1. @kesef $AAPL Could Apple Watch Prove a Game-Changer for Gold? http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2015/03/03/could-apple-prove-a-game-changer-for-gold/ WSJ

  2. $AAPL not huge gains, but two consecutive green days make for a nice start. Can t b BOOM everyday

  3. $AAPL longs are going to the wood shed - just a matter of time.

  4. $AAPL today Apple was hari kari beari

  5. $AAPL Line drawers are funny!

  6. $AAPL If the watch flops, this could be trouble. I suggest $MSFT as XBOX 1 sales increase.

  7. $AAPL Lower high and lower low. Certainly not a trend changer to the upside. Look at the MACD crossover. Bearish no?

  8. $AAPL dreaming of an Apple TV

  9. $AAPL Bulls won today. Up on a bloody market day. This is gonna be a wild ride. Getchyo popcorn ready.

  10. $AAPL wow up .30 !!!!!


  12. @BIOFX As long as $AAPL doesn t restest 126 I m happy, 150 bound in due time.

  13. @planetlearn That s when you shoul BUY $AAPL . Stocks 101

  14. $AAPL Is reid telling some nice trade ideas ?

  15. $AAPL And the pimp slap knocks it back down

  16. $AAPL $129.3 has strong resistance

  17. $NEON another excellent find by techviking. $AAPL carplay and $NEON are locked in together.

  18. $AAPL would you hold 3/13 calls into tomorrow or take tiny loss? seems too erratic (as I actually thought it would be)...seeking thoughts

  19. @patturn But I doubt $AAPL will hit 145 anytime soon. They would need to show a new net line of 8B+

  20. It s great that every one is doing their best $AAPL watch and iphone impersonation just before the special event. #believemejustwatch

  21. $AAPL what a waste of day. Same as yesterday

  22. $AAPL stocks traded flat all day. Back at the ranch...no Starbucks here...mehhhh

  23. $AAPL ok. Power down hour..

  24. $AAPL MACD not liking it....

  25. @The_Real_Chopper_Reid @redbullhead Dont gamble, I never play weeklies cause that gambling. I invest or buy long DITM options. Cheers $AAPL