1. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 4.5% in $GOOG in his Core Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  2. Eric Linser holds an allocation of 1.5% in $GOOG in his Eagle Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  3. $GOOG high open interest range is 560.00 to 565.00 for option expiration 03/06/2015. http://maximum-pain.com/open-interest.aspx?s=GOOG&e=03/06/2015

  4. $KING I can see them linking with either $FB, $GOOG app advertising platform.

  5. $GOOG sends a clear challenge to $AAPL http://cnafinance.com/google-releases-enterprise-tools-clear-challenge-to-apple/1678

  6. Will $P survive the massive competition from $GOOG $SPTF and others? http://cnafinance.com/pandoras-box-of-music-streaming/1603

  7. $GOOG Max Pain = 562.50. Maturity = 03/06/2015. Previous close = 574.50. http://maximum-pain.com/max-pain.aspx?s=GOOG&e=03/06/2015

  8. $GOOG houly ichimoku. on profit taker watch http://stocktwits.com/message/33575470

  9. $FB and $GOOG race to connect the world. http://cnafinance.com/google-goog-or-facebook-fb-who-will-connect-the-world-first/1915

  10. Who will the #digital battle? $AAPL, $GOOG, $GOOGL, or $AMZN ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCvwCcEP74Q

  11. New software detects stocks coiling at bottom, $BIDU $GOOGL $GOOG $XON to name a few!

  12. $MARA announces its wholly-owned subsidiary TLI Communications GmbH has filed a patent infringement lawsuit vs $GOOG http://www.briefing.com/Investor/PopupPages/ArticlePopup.aspx?ArticleId=IN20150305083128MARA

  13. Google Bringing Android Wear Support To iOS Represents A Neutral Impact To Apple $AAPL $GOOG $GOOGL http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/03/5301764/google-bringing-android-wear-support-to-ios-represents-a

  14. [new] Longform links: Nudge 2.0, the battle for breakfast and taking a secular Sabbath. http://abnormalreturns.com/2015/03/05/longform-links-widespread-irrationality/ $K $TWX $NFLX $GOