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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
QTNTWQuotient Limited7.73 31 Jul 20:55Up 1.78 (29.92%)16,318Chart, More
MGIMoneygram International, Inc.10.20 31 Jul 21:00Up 2.32 (29.44%)1,375,547Chart, Profile, More
YRCWYRC Worldwide, Inc.19.30 31 Jul 21:00Up 4.02 (26.31%)5,233,224Chart, Profile, More
HTCHHutchinson Technology Incorpora1.82 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.37 (25.52%)1,028,314Chart, Profile, More Limited American Deposi23.53 31 Jul 21:00Up 4.71 (25.03%)3,189,436Chart, Profile, More
NGVCNatural Grocers by Vitamin Cott26.74 31 Jul 21:02Up 5.21 (24.20%)821,138Chart, Profile, More
HFBLHome Federal Bancorp, Inc. of L24.98 31 Jul 14:37Up 4.54 (22.21%)188Chart, Profile, More
CPSHCPS TECHNOLOGIES CP2.45 31 Jul 20:54Up 0.42 (20.69%)13,892Chart, Profile, More
ATENA10 Networks, Inc. Common Stock6.51 31 Jul 21:04Up 1.08 (19.89%)2,215,317Chart, Profile, More
IMMRImmersion Corporation13.72 31 Jul 21:00Up 2.19 (18.99%)1,273,221Chart, Profile, More
SKYWSkyWest, Inc.16.56 31 Jul 21:00Up 2.57 (18.37%)2,374,792Chart, Profile, More
VTLVital Therapies, Inc.16.22 31 Jul 21:00Up 2.49 (18.14%)424,117Chart, Profile, More
OGENOragenics, Inc. Common Stock2.62 31 Jul 21:01Up 0.40 (18.02%)2,779,493Chart, Profile, More
CVEOCiveo Corporation (Canada) Comm2.14 31 Jul 21:02Up 0.31 (16.94%)3,988,674Chart, Profile, More
KWRQuaker Chemical Corporation Com92.70 31 Jul 21:09Up 12.53 (15.63%)359,676Chart, Profile, More
AVOLAvolon Holdings Limited Common 28.73 31 Jul 21:02Up 3.86 (15.52%)2,837,551Chart, Profile, More
LINDW2.36 31 Jul 20:59Up 0.31 (15.12%)78,434Chart, More
COLMColumbia Sportswear Company71.54 31 Jul 21:00Up 8.90 (14.21%)830,798Chart, Profile, More
LINCLincoln Educational Services Co1.47 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.18 (13.95%)19,672Chart, Profile, More
ABEOW2.45 31 Jul 20:58Up 0.30 (13.95%)6,585Chart, More
GUIDGuidance Software, Inc.10.07 31 Jul 20:59Up 1.23 (13.91%)348,282Chart, Profile, More
ELLIEllie Mae, Inc. Common Stock78.45 31 Jul 21:06Up 9.32 (13.48%)1,689,747Chart, Profile, More
VVIViad Corp Common Stock28.67 31 Jul 21:02Up 3.37 (13.32%)157,258Chart, Profile, More
WAGEWageWorks, Inc. Common Stock49.95 31 Jul 21:01Up 5.84 (13.24%)479,428Chart, Profile, More
MOBLMobileIron, Inc.5.72 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.66 (13.04%)847,199Chart, Profile, More
FIXComfort Systems USA, Inc. Commo27.64 31 Jul 21:05Up 3.16 (12.91%)830,587Chart, Profile, More
EXPEExpedia, Inc.121.44 31 Jul 21:00Up 13.83 (12.85%)7,887,044Chart, Profile, More
RVLTRevolution Lighting Technologie1.16 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.13 (12.62%)189,055Chart, Profile, More
CCECoca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. Com51.08 31 Jul 21:06Up 5.64 (12.41%)13,330,418Chart, Profile, More
SHAKShake Shack, Inc. Class A Commo68.05 31 Jul 21:00Up 7.44 (12.28%)1,407,061Chart, Profile, More
AQXPAquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.84 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.20 (12.20%)93,353Chart, Profile, More
RESNResonant Inc.3.96 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.43 (12.18%)39,513Chart, Profile, More
RJETRepublic Airways Holdings, Inc.5.04 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.54 (12.00%)7,371,689Chart, Profile, More
