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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
UNXLUni-Pixel, Inc.1.87 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.69 (58.47%)1,252,399Chart, Profile, More
UTIWUTi Worldwide Inc.7.13 9 Oct 21:00Up 2.41 (51.06%)98,097,612Chart, Profile, More
SKLNSkyline Medical Inc.3.21 9 Oct 20:52Up 0.81 (33.75%)9,900Chart, Profile, More
CHEK3.18 9 Oct 20:57Up 0.73 (29.79%)80,260Chart, Profile, More
APDNWApplied DNA Sciences Inc5.06 9 Oct 20:59Up 1.11 (28.10%)321,765Chart, More
SKBISkystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Comp1.66 9 Oct 20:55Up 0.32 (23.88%)149,341Chart, Profile, More
ZINCHorsehead Holding Corp.5.51 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.05 (23.54%)15,278,108Chart, Profile, More
HBZProShare UltraShort Homebuilder18.50 9 Oct 21:00Up 3.28 (21.55%)150Chart, Profile, More
MBLXMetabolix, Inc.2.22 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.38 (20.65%)92,614Chart, Profile, More
APDNApplied DNA Sciences Inc8.39 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.39 (19.86%)1,595,616Chart, Profile, More
SBGLSibanye Gold Limited American D6.58 9 Oct 21:01Up 0.98 (17.50%)2,045,002Chart, Profile, More
CENXCentury Aluminum Company6.93 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.99 (16.67%)7,764,973Chart, Profile, More
NUGTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Inde46.29 9 Oct 21:00Up 6.41 (16.07%)4,516,184Chart, Profile, More
VEDLVedanta Limited American Depos6.83 9 Oct 21:05Up 0.90 (15.18%)712,202Chart, Profile, More
HBKHamilton Bancorp, Inc.16.00 9 Oct 20:59Up 2.08 (14.94%)565Chart, Profile, More
JNUGDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine51.93 9 Oct 21:00Up 6.71 (14.84%)774,025Chart, Profile, More
LLLumber Liquidators Holdings, In18.84 9 Oct 21:01Up 2.42 (14.74%)12,565,545Chart, Profile, More
WPRTWestport Innovations Inc3.92 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.47 (13.62%)1,061,974Chart, Profile, More
APHBAmpliPhi Biosciences Corporatio6.51 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.78 (13.54%)74,561Chart, Profile, More
SWISolarwinds, Inc. Common Stock47.49 9 Oct 21:01Up 5.61 (13.40%)6,599,546Chart, Profile, More
FXENPFX Energy, Inc.18.08 9 Oct 20:59Up 2.13 (13.35%)7,012Chart, Profile, More
WHZWhiting USA Trust II Units of B1.96 9 Oct 21:01Up 0.23 (13.29%)674,321Chart, Profile, More
BDGDB Base Metals Long Exchange Tr14.93 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.70 (12.85%)215Chart, Profile, More
ADXSWAdvaxis, Inc.7.77 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.88 (12.77%)23,839Chart, More
PFIEProfire Energy, Inc.1.25 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.14 (12.61%)113,955Chart, Profile, More
DSKXDS Healthcare Group, Inc.2.95 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.33 (12.60%)457,016Chart, Profile, More
FSYSFuel Systems Solutions, Inc.7.43 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.80 (12.07%)179,538Chart, Profile, More
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.10.87 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.14 (11.72%)60,870Chart, Profile, More
MVOMV Oil Trust Units of Beneficia7.50 9 Oct 21:04Up 0.78 (11.61%)151,136Chart, Profile, More
KSKapStone Paper and Packaging Co21.73 9 Oct 21:03Up 2.22 (11.38%)3,268,897Chart, Profile, More
CFRXWContraFect Corporation1.60 9 Oct 20:51Up 0.16 (11.24%)7,195Chart, More
LLEMDirexion Daily FTSE Emerging Ma23.25 9 Oct 20:20Up 2.35 (11.23%)300Chart, Profile, More
ABEOW1.69 9 Oct 19:44Up 0.17 (11.18%)2,710Chart, More
EPIX7.00 9 Oct 20:05Up 0.70 (11.11%)2,728Chart, Profile, More
REPHRecro Pharma, Inc.11.43 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.09 (10.54%)39,893Chart, Profile, More
BVNBuenaventura Mining Company Inc7.93 9 Oct 21:05Up 0.75 (10.45%)2,658,594Chart, Profile, More
FOLDAmicus Therapeutics, Inc.7.58 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.71 (10.33%)5,152,033Chart, Profile, More
DYYDB Commodity Double Long ETN du3.78 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.35 (10.20%)2,868Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor32.34 9 Oct 21:00Up 2.94 (10.00%)25,695Chart, Profile, More
UAMUniversal American Corporation 7.94 9 Oct 21:02Up 0.72 (9.97%)295,288Chart, Profile, More
AIRTAir T, Inc.19.25 9 Oct 20:59Up 1.74 (9.93%)4,493Chart, Profile, More
NOANorth American Energy Partners,2.45 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.22 (9.87%)21,872Chart, Profile, More
HEARTurtle Beach Corporation3.02 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.27 (9.82%)1,282,831Chart, Profile, More
BDDDB Base Metals Double Long Exch5.17 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.46 (9.77%)2,100Chart, Profile, More
DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.10.05 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.88 (9.60%)114,026Chart, Profile, More
CHUYChuy's Holdings, Inc.33.15 9 Oct 21:00Up 2.89 (9.55%)1,274,940Chart, Profile, More
HOVNPHovnanian Enterprises Inc6.79 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.59 (9.52%)7,857Chart, Profile, More
OLEDUniversal Display Corporation39.83 9 Oct 21:00Up 3.46 (9.51%)1,304,109Chart, Profile, More
RMTIRockwell Medical, Inc.8.99 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.78 (9.50%)541,790Chart, Profile, More
BASBasic Energy Services, Inc. Com5.10 9 Oct 21:01Up 0.44 (9.44%)3,967,937Chart, Profile, More
TIKTel-Instrument Electronics Corp5.03 9 Oct 21:02Up 0.43 (9.35%)47,835Chart, Profile, More
MNIMcClatchy Company (The) Common 1.42 9 Oct 21:04Up 0.12 (9.23%)392,207Chart, Profile, More
CSIICardiovascular Systems, Inc.14.87 9 Oct 20:59Up 1.25 (9.18%)1,395,785Chart, Profile, More
EXASExact Sciences Corporation8.51 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.71 (9.10%)8,650,731Chart, Profile, More
HLHecla Mining Company Common Sto2.52 9 Oct 21:03Up 0.21 (9.09%)6,762,208Chart, Profile, More
CLDXCelldex Therapeutics, Inc.12.80 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.06 (9.03%)2,011,593Chart, Profile, More
ADSKAutodesk, Inc.51.57 9 Oct 21:00Up 4.26 (9.00%)9,182,547Chart, Profile, More
NSYSNortech Systems Incorporated4.25 9 Oct 19:54Up 0.35 (8.97%)10,665Chart, Profile, More
WMGIZWright Medical Group, Inc.1.10 9 Oct 20:43Up 0.09 (8.91%)17,908Chart, More
OVASOvaScience Inc.12.25 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.00 (8.89%)484,804Chart, Profile, More
ZNZion Oil & Gas Inc1.85 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.15 (8.82%)373,664Chart, Profile, More
GDXXProShares Ultra Gold Miners ETF10.15 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.82 (8.77%)36,488Chart, Profile, More
CADCChina Advanced Construction Mat3.00 9 Oct 20:42Up 0.24 (8.66%)905Chart, Profile, More
GDJJProShares Ultra Junior Miners11.58 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.92 (8.63%)337Chart, Profile, More
IDXJMarket Vectors Indonesia Small 8.98 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.71 (8.59%)1,382Chart, Profile, More
NGDNew Gold Inc.3.08 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.24 (8.45%)7,198,469Chart, Profile, More
ARP-PDAtlas Resource Partners, L.P. C13.48 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.05 (8.45%)40,442Chart, More
FENX7.88 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.61 (8.39%)203,103Chart, Profile, More
CLSNCelsion Corporation1.84 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.14 (8.24%)204,867Chart, Profile, More
WLBWestmoreland Coal Company15.95 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.21 (8.21%)562,947Chart, Profile, More
WGWillbros Group, Inc. (DE) Commo2.78 9 Oct 21:01Up 0.21 (8.17%)618,686Chart, Profile, More
FKOFirst Trust South Korea AlphaDE24.12 9 Oct 20:07Up 1.82 (8.16%)400Chart, Profile, More
AGIAlamos Gold Inc. Class A Common4.80 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.36 (8.11%)1,986,450Chart, Profile, More
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.11.07 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.83 (8.11%)1,366,063Chart, Profile, More
FCSCFibrocell Science Inc4.18 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.31 (8.01%)441,240Chart, Profile, More
BZCBreeze-Eastern Corporation Comm16.18 9 Oct 21:01Up 1.19 (7.94%)33,023Chart, Profile, More
BAGRDiversified Restaurant Holdings2.73 9 Oct 20:59Up 0.20 (7.91%)34,945Chart, Profile, More
ESCRPEscalera Resources Co.1.10 9 Oct 19:41Up 0.08 (7.84%)3,766Chart, Profile, More
KEMKemet Corporation New Common St2.76 9 Oct 21:02Up 0.20 (7.81%)216,147Chart, Profile, More
DPLODiplomat Pharmacy, Inc. Common 26.65 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.93 (7.81%)1,193,632Chart, Profile, More
SB-PBSafe Bulkers, Inc 8.00% Series 22.74 9 Oct 16:31Up 1.64 (7.78%)877Chart, More
CSLTCastlight Health, Inc. Class B 4.99 9 Oct 21:01Up 0.36 (7.78%)1,069,223Chart, Profile, More
SIDCompanhia Siderurgica Nacional 1.40 9 Oct 21:04Up 0.10 (7.69%)1,873,189Chart, Profile, More
GOLGol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes 1.13 9 Oct 21:02Up 0.08 (7.62%)1,302,184Chart, Profile, More
OCRXOcera Therapeutics, Inc.3.98 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.28 (7.57%)81,298Chart, Profile, More
TSROTESARO, Inc.45.96 9 Oct 21:00Up 3.22 (7.53%)605,828Chart, Profile, More
NVEENV5 Holdings, Inc.21.90 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.53 (7.51%)49,680Chart, Profile, More
SANDSandstorm Gold Ltd. Ordinary Sh3.02 9 Oct 21:01Up 0.21 (7.47%)629,180Chart, Profile, More
CVEOCiveo Corporation (Canada) Comm2.16 9 Oct 21:04Up 0.15 (7.46%)2,037,637Chart, Profile, More
PACBPacific Biosciences of Californ8.07 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.56 (7.46%)4,810,364Chart, Profile, More
TBPHTheravance Biopharma, Inc.13.86 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.96 (7.44%)121,245Chart, Profile, More
SGYPUSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.14.50 9 Oct 15:34Up 1.00 (7.41%)554Chart, More
FPPFieldPoint Petroleum Corporatio1.46 9 Oct 21:00Up 0.10 (7.35%)42,840Chart, Profile, More
HELEHelen of Troy Limited101.72 9 Oct 20:59Up 6.96 (7.34%)1,008,378Chart, Profile, More
DYAXDyax Corp.24.00 9 Oct 21:00Up 1.64 (7.33%)2,290,313Chart, Profile, More
XTLBXTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.1.82 9 Oct 19:19Up 0.12 (7.27%)396Chart, Profile, More
HNRHarvest Natural Resources Inc1.48 9 Oct 21:02Up 0.10 (7.25%)430,464Chart, Profile, More
PKGPackaging Corporation of Americ69.72 9 Oct 21:03Up 4.69 (7.21%)2,463,877Chart, Profile, More
RCAPRCS CAPITAL CORPORATION Common 1.19 9 Oct 21:02Up 0.08 (7.21%)941,672Chart, Profile, More
OOMAOoma, Inc. Common Stock7.90 9 Oct 21:05Up 0.53 (7.19%)234,908Chart, Profile, More