1. $SPY $AAPL $AMZN $BABA $CMG $DIS $NKE $VZ $EXPE $AGN $XOM better than expexted, aditional on w/l dasler & yit

  2. $AAPL iPhone 7 will have solar charring feature. You will never need to plug in and cost nothing. One step ahed of wireless charging.

  3. Why Beijing Might Not Be Against Apple #Apple $AAPL http://amigobulls.com/articles/why-beijing-might-not-be-against-apple

  4. $SPY $GLD $UUP $AAPL $TSLA check out my market view video from last night.

  5. $yahoo $AAPL $GOOG $GBSN $TSLA $FB Stock under the radar SYNC.

  6. $AAPL Guess I ll have to get used to hearing people say on a daily basis that Apple should buy Tesla to make Musk Apple s CEO. 😳

  7. $AAPL sounds like a rally.

  8. $AAPL need news during buy back

  9. $AAPL enough bleeding done , buy back started for a week every drop is POP, short squeeze needed @95 , if 95 fly to 97

  10. $AAPL & $SAP noise just like $AAPL & $IBM was noise, anything to get your eye off of the facts #PoorQuarter & even worse #PoorGuidance

  11. $AAPL trying a dead cat bounce #BuyNoDrops #ShortAllPops #DownTrend

  12. $AAPL buy back today it seems

  13. Tim Cook is planning a critical trip to China http://www.headlne.com/hdl/728515398216224769 $AAPL

  14. Tesla, Apple Supplier PTs Hiked; Priceline PT Cut http://www.headlne.com/hdl/728503370403725312 $TSLA $AAPL $PCLN

  15. $AAPL $TSLA

  16. $AAPL should buyout $TSLA let Elon Musk run the company and bring out an Apple car.

  17. $AAPL any data market will go down today

  18. $AAPL If the jobs report is good do we rally? or do we take a dive?

  19. $AAPL Biofrontera German (ISIN: DE0006046113) approval on 05/10/2016 ?? Analysis: strong buy

  20. CHART - Apple Technical Analysis, bearish view prevails: http://forexstat.us/forex_Apple_Technical_Analysis_100689.fx $AAPL #Apple

  21. $TSLA then $AAPL will buy.

  22. $TSLA $AAPL $QQQ Throw out wild Features Apple Car should have to compete with TSLA lineup.

  23. $AAPL AH high of $101.70. How nice if that were to open high....

  24. $AAPL option cash value for this weeks expiration

  25. Apple, SAP to cooperate on workplace apps $AAPL $SAP http://www.wsj.com/articles/apple-sap-to-cooperate-on-workplace-apps-1462474372 @WSJ @stocktwits WSJ used cashtags!