EZPWEZCORP, Inc.7.09 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.75 (11.83%)494,189Chart, Profile, More
SRIStoneridge, Inc. Common Stock12.17 31 Jul 21:01Up 1.27 (11.65%)104,997Chart, Profile, More
NCITNCI, Inc.11.25 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.17 (11.61%)72,048Chart, Profile, More
CALDCallidus Software, Inc.16.60 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.67 (11.19%)1,039,376Chart, Profile, More
IMIngram Micro Inc. Common Stock27.23 31 Jul 21:04Up 2.73 (11.14%)3,664,967Chart, Profile, More
ISNSImage Sensing Systems, Inc.4.35 31 Jul 20:59Up 0.43 (10.97%)142,620Chart, Profile, More
QCCOQC Holdings, Inc.2.43 31 Jul 20:59Up 0.24 (10.96%)36,441Chart, Profile, More
BELFABel Fuse Inc.19.25 31 Jul 20:51Up 1.90 (10.95%)1,224Chart, Profile, More
MOHMolina Healthcare Inc Common St75.43 31 Jul 21:07Up 7.43 (10.93%)4,000,740Chart, Profile, More
IRMDiRadimed Corporation24.80 31 Jul 21:00Up 2.44 (10.91%)35,241Chart, Profile, More
ITGInvestment Technology Group, In20.35 31 Jul 21:02Up 1.99 (10.84%)1,060,018Chart, Profile, More
DYN-WT2.05 31 Jul 21:02Up 0.20 (10.81%)12,209Chart, More
ICFIICF International, Inc.36.66 31 Jul 21:00Up 3.57 (10.79%)124,796Chart, Profile, More
EGOEldorado Gold Corporation Ordin3.44 31 Jul 21:01Up 0.33 (10.61%)5,548,497Chart, Profile, More
INVEIdentiv, Inc.4.60 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.44 (10.58%)42,737Chart, Profile, More
FEICFEI Company85.97 31 Jul 21:00Up 8.15 (10.47%)907,649Chart, Profile, More
NVFYNova Lifestyle, Inc2.43 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.23 (10.45%)146,470Chart, Profile, More
EVHCEnvision Healthcare Holdings, I44.80 31 Jul 21:03Up 4.19 (10.32%)4,672,199Chart, Profile, More
SMTPSMTP, Inc.6.56 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.61 (10.25%)59,092Chart, Profile, More
CLWClearwater Paper Corporation Co58.85 31 Jul 21:05Up 5.46 (10.23%)217,130Chart, Profile, More
ERNErin Energy Corp.4.13 31 Jul 21:02Up 0.38 (10.13%)185,637Chart, Profile, More
RNGRingcentral, Inc. Class A Commo19.70 31 Jul 21:05Up 1.80 (10.06%)3,455,997Chart, Profile, More
SQBGSequential Brands Group, Inc.17.73 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.61 (9.99%)299,903Chart, Profile, More
PXLWPixelworks, Inc.5.63 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.51 (9.96%)570,200Chart, Profile, More
BELFBBel Fuse Inc.22.08 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.98 (9.85%)181,674Chart, Profile, More
CPSCooper-Standard Holdings Inc. C64.30 31 Jul 21:02Up 5.74 (9.80%)97,155Chart, Profile, More
DWTIVelocityShares 3X Inverse Crude126.76 31 Jul 21:00Up 11.18 (9.67%)1,488,689Chart, Profile, More
GIFIGulf Island Fabrication, Inc.11.41 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.00 (9.61%)126,976Chart, Profile, More
CHEK3.56 31 Jul 20:51Up 0.31 (9.54%)14,014Chart, Profile, More
TSRITSR, Inc.4.16 31 Jul 20:59Up 0.36 (9.47%)8,268Chart, Profile, More
AFAMAlmost Family Inc43.76 31 Jul 21:00Up 3.76 (9.40%)180,865Chart, Profile, More
GRNiPath Global Carbon ETN10.06 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.86 (9.34%)756Chart, Profile, More
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.21.31 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.81 (9.28%)842,553Chart, Profile, More
CMLSCumulus Media Inc.1.65 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.14 (9.27%)1,838,806Chart, Profile, More
