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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GBRNew Concept Energy, Inc Common 4.86 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.92 (150.52%)19,087,484Chart, Profile, More
TCCOTechnical Communications Corpor5.15 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.26 (78.20%)4,706,798Chart, Profile, More
KONEKingtone Wirelessinfo Solution 10.20 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.90 (39.73%)8,983,067Chart, Profile, More
CLNTCleantech Solutions Internation1.51 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.40 (36.06%)5,661,508Chart, Profile, More
SPUSkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc.14.25 22 Jul 21:00Up 3.56 (33.30%)1,470,813Chart, Profile, More
CADCChina Advanced Construction Mat3.71 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.89 (31.56%)1,931,316Chart, Profile, More
SGYPUSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.9.05 22 Jul 20:53Up 2.00 (28.37%)295Chart, More
TOPSTOP Ships Inc.4.04 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.82 (25.47%)5,250,964Chart, Profile, More
TPICTPI COMPOSITES, INC13.56 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.56 (23.27%)3,201,048Chart, Profile, More
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.6.09 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.09 (21.80%)3,716,300Chart, Profile, More
CHNRChina Natural Resources, Inc.1.69 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.29 (20.71%)94,474Chart, Profile, More
PBYIPuma Biotechnology Inc Common S41.52 22 Jul 21:01Up 7.00 (20.28%)2,749,969Chart, Profile, More
STSSupreme Industries, Inc. Common17.57 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.70 (18.16%)663,486Chart, Profile, More
VNRCPVanguard Natural Resources LLC3.76 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.55 (17.13%)60,298Chart, Profile, More
BGIBirks Group Inc. Common Stock2.75 22 Jul 21:01Up 0.39 (16.53%)2,539,059Chart, Profile, More
EVKEver-Glory International Group,2.56 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.36 (16.37%)70,181Chart, Profile, More
VNRBPVanguard Natural Resources LLC3.69 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.51 (16.04%)78,887Chart, Profile, More
SAMBoston Beer Company, Inc. (The)190.16 22 Jul 21:02Up 25.42 (15.43%)1,153,009Chart, Profile, More
PYDSPAYMENT DATA SYSTEMS1.21 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.16 (15.24%)913,532Chart, Profile, More
IPASiPass Inc.1.44 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.18 (14.29%)516,020Chart, Profile, More
RCONRecon Technology, Ltd.1.32 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.16 (13.79%)58,138Chart, Profile, More
ONPOrient Paper, Inc. NEW Common S1.22 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.15 (13.79%)387,053Chart, Profile, More
SWFTSwift Transportation Company Cl19.09 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.29 (13.63%)7,734,312Chart, Profile, More
VNRVanguard Natural Resources LLC1.84 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.21 (12.88%)2,831,465Chart, Profile, More
CLWTEuro Tech Holdings Company Limi3.20 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.36 (12.68%)248,541Chart, Profile, More
TROVWTrovaGene, Inc.2.36 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.26 (12.47%)16,679Chart, More
MICTMicronet Enertec Technologies, 2.02 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.22 (12.45%)9,045Chart, Profile, More
TSRITSR, Inc.4.13 22 Jul 20:55Up 0.45 (12.23%)17,260Chart, Profile, More
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.5.84 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.62 (11.88%)101,838,278Chart, Profile, More
CCLPCSI Compressco LP9.47 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.98 (11.54%)151,565Chart, Profile, More
CCCLChina Ceramics Co., Ltd.3.02 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.31 (11.44%)655,706Chart, Profile, More
VUZIVUZIX CORP CMN STK8.06 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.82 (11.33%)2,045,828Chart, Profile, More
SRAQUSilver Run Acquisition Corporat11.73 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.18 (11.18%)3,135,041Chart, More
SPHSSophiris Bio, Inc.4.38 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.42 (10.61%)4,626,776Chart, Profile, More
PFPTProofpoint, Inc.72.15 22 Jul 21:00Up 6.88 (10.54%)3,224,761Chart, Profile, More
SHIPSeanergy Maritime Holdings Corp3.55 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.33 (10.25%)51,177Chart, Profile, More
LPTNLpath, Inc.2.10 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.19 (9.95%)536,155Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com14.47 22 Jul 21:03Up 1.26 (9.54%)36,629,071Chart, Profile, More
VYGRVoyager Therapeutics, Inc.13.86 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.20 (9.48%)87,607Chart, Profile, More
TSQTownsquare Media, Inc. Class A 9.01 22 Jul 21:02Up 0.78 (9.48%)36,625Chart, Profile, More
KZKongZhong Corporation5.67 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.49 (9.46%)565,255Chart, Profile, More
BORNChina New Borun Corporation Ame1.66 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.14 (9.20%)225,706Chart, Profile, More
SMITSchmitt Industries, Inc.2.02 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.17 (9.19%)3,192,018Chart, Profile, More
DHXMDHX Media Ltd.6.00 22 Jul 14:55Up 0.50 (9.09%)231Chart, Profile, More
STDYSteadyMed Ltd.3.29 22 Jul 20:21Up 0.27 (8.94%)8,286Chart, Profile, More
OPTTOcean Power Technologies, Inc.10.19 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.83 (8.87%)8,888,886Chart, Profile, More
TCPITCP International Holdings Ltd.2.01 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.16 (8.65%)285,206Chart, Profile, More
WPRTWestport Fuel Systems Inc1.51 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.12 (8.63%)1,141,112Chart, Profile, More
LIONFidelity Southern Corporation17.93 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.42 (8.60%)270,563Chart, Profile, More
RENResolute Energy Corporation Com7.64 22 Jul 21:03Up 0.60 (8.52%)942,464Chart, Profile, More
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation C5.39 22 Jul 21:01Up 0.42 (8.45%)65,448,401Chart, Profile, More
NYMXNymox Pharmaceutical Corporatio3.97 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.30 (8.17%)265,311Chart, Profile, More
FFBCWFirst Financial Bancorp.9.36 22 Jul 20:54Up 0.69 (7.96%)682Chart, More
SWNCSouthwestern Energy Company Dep33.52 22 Jul 21:02Up 2.46 (7.92%)663,487Chart, Profile, More
HNIHNI Corporation Common Stock52.56 22 Jul 21:02Up 3.85 (7.90%)467,822Chart, Profile, More
NCTYThe9 Limited1.79 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.13 (7.83%)154,355Chart, Profile, More
BANFBancFirst Corporation66.40 22 Jul 21:00Up 4.79 (7.77%)117,227Chart, Profile, More
CVRSCorindus Vascular Robotics, Inc1.67 22 Jul 21:01Up 0.12 (7.74%)325,955Chart, Profile, More
SSBSouth State Corporation75.65 22 Jul 21:00Up 5.42 (7.72%)338,024Chart, Profile, More
ZSANZosano Pharma Corporation1.40 22 Jul 20:43Up 0.10 (7.69%)6,710Chart, Profile, More
OFGOFG Bancorp Common Stock10.27 22 Jul 21:02Up 0.73 (7.65%)552,627Chart, Profile, More
GNTXGentex Corporation17.60 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.25 (7.65%)6,358,086Chart, Profile, More
CLSCelestica, Inc. Common Stock10.85 22 Jul 21:02Up 0.77 (7.64%)1,102,739Chart, Profile, More
LIMELime Energy Co.2.40 22 Jul 20:18Up 0.17 (7.62%)2,324Chart, Profile, More
MOCCommand Security Corporation Co3.12 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.22 (7.59%)49,781Chart, Profile, More
SXTSensient Technologies Corporati75.59 22 Jul 21:02Up 5.19 (7.37%)954,131Chart, Profile, More
ECTEEcho Therapeutics, Inc.1.18 22 Jul 19:51Up 0.08 (7.27%)5,603Chart, Profile, More
DRRXDURECT Corporation1.77 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.12 (7.27%)1,359,852Chart, Profile, More
GNCMAGeneral Communication, Inc.16.17 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.09 (7.23%)134,173Chart, Profile, More
VEDLVedanta Limited American Depos10.09 22 Jul 21:02Up 0.68 (7.23%)401,341Chart, Profile, More
RDUSRadius Health, Inc.45.26 22 Jul 21:00Up 3.05 (7.23%)623,535Chart, Profile, More
TCB-WT1.30 22 Jul 15:39Up 0.09 (7.16%)1,100Chart, More
MIMEMimecast Limited10.70 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.71 (7.11%)144,117Chart, Profile, More
CNOBConnectOne Bancorp, Inc.17.06 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.11 (6.96%)149,271Chart, Profile, More
HMNYHelios and Matheson Analytics I7.86 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.50 (6.79%)23,295Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor15.27 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.97 (6.78%)35,425Chart, Profile, More
FALCFalconStor Software, Inc.1.11 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.07 (6.73%)94,478Chart, Profile, More
GIMOGigamon Inc. Common Stock42.32 22 Jul 21:02Up 2.64 (6.65%)1,207,066Chart, Profile, More
VHCVirnetX Holding Corp Common Sto4.36 22 Jul 21:03Up 0.27 (6.60%)704,486Chart, Profile, More
CVTICovenant Transportation Group, 21.11 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.28 (6.45%)267,730Chart, Profile, More Inc.77.40 22 Jul 21:00Up 4.67 (6.42%)1,761,668Chart, Profile, More
HAHawaiian Holdings, Inc.46.26 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.78 (6.39%)2,157,609Chart, Profile, More
AXONAxovant Sciences Ltd. Common Sh14.15 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.85 (6.39%)352,352Chart, Profile, More
GLFGulfMark Offshore, Inc. New Com3.56 22 Jul 21:02Up 0.21 (6.27%)453,214Chart, Profile, More
RXIIRXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation2.38 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.14 (6.25%)32,618Chart, Profile, More
EQSEquus Total Return, Inc. Common1.70 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.10 (6.25%)458Chart, More
WPCSWPCS International Incorporated1.53 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.09 (6.25%)177,959Chart, Profile, More
TCXTucows Inc.29.79 22 Jul 21:00Up 1.74 (6.20%)99,959Chart, Profile, More
DCTHDelcath Systems, Inc.3.60 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.21 (6.19%)46,912Chart, Profile, More
HLS-WTHEALTHSOUTH CORPORATION WARRAN2.58 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.15 (6.17%)65,207Chart, More
INDBIndependent Bank Corp.50.41 22 Jul 21:00Up 2.93 (6.17%)204,992Chart, Profile, More
QBAKQualstar Corporation5.20 22 Jul 20:59Up 0.30 (6.12%)356,960Chart, Profile, More
RLJERLJ Entertainment, Inc.2.34 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.13 (6.07%)41,075Chart, Profile, More
BKEPPBlueknight Energy Partners L.P.7.69 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.44 (6.07%)39,426Chart, Profile, More
UEICUniversal Electronics Inc.76.24 22 Jul 21:00Up 4.26 (5.92%)187,842Chart, Profile, More
MDSYModSys International Ltd.1.43 22 Jul 17:00Up 0.08 (5.92%)406Chart, Profile, More
NRCIBNational Research Corporation34.26 22 Jul 18:49Up 1.91 (5.90%)5,431Chart, Profile, More
ADVMAdverum Biotechnologies, Inc.3.23 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.18 (5.90%)352,778Chart, Profile, More
BLDPBallard Power Systems, Inc.1.81 22 Jul 21:00Up 0.10 (5.85%)2,231,982Chart, Profile, More
SINASina Corporation55.07 22 Jul 21:00Up 3.04 (5.84%)1,058,890Chart, Profile, More