1. Insider Transaction: $AAPL Automatic Sale at $125.35 - $127.76 per share of 24090 shares by Officer Riccio Daniel J. on 2015-04-30.

  2. $AAPL Tax situation will drive apple to new lows for the year. After new taxes and paying 10 years of it in Ireland, stock will be 80s

  3. $AAPL From Gold to Bronze.

  4. $AAPL A non-event today for longs as all indexes are down. $150 by EOY.

  5. $AAPL can we say manipulation

  6. $AAPL $128 by friday, this is not going below $125.

  7. @ivanhoff: The Investment World Is Full of Yelps, Apples Are Rare - http://ivanhoff.com/2015/04/30/the-investment-world-is-full-of-yelps-apples-are-rare/ $YELP $AAPL

  8. $AAPL Any realistic hope for >130 by mid day Thursday?

  9. $AAPL dear apple I hate you

  10. $AAPL down tomorrow for 6 of 7 days down. Down every day this week? Maybe as we make our way back to presplit 500s

  11. $AAPL i can see ppl holding and hoping and they d be like oh look! it is up 10c after the close there is hope!

  12. $AAPL still holding june 145 calls... the pain is immeasurable. I m just hoping there s a payoff in the end.

  13. $AAPL wow.......... this is unbelievable.

  14. $AAPL looks good to me.

  15. @WonkaVision $AAPL watch for a HUGE last minute Green candle Still waiting...

  16. $AAPL Looks like the bears are still hungry :)

  17. $AAPL wow! beyond logic... anyone know why this is down??!

  18. @ThePonz opinion on $AAPL gap up tom?

  19. $AAPL Im still holding strong on my OTM June 135 calls. Risky, but wait for the reward! This down turn is unusual, and motive-driven.

  20. $AAPL sky is falling

  21. $AAPL down 7 bucks after solid ER... makes sense.

  22. $AAPL

  23. $AAPL down 6.66% since ATH and people are screaming Armageddon? $9 we are down.... not $29! Get a grip and hold!

  24. $AAPL Lots of wishful thinking from both sides here... Makes me feel like I am in fantasy land.

  25. $AAPL yeah baby going to get my $100:shares soon!