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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ASBIAmeriana Bancorp21.17 29 Jun 21:00Up 5.49 (34.97%)273,062Chart, Profile, More
UVXYProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short44.50 29 Jun 21:47Up 11.36 (34.28%)26,495,012Chart, Profile, More
TVIXVelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Sho9.74 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.46 (33.79%)18,062,642Chart, Profile, More
VXXiPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Fu20.31 29 Jun 21:42Up 2.96 (17.06%)126,720,420Chart, Profile, More
VIXYProShares Trust VIX Short-Term 13.52 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.97 (17.06%)3,961,731Chart, Profile, More
VIIXVelocityShares Daily Long VIX S27.43 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.98 (16.97%)166,609Chart, Profile, More
CYCCPCyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.20 29 Jun 20:20Up 0.90 (14.29%)1,251Chart, Profile, More
PWPower REIT (MD) Common Stock5.93 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.65 (12.31%)7,902Chart, Profile, More
DXRDaxor Corporation Common Stock7.82 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.82 (11.71%)49,625Chart, Profile, More
PRXIPremier Exhibitions, Inc.4.39 29 Jun 19:23Up 0.45 (11.52%)7,210Chart, Profile, More
CHEKW1.75 29 Jun 14:31Up 0.18 (11.46%)400Chart, More
TVIZVelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Med15.73 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.53 (10.77%)2,265Chart, Profile, More
PETXAratana Therapeutics, Inc.14.85 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.41 (10.49%)2,073,260Chart, Profile, More
HL-PBHecla Mining Company Preferred 60.25 29 Jun 20:57Up 5.69 (10.43%)1,070Chart, More
LABDDirexion Daily S&P Biotech Bear36.36 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.36 (10.18%)136,436Chart, Profile, More
DPKDirexion Developed Markets Bear27.82 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.46 (9.70%)24,526Chart, Profile, More
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation Comm2.51 29 Jun 21:05Up 0.22 (9.61%)34,689,586Chart, Profile, More
CCSCCountry Style Cooking Restauran5.83 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.51 (9.59%)109,581Chart, Profile, More
ZBIO23.79 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.07 (9.53%)54,204Chart, Profile, More
ROLAiPath Long Extended Russell 100175.00 29 Jun 21:00Up 15.00 (9.38%)444Chart, Profile, More
RELVReliv' International, Inc.1.30 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.11 (9.24%)38,265Chart, Profile, More
RUSSDirexion Daily Russia Bear 3x S36.02 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.04 (9.22%)543,869Chart, Profile, More
DRIPDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Ex46.18 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.88 (9.17%)1,355Chart, Profile, More
JPXProShares UltraShort MSCI Pacif23.00 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.86 (8.80%)308Chart, Profile, More
DCODucommun Incorporated Common St25.91 29 Jun 21:01Up 2.06 (8.64%)140,001Chart, Profile, More
MBIIMarrone Bio Innovations, Inc.2.17 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.17 (8.50%)1,352,036Chart, Profile, More
SOXSDirexion Daily Semiconductor Be47.74 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.69 (8.38%)189,634Chart, Profile, More
MSNEmerson Radio Corporation Commo1.21 29 Jun 21:02Up 0.09 (8.04%)101,627Chart, Profile, More
YANGDirexion Daily FTSE China Bear 72.35 29 Jun 21:00Up 5.36 (8.00%)453,150Chart, Profile, More
VXUP20.65 29 Jun 20:58Up 1.52 (7.93%)98,330Chart, Profile, More
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.18.51 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.35 (7.87%)161,236Chart, Profile, More
TMFDirexion Daily 20-Yr Treasury B69.83 29 Jun 21:00Up 4.97 (7.66%)392,542Chart, Profile, More
TZADirexion Small Cap Bear 3X Shar9.80 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.69 (7.57%)32,799,245Chart, Profile, More
SRTYProShares UltraPro Short Russel25.39 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.78 (7.54%)1,628,551Chart, Profile, More
STVChina Digital TV Holding Co., L4.26 29 Jun 21:02Up 0.29 (7.30%)1,029,250Chart, Profile, More
SQQQProShares UltraPro Short QQQ25.07 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.65 (7.05%)9,535,636Chart, Profile, More
EPVProShares UltraShort FTSE Europ53.42 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.48 (6.97%)132,769Chart, Profile, More
DWTIVS 3X INV WTI CRUDE69.85 29 Jun 21:00Up 4.55 (6.97%)1,223,128Chart, Profile, More
EDZDirexion Emerging Markets Bear 33.82 29 Jun 22:19Up 2.18 (6.89%)1,322,277Chart, Profile, More
SHOSSears Hometown and Outlet Store9.82 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.63 (6.86%)269,269Chart, Profile, More
FAZDirexion Financial Bear 3X Shar11.76 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.74 (6.72%)5,651,227Chart, Profile, More
KSU-PKansas City Southern Preferred 28.65 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.80 (6.70%)21,365Chart, More
GPP15.99 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.99 (6.60%)873,725Chart, Profile, More
MIDZDirexion Mid Cap Bear 3X Shares41.47 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.55 (6.55%)39,007Chart, Profile, More
BIOSBioScrip, Inc.3.75 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.23 (6.53%)2,565,968Chart, Profile, More
IIJIInternet Initiative Japan, Inc.8.91 29 Jun 20:00Up 0.55 (6.53%)534Chart, Profile, More
BISProShares UltraShort Nasdaq Bio30.08 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.83 (6.48%)997,884Chart, Profile, More
TECSDirexion Technology Bear 3X Sha40.86 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.47 (6.43%)143,254Chart, Profile, More
CLDCloud Peak Energy Inc Common St5.13 29 Jun 21:01Up 0.31 (6.43%)3,772,951Chart, Profile, More
SMDDUltraPro Short MidCap40031.35 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.88 (6.38%)17,239Chart, Profile, More
LAYNLayne Christensen Company9.20 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.55 (6.36%)642,674Chart, Profile, More
SPXSDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X19.07 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.14 (6.36%)7,793,393Chart, Profile, More
IPCIIntellipharmaceutics Internatio2.89 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.17 (6.25%)59,879Chart, Profile, More
SPXUProShares UltraPro Short S&P50035.41 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.07 (6.21%)8,655,452Chart, Profile, More
SCCProShares UltraShort Consumer S47.79 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.78 (6.18%)2,092Chart, Profile, More
FINZProShares UltraPro Short Financ20.66 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.20 (6.17%)1,586Chart, Profile, More
QUMUQumu Corporation8.49 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.49 (6.12%)7,081Chart, Profile, More
GNCAGenocea Biosciences, Inc.12.95 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.73 (5.97%)226,585Chart, Profile, More
MYRGMYR Group, Inc.30.96 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.73 (5.92%)1,047,445Chart, Profile, More
EFUProShares UltraShort MSCI EAFE37.76 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.10 (5.89%)9,722Chart, Profile, More
GALTGalectin Therapeutics Inc.2.71 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.15 (5.86%)354,993Chart, Profile, More
SDDProShares UltraShort SmallCap6035.29 29 Jun 20:42Up 1.95 (5.85%)460Chart, Profile, More
SDOWUltraPro Short Dow3019.65 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.06 (5.70%)2,304,638Chart, Profile, More
VXZiPath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futu11.26 29 Jun 21:41Up 0.60 (5.63%)1,202,047Chart, Profile, More
VIXMProShares Trust VIX Mid-Term Fu54.86 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.86 (5.50%)31,847Chart, Profile, More
ERYDirexion Daily Energy Bear 3X S21.34 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.11 (5.49%)1,216,994Chart, Profile, More
CAPRCAPRICOR THERAP4.94 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.26 (5.45%)30,609Chart, Profile, More
SWSHSwisher Hygiene, Inc.1.17 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.06 (5.41%)7,141Chart, Profile, More
FXPProShares Ultrashort FTSE China32.29 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.65 (5.39%)412,775Chart, Profile, More
JTPYJetPay Corporation2.94 29 Jun 20:13Up 0.15 (5.38%)1,625Chart, Profile, More
IDSAIndustrial Services of America,3.97 29 Jun 20:59Up 0.20 (5.31%)4,349Chart, Profile, More
UBTProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasu70.67 29 Jun 21:00Up 3.48 (5.18%)36,963Chart, Profile, More
COOLMajesco Entertainment Company1.22 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.06 (5.17%)51,723Chart, Profile, More
KZKongZhong Corporation7.39 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.36 (5.12%)840,323Chart, Profile, More
RRM7.61 29 Jun 20:59Up 0.37 (5.11%)470Chart, Profile, More
JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine8.27 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.40 (5.08%)3,531,704Chart, Profile, More
EWVProShares UltraShort MSCI Japan48.30 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.33 (5.07%)11,801Chart, Profile, More
TGNATEGNA Inc. Common Stock Ex-Dist31.63 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.52 (5.05%)4,051,866Chart, More
GIFIGulf Island Fabrication, Inc.11.05 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.53 (5.04%)199,792Chart, Profile, More
TWMProShares UltraShort Russell20035.13 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.68 (5.02%)2,456,134Chart, Profile, More
SYPRSypris Solutions, Inc.1.47 29 Jun 20:58Up 0.07 (5.00%)10,849Chart, Profile, More
MGPIMGP Ingredients, Inc.16.46 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.78 (4.97%)114,773Chart, Profile, More
SSGProShares UltraShort Semiconduc48.60 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.30 (4.97%)6,909Chart, Profile, More
SMNProShares UltraShort Basic Mate29.56 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.38 (4.90%)14,397Chart, Profile, More
LBNDDB 3x Long 25 Year Treasury Bon43.63 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.02 (4.85%)1,017Chart, Profile, More
ESTEEarthstone Energy, Inc. Common 18.50 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.85 (4.82%)34,756Chart, Profile, More
DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.13.93 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.64 (4.82%)282,782Chart, Profile, More
QIDProShares UltraShort QQQ35.42 29 Jun 21:59Up 1.61 (4.76%)5,959,040Chart, Profile, More
SKFProShares UltraShort Financials48.80 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.20 (4.72%)99,107Chart, Profile, More
REWProShares UltraShort Technology52.75 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.36 (4.68%)12,013Chart, Profile, More
DRVDrexion Daily Real Estate Bear 28.62 29 Jun 21:00Up 1.27 (4.64%)90,301Chart, Profile, More
EEVProShares UltraShort MSCI Emerg18.73 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.83 (4.64%)163,637Chart, Profile, More
SCOProShares UltraShort Bloomberg 59.40 29 Jun 21:00Up 2.61 (4.60%)1,275,625Chart, Profile, More
CAPNCapnia, Inc.2.99 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.13 (4.55%)113,749Chart, Profile, More
STRISTR Holdings, Inc Common Stock1.15 29 Jun 21:03Up 0.05 (4.55%)32,323Chart, Profile, More
BVXVW1.15 29 Jun 20:59Up 0.05 (4.55%)38,311Chart, More
EGTEntertainment Gaming Asia Incor2.33 29 Jun 20:51Up 0.10 (4.45%)8,659Chart, Profile, More
ANYSphere 3D Corp4.96 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.21 (4.42%)386,702Chart, Profile, More
FENX11.11 29 Jun 21:00Up 0.47 (4.42%)162,680Chart, Profile, More