1. $AAPL $FB $NFLX $TSLA $TWTR hey everyone... When you come visit the new site and sign up please say hi in chat- so many new names /different

  2. $AAPL $TWTR it s Sunday, but I m so excited for Tuesday after the bell.

  3. $AAPL can t afford 3 bad ER in a row so I will expect a pretty decent one plus IPhone 7 .. This is getting so bullish

  4. $AAPL looks like investors are holding for 08/02 dividend date

  5. $AAPL get ready for apple to pull a netflix this quater

  6. $AAPL have a nice day guys I feel sorry for you if you got the bad idea to hold apple ER. THIS is a bad quarter. Next one after will be cool

  7. $aapl not going anywhere but possible down refer for this apple quarter yes. -25%. But prediction for $amzn is +480% sales for this ER

  8. LOL Look at a 2 year chart and compare $aapl and $amzn to see which one is going nowhere. You just fool around to provocate a reaction lol

  9. $AAPL my message to novices is Whatever your plan is DONT HOLD AAPL ER guys its gonna be bad Figure out a sell reload plan.Buy $amzn instead

  10. $AAPL novice must react monday coz holding apple er is risky. Sell and reload lower after ER. Replace apple with $amzn or $fb for great ER

  11. $AAPL Good point to short AAPL. And hold until september.

  12. $AAPL You really want to make sure everyone knows where you stand...lol.

  13. $AAPL Experts predict a -25% on sales for this quarter. For $amzn a + 480% on sales. Which one should you hold ? I sold aapl to buy amzn...

  14. $4 billion $TSLA 2015 revenues $6 billion $AAPL Watch 1st year revenues One is a flop the other an unstoppable success

  15. $AAPL same chart using Renko a little upward room before resistance again sorry about the poor quality chart

  16. $AAPL having posting issues sorry for the poor quality chart

  17. $AAPL $GOOGL $GOOGL (just an interesting read/news) | http://appleinsider.com/articles/16/07/23/hacker-who-targeted-celebrity-icloud-and-google-accounts-sentenced-six-months-in-prison

  18. $AAPL rumour round up: This week on AI: Apple Car delayed, new iOS 10 & macOS betas, iPhone 7 leaks & more | http://appleinsider.com/articles/16/07/23/this-week-on-ai-apple-car-delayed-new-ios-10-macos-betas-iphone-7-leaks-more

  19. $AAPL thank you for your comment have been saying this for a month now it s already priced if earnings are bad it s cloning sense really

  20. Market Has Low Expectations Ahead Of Apple s Q3 Earnings $AAPL http://amigobulls.com/articles/market-has-low-expectations-ahead-of-apples-q3-earnings

  21. Apple s outperform rating reiterated at Robert W. Baird. $110.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/r/678764 $AAPL

  22. $AAPL 5min


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  25. $GOOG $GOOGL - Google dominates the smartphone OS market...So how will Apple capitalize on the IoT? $AAPL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSIPNhOiMoE