1. $AAPL No phone subsidies = the kids don t get upgrades.

  2. $AAPL Jan 2017 140 calls looks delicious as sweet :)

  3. $AAPL Bearish short term, but... consistant demand iPhone? AppleCar? i ve got a 12 inch... iPad? sorta wanna hang onto the Jan17150C...

  4. $aapl $spy futures playing games with the bears tonight. AM 730 those numbers will all be green

  5. $AAPL new products cycle should help move stock up next week

  6. $AAPL that man kept me entertained while i lost a months pay... props. luck brother. 2k shares, you re way ahead of me. teacher pay crap.

  7. $AAPL bad employment numbers tomorrow, markets move up. Good employment numbers tomorrow, market moves up

  8. $AAPL blow the trumpets.

  9. $AAPL sad is it is, i could be worse. man, those 2000 shares, worth a lot more than what i lost... good luck... better off than me.

  10. $AAPL but the twits of Hmm... put options? ... put options rock! ... you all should be in options! ... OMG, my puts are killing me ...

  11. $AAPL up on 10x150jan15 calls, but debating to hold or use to pay off margin. (continued)

  12. $AAPL disclosure: small time. 120 long. Lost 5K this month options. ready to say screw it and go bogle.(continued)

  13. $AAPL in past when Dow and S&P have fallen below 200 day mvg avg not uncommon to spend 3/5 months below it and retest low 3-4 times

  14. If not google or apple - this is why they will help create the first trillion dollar company http://stevecheney.com/first-brain-computing-and-the-mouse-cursor-for-the-physical-world/ $aapl $goog

  15. $AAPL Did raymiller profited today?

  16. $AAPL I almost gaped up all over my keyboard watching AAPL today

  17. @JayStrauss: $AAPL Retest of Tues lows could be on deck. Failed today at key resistance. Next support is 107.66

  18. @825: $AAPL Nostradamus in ST who knew

  19. $AAPL gap up

  20. @rb13: $DIS its holding @ 102 strong despite $AAPL going down today yeah $105 on next bull market. Came easy 98 - 102.

  21. $AAPL It s a 20% drop to 88. It s a 20% gain to 130. Given the economic climate, which scenario is more likely?

  22. $AAPL $FB $DIS $HD +++ Starts from tomorrow s Rally, S&P 2500 by EOY http://www.cnbc.com/2015/09/03/sp-500-to-hit-2225-by-year-end-strategist.html?trknav=homestack:topnews:2

  23. @FirstMileMD: $AAPL all the prophets are out again predicting tomorrow s price according to their positions of course true

  24. $AAPL Nostradamus in ST who knew

  25. $AAPL the Stockapolis is upon us.