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SymbolCompany nameLast priceIndustry/categoryTypeExchange
EXPN.LExperian plc1514.00N/AStocksLSE
EXPDExpeditors International of Washington, Inc.54.98N/AStocksNMS
EXPEExpedia, Inc.145.03N/AStocksNMS
CAPXElkhorn S&P 500 Capital Expenditures27.32N/AStocksNGM
ACT.LActual Experience plc295.00N/AStocksLSE
EXPE.SWExpedia, Inc.119.00N/AStocksEBS
8887.AXExperts' Choice Balanced1.04N/AMutual fundASX
J2B.FExperian plc16.53N/AStocksFRA
8886.AXExperts' Choice Australian Shares1.21N/AMutual fundASX
16225.AXExperts' Choice Small Companies0.65N/AMutual fundASX
EXSY.MIExpert System S.p.A.1.72N/AStocksMIL
HLR0005AU.AXExperts' Choice Growth0.99N/AMutual fundASX
SIROCOEXPECT.BCSiroco Expectations SICAV14.93N/AMutual fundBAR
^CAPXElkhorn S&P 500 Capital Expendi24.84N/AETFNIM
E3X1.HMEXPEDIA INC. DL-,0001121.65N/AStocksHAM
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