWEN PROPERTIES PLC ORD 10290.00 17:01Up 7.30 (2.58%)288,322Chart, Profile, More