CHNRChina Natural Resources, Inc.2.26 31 Jul 20:58Up 0.19 (9.18%)11,761Chart, Profile, More
SKYSSky Solar Holdings, Ltd.9.00 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.74 (8.96%)7,209Chart, Profile, More
HCHCHC2 Holdings, Inc. Common Stock7.80 31 Jul 21:01Up 0.64 (8.94%)600,127Chart, Profile, More
HPYHeartland Payment Systems, Inc.62.30 31 Jul 21:02Up 5.04 (8.80%)762,386Chart, Profile, More
TNDMTandem Diabetes Care, Inc.12.55 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.01 (8.75%)410,426Chart, Profile, More
AIQAlliance HealthCare Services, I14.96 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.19 (8.64%)23,371Chart, Profile, More
MDVNMedivation, Inc.105.33 31 Jul 21:00Up 8.36 (8.62%)3,177,314Chart, Profile, More
RCLRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Co89.85 31 Jul 21:05Up 7.11 (8.59%)4,680,145Chart, Profile, More
GRVYGRAVITY Co., Ltd.3.80 31 Jul 19:48Up 0.30 (8.57%)213Chart, Profile, More
SNMXSenomyx, Inc.6.21 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.49 (8.57%)720,538Chart, Profile, More
EGLEEagle Bulk Shipping Inc.8.64 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.67 (8.41%)80,999Chart, Profile, More
AKGAsanko Gold Inc.1.55 31 Jul 21:01Up 0.12 (8.39%)43,016Chart, Profile, More
JASNJason Industries, Inc.5.88 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.45 (8.29%)139,494Chart, Profile, More
FSNNFusion Telecommunications Inter3.10 31 Jul 19:14Up 0.24 (8.28%)1,721Chart, Profile, More
JMEIJumei International Holding Lim18.71 31 Jul 21:02Up 1.42 (8.21%)1,621,695Chart, Profile, More
FRGIFiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.58.13 31 Jul 21:00Up 4.40 (8.19%)1,363,530Chart, Profile, More
JJTiPath Bloomberg Tin Subindex To36.47 31 Jul 18:50Up 2.73 (8.09%)670Chart, Profile, More
MXWLMaxwell Technologies, Inc.4.59 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.34 (8.00%)756,414Chart, Profile, More
MBIIMarrone Bio Innovations, Inc.2.03 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.15 (7.98%)17,581Chart, Profile, More
ROKARoka Bioscience, Inc.3.12 31 Jul 20:52Up 0.23 (7.96%)11,961Chart, Profile, More
BVXBovie Medical Corporation Commo2.31 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.17 (7.94%)130,487Chart, Profile, More
PLUGPlug Power, Inc.2.59 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.19 (7.92%)3,253,027Chart, Profile, More
SHENShenandoah Telecommunications C34.38 31 Jul 21:00Up 2.52 (7.91%)133,248Chart, Profile, More Group, Inc.24.89 31 Jul 21:00Up 1.81 (7.84%)1,620,915Chart, Profile, More
ELSEElectro-Sensors, Inc.3.88 31 Jul 20:59Up 0.28 (7.81%)12,330Chart, Profile, More
NTLSNTELOS Holdings Corp.6.39 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.46 (7.76%)719,421Chart, Profile, More
SKLNSkyline Medical Inc.3.77 31 Jul 21:01Up 0.27 (7.71%)10,339Chart, Profile, More
PBYIPuma Biotechnology Inc Common S90.60 31 Jul 21:01Up 6.47 (7.69%)946,016Chart, Profile, More
DRIPDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Ex76.93 31 Jul 20:56Up 5.49 (7.69%)14,080Chart, Profile, More
AMRCAmeresco, Inc. Class A Common S6.90 31 Jul 21:02Up 0.49 (7.64%)71,059Chart, Profile, More
PDFSPDF Solutions, Inc.14.01 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.99 (7.60%)722,469Chart, Profile, More
GFFGriffon Corporation Common Stoc17.24 31 Jul 21:03Up 1.21 (7.55%)772,625Chart, Profile, More
ABEO6.45 31 Jul 21:00Up 0.45 (7.50%)265,645Chart, More