1. $AAPL nasty stuff going on in futures and Europe

  2. Jony Ive taking new, more hands-off chief design officer role at Apple $AAPL http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/25/8657029/jony-ive-chief-design-officer-apple

  3. $AAPL I realize that the activity of trading/investing is addictive.

  4. $AAPL finally market is open today!

  5. AAPL digital report for May 25th, 2015 $AAPL http://www.sweetalpha.com/aapl/aapl-digital-report-for-may-25th-2015


  7. $AAPL is you missed the train it is a good chance, technically strong if market cooperated we will see 1335 tomorrow

  8. $AAPL Apple s Jony Ive promoted to Chief Design Officer... http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/05/25/apples-jony-ive-promoted-to-chief-design-officer-to-work-on-apple-stores

  9. $AAPL going to be a big day for aapl tomorrow. 2-3% up

  10. $AAPL Where is the premarket located?

  11. $SLB $AAPL $NOK $HBC Three Big Stocks That Look Like Bargains: http://www.pickbestgift.com/blogs/finance/29608257-three-big-stocks-that-look-like-bargains

  12. $AAPL $SWKS $BBBY $VZ $UTX $HAL :Apple, Energy Stocks Among Top-Performing Glenmede Fund Picks: http://www.pickbestgift.com/blogs/finance/29608001-apple-energy-stocks-among-top-performing-glenmede-fund-picks

  13. $AAPL Apple already following down the blackberry path with old iOS and poor specs, it almost bankrupted BB designing a new OS, Apple next

  14. $AAPL loading up on another block of shares. Hope for a small dip at open.

  15. $AAPL the chatter here does not come close to gains to be made by buying and holding long term calls. Enjoy!!!

  16. $AAPL if you just bought long term calls on AAPL and held, think how much simpler life would be. All this chatter here, it s worthless

  17. $AAPL Please don t gap it up pre-market. I need to load up on June 140 calls. Thanks in advance.

  18. $AAPL My estimates incase if it breaks out Min. $138 Max. $142

  19. $AAPL $SPY If you know everything why are creatures wasting time here? At least use this great platform to learn.. Lol! Jokers..

  20. $AAPL risk management applies

  21. $AAPL love how people try to justify their trades. Ohhh I sold this here cuz it s gonna do this or its gonna do that. Lol. You know nothing.

  22. $AAPL Put ur money where ur mouth is. Do show a big O mouth full of AIR.

  23. $AAPL No new Feds drama for 3 weeks. Lol

  24. If $AAPL does run higher with a BO > Friday s highs towards 135-136, a slightly larger pullback might be possible. No active position.

  25. When Stephen Fry met #JonyIve: the self-confessed tech geek talks to $AAPL newly promoted chief design officer http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11628710/When-Stephen-Fry-met-Jony-Ive-the-self-confessed-fanboi-meets-Apples-newly-promoted-chief-design-officer.html