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Symbols similar to 'igfrx'

SymbolNameLast priceIndustry/categoryTypeExchange
IFRXInflaRx N.V.4.92HealthcareStocksNMS
IGFFXInternational Growth and Income33.15N/AMutual fundNAS
IGRFXIvy Mid Cap Growth Fund Class N37.66N/AMutual fundNAS
IGFRXInvesco International Growth Fu32.52N/AMutual fundNAS
TGFRXTANAKA Growth Fund Class R22.70N/AMutual fundNAS
INFRXTortoise MLP & Energy Income Fu5.52N/AMutual fundNAS
IGFAXVY Morgan Stanley Global Franch15.63N/AMutual fundNAS
AGFRXThe AB Portfolios - AB Growth F92.26N/AMutual fundNAS
PGFRXPutnam Global Financials Fund R11.59N/AMutual fundNAS
IGNRXIvy Natural Resources Fund Clas10.34N/AMutual fundNAS
IFFRXVoya Diversified International 10.85N/AMutual fundNAS
GIFRXGoldman Sachs Short Duration In10.29N/AMutual fundNAS
DGFRXJPMorgan Dynamic Growth Fund R533.05N/AMutual fundNAS
IGPRXVoya Global Diversified Payment7.74N/AMutual fundNAS
BGFRXWilliam Blair Growth Fund Class13.41N/AMutual fundNAS
MGFRXMassMutual Premier Global Fund 14.31N/AMutual fundNAS
IGFSXVY Morgan Stanley Global Franch16.83N/AMutual fundNAS
IRFRXCohen & Steers International Re11.07N/AMutual fundNAS
IGBRXVoya Global Bond Fund Class R9.91N/AMutual fundNAS
GGFRXNationwide Mellon Dynamic U.S. 9.76N/AMutual fundNAS
IGJRXIvy Government Securities Fund 5.79N/AMutual fundNAS
IGARXVoya Global Real Estate Fund Cl13.15N/AMutual fundNAS
IGWRXTransamerica Asset Allocation G12.72N/AMutual fundNAS