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Symbols similar to 'ds'

SymbolNameLast priceIndustry/categoryTypeExchange
0P0001EDLD.BODSP Corporate Bond Direct Reinv11.55N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW32.BODSP US Flexible Equity Fund Dir49.68N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000GB33.BODSP Natural Resources & New Ene65.08N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001B9Z1.BODSP 10Y G-Sec Fund Regular Rein10.78N/AMutual fundBSE
0P00008TMN.BODSP Midcap Fund Growth104.92N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW2T.BODSP Tax Saver Fund Direct Plan 105.39N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW2X.BODSP Top 100 Equity Fund Direct 362.74N/AMutual fundBSE
0P00009J3J.BODSP Small Cap Fund Regular Plan143.55N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW2E.BODSP Natural Resources & New Ene70.96N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW3B.BODSP World Mining Fund Direct Pl16.88N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW38.BODSP World Gold Fund of Fund Dir11.61N/AMutual fundBSE
0P00017O0XDSM Capital Partners Funds - U.251.10N/AMutual fundPNK
0P0000XW2M.BODSP Midcap Fund Direct Plan Gro114.70N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001F1DY.BODSP Healthcare Fund Direct Grow28.23N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000XW37.BODSP World Energy Fund Direct Pl17.66N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0000MORH.BODSP World Mining Fund Growth15.87N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001FTFI.BODSP Nifty 50 Index Fund Direct 17.94N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001F1E2.BODSP Healthcare Fund Regular Pay19.61N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001B9Z9.BODSP Equity Savings Fund Direct 15.53N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001QBUH.BODSP CRISIL SDL Plus G-Sec Apr 210.60N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001LUF0.BODSP Floater Fund Direct Growth11.47N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001FTFJ.BODSP Nifty 50 Index Fund Regular18.78N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001L56I.BODSP Value Fund Direct Plan Grow15.64N/AMutual fundBSE
0P0001KKBSDSP India Equity Fund Class A U11.40N/AMutual fundPNK
0P0000XW31.BODSP US Flexible Equity Fund Dir46.10N/AMutual fundBSE
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