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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
CAPNWCapnia, Inc.1.89 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.48 (34.04%)94,285Chart, More
LEAFSpringleaf Holdings, Inc. Commo50.23 3 Mar 21:02Up 12.19 (32.05%)5,096,789Chart, Profile, More
OREXOrexigen Therapeutics, Inc.7.64 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.85 (31.95%)95,947,194Chart, Profile, More
GDP-PCGoodrich Petroleum Corporation 12.25 3 Mar 21:03Up 2.95 (31.72%)383,462Chart, More
GDP-PDGoodrich Petroleum Corporation 11.95 3 Mar 21:00Up 2.67 (28.77%)478,395Chart, More
MDRMcDermott International, Inc. C3.33 3 Mar 21:03Up 0.72 (27.59%)24,126,224Chart, Profile, More
TSRITSR, Inc.5.28 3 Mar 20:59Up 1.04 (24.53%)263,716Chart, Profile, More
STEMStemCells, Inc.1.38 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.27 (24.32%)4,577,754Chart, Profile, More
DRRXDURECT Corporation1.25 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.22 (21.36%)1,705,569Chart, Profile, More
ALLBAlliance Bancorp, Inc. of Penns21.21 3 Mar 21:00Up 3.70 (21.13%)591,714Chart, Profile, More
XONIntrexon Corporation Common Sto48.15 3 Mar 21:03Up 7.93 (19.72%)5,075,268Chart, Profile, More
ANYSphere 3D Corp6.08 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.92 (17.83%)530,116Chart, Profile, More
CAPNCapnia, Inc.7.50 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.09 (17.00%)792,168Chart, Profile, More
SGYPUSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.55 3 Mar 16:56Up 1.07 (16.51%)615Chart, More
BLRXBioLineRx Ltd.2.59 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.35 (15.62%)1,759,675Chart, Profile, More
UQMUQM TECHNOLOGIES INC Common Sto1.23 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.15 (13.89%)651,051Chart, Profile, More
JRJCChina Finance Online Co. Limite6.33 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.77 (13.85%)1,218,084Chart, Profile, More
STAASTAAR Surgical Company7.76 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.94 (13.78%)580,963Chart, Profile, More
KOSSKoss Corporation2.77 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.32 (13.02%)95,580Chart, Profile, More
NTRINutriSystem Inc19.34 3 Mar 21:00Up 2.19 (12.77%)2,093,168Chart, Profile, More
DTSIDTS, Inc.33.72 3 Mar 21:00Up 3.61 (11.99%)1,006,662Chart, Profile, More International Ltd.5.19 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.55 (11.85%)692,584Chart, Profile, More
INSIntelligent Systems Corporation2.24 3 Mar 21:01Up 0.23 (11.44%)1,665Chart, Profile, More
BIOA-WT1.66 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.16 (11.03%)1,362Chart, More
FCSCFibrocell Science Inc5.15 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.51 (10.99%)331,956Chart, Profile, More
FLKS19.70 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.92 (10.80%)138,590Chart, Profile, More
LINCLincoln Educational Services Co3.09 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.29 (10.36%)64,113Chart, Profile, More
SCMPSucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.14.97 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.37 (10.07%)915,945Chart, Profile, More
VIRCVirco Manufacturing Corporation2.58 3 Mar 20:58Up 0.23 (9.79%)15,197Chart, Profile, More
CASCastle (A.M.) & Co. Common Stoc3.59 3 Mar 21:01Up 0.32 (9.79%)901,817Chart, Profile, More
ICPTIntercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.247.36 3 Mar 21:00Up 21.82 (9.67%)835,753Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C5.83 3 Mar 21:03Up 0.51 (9.59%)2,641,931Chart, Profile, More
ACYAeroCentury Corp. Common Stock11.09 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.95 (9.37%)4,316Chart, Profile, More
SENEBSeneca Foods Corp.34.99 3 Mar 20:59Up 2.94 (9.17%)161Chart, Profile, More
ADXSWAdvaxis, Inc.6.59 3 Mar 20:57Up 0.54 (8.93%)27,666Chart, More
PTNPalatin Technologies, Inc. Comm1.10 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.09 (8.91%)372,521Chart, Profile, More
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.10.12 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.80 (8.58%)619,090Chart, Profile, More
BNSOBonso Electronics International1.40 3 Mar 15:23Up 0.11 (8.53%)782Chart, Profile, More
ONCYOncolytics Biotech, Inc.1.16 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.09 (8.41%)34,097,431Chart, Profile, More
INUVInuvo, Inc New1.55 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.12 (8.39%)439,576Chart, Profile, More
VBIVVBI Vaccines Inc.2.98 3 Mar 20:56Up 0.23 (8.37%)25,471Chart, Profile, More
LGCYLegacy Reserves LP11.92 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.92 (8.36%)626,218Chart, Profile, More
RYIRyerson Holding Corporation Com6.61 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.51 (8.36%)115,617Chart, More
DNBFDNB Financial Corp24.92 3 Mar 16:29Up 1.92 (8.36%)2,084Chart, Profile, More
OCNOcwen Financial Corporation NEW9.25 3 Mar 21:07Up 0.71 (8.31%)8,015,550Chart, Profile, More
MILL-PDMiller Energy Resources, Inc. 113.85 3 Mar 21:04Up 1.06 (8.29%)65,039Chart, More
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corporat1.19 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.09 (8.18%)555,738Chart, Profile, More
OGXIOncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc.2.60 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.19 (7.88%)1,392,016Chart, Profile, More
NTKNortek Inc.85.67 3 Mar 21:00Up 6.26 (7.88%)34,724Chart, Profile, More
BBEPBreitBurn Energy Partners, L.P.7.88 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.57 (7.80%)7,997,642Chart, Profile, More
MRGEMerge Healthcare Incorporated.4.49 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.32 (7.67%)1,899,024Chart, Profile, More
NVTAInvitae Corporation Common Stoc20.21 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.43 (7.61%)169,342Chart, Profile, More
ATRAAtara Biotherapeutics, Inc.22.02 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.54 (7.52%)98,108Chart, Profile, More Limited American Deposi10.77 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.75 (7.49%)3,525,044Chart, Profile, More
NTLSNTELOS Holdings Corp.5.04 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.35 (7.46%)495,260Chart, Profile, More
FNJNFinjan Holdings, Inc.2.75 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.19 (7.42%)487,624Chart, Profile, More
CNDOCoronado Biosciences, Inc.2.79 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.19 (7.31%)408,263Chart, Profile, More
CRTCross Timbers Royalty Trust Com23.28 3 Mar 21:02Up 1.58 (7.28%)25,864Chart, Profile, More
ATNYAPI Technologies Corp.2.03 3 Mar 20:51Up 0.14 (7.23%)176,346Chart, Profile, More
SPUSkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc.1.19 3 Mar 20:57Up 0.08 (7.18%)48,023Chart, Profile, More
WWayfair Inc. Class A Common Sto25.25 3 Mar 21:01Up 1.69 (7.17%)1,707,588Chart, Profile, More
CYTXCytori Therapeutics Inc1.20 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.08 (7.14%)8,329,364Chart, Profile, More
ACPWActive Power, Inc.2.28 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.15 (7.04%)215,688Chart, Profile, More
ECREclipse Resources Corporation C7.35 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.48 (6.99%)1,388,618Chart, Profile, More
MDGN-WT2.78 3 Mar 20:37Up 0.18 (6.92%)531Chart, More
GLBZGlen Burnie Bancorp13.05 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.84 (6.88%)4,083Chart, Profile, More
AMCOArmco Metals Holdings, Inc. Com1.40 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.09 (6.87%)685,000Chart, Profile, More
FIVNFive9, Inc.4.20 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.27 (6.87%)569,415Chart, Profile, More
EPAXAmbassadors Group, Inc.2.52 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.16 (6.78%)90,347Chart, Profile, More
BXEBellatrix Exploration Ltd Ordin3.01 3 Mar 21:03Up 0.19 (6.74%)1,193,040Chart, Profile, More
AMPEAmpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5.76 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.36 (6.67%)489,166Chart, Profile, More
UDFUnited Development Funding IV17.71 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.09 (6.56%)195,342Chart, Profile, More
TSEMTower Semiconductor Ltd.17.89 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.10 (6.55%)2,884,616Chart, Profile, More
OIBR-COi S.A. American Depositary Sha2.29 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.14 (6.51%)940Chart, Profile, More
SGRPSPAR Group, Inc.1.59 3 Mar 19:54Up 0.10 (6.40%)6,725Chart, Profile, More
VSCPVirtualScopics, Inc.3.36 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.20 (6.33%)115,711Chart, Profile, More
MHRMagnum Hunter Resources Corpora2.69 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.16 (6.32%)4,791,620Chart, Profile, More
LTRELearning Tree International, In1.89 3 Mar 20:57Up 0.11 (6.18%)14,802Chart, Profile, More
ESCRPEscalera Resources Co.14.50 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.84 (6.15%)177,477Chart, Profile, More
JYNTThe Joint Corp.8.66 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.50 (6.13%)30,130Chart, Profile, More
SFYSwift Energy Company (Holding C3.31 3 Mar 21:03Up 0.19 (6.09%)2,136,872Chart, Profile, More
OHGIOne Horizon Group, Inc.1.73 3 Mar 18:34Up 0.10 (6.00%)5,149Chart, Profile, More
CPHCCanterbury Park Holding Corpora10.29 3 Mar 18:33Up 0.58 (5.96%)1,141Chart, Profile, More
PNBKPatriot National Bancorp Inc.1.60 3 Mar 20:57Up 0.09 (5.96%)1,827Chart, Profile, More
ZIOPZIOPHARM Oncology Inc12.49 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.70 (5.94%)6,176,836Chart, Profile, More
DITAMCON Distributing Company Comm83.71 3 Mar 21:00Up 4.68 (5.92%)358Chart, Profile, More
AREXApproach Resources Inc.8.07 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.45 (5.91%)1,423,776Chart, Profile, More
TCON18.44 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.02 (5.86%)574,089Chart, Profile, More
OHRPOhr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.10.35 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.57 (5.83%)1,185,444Chart, Profile, More
OIBROi S.A. American Depositary Sha2.19 3 Mar 21:03Up 0.12 (5.80%)1,585,577Chart, Profile, More
SNSanchez Energy Corporation Comm13.01 3 Mar 21:01Up 0.71 (5.77%)4,310,063Chart, Profile, More
ASTAsterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. 4.59 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.25 (5.76%)103,664Chart, Profile, More
DXPEDXP Enterprises, Inc.47.30 3 Mar 21:00Up 2.56 (5.72%)288,899Chart, Profile, More
PPHMPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.1.48 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.08 (5.71%)2,234,847Chart, Profile, More
GOGOGogo Inc.19.47 3 Mar 21:00Up 1.04 (5.64%)4,027,686Chart, Profile, More
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.14.82 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.79 (5.63%)29,802Chart, Profile, More
EFUTeFuture Information Technology 4.13 3 Mar 20:59Up 0.22 (5.63%)131,206Chart, Profile, More
CVMCel-Sci Corporation Common Stoc1.14 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.06 (5.56%)1,952,187Chart, Profile, More
LPILaredo Petroleum, Inc. Common S11.84 3 Mar 21:00Up 0.62 (5.53%)10,282,360Chart, Profile, More
NESNuverra Environmental Solutions4.02 3 Mar 21:02Up 0.21 (5.51%)723,662Chart, Profile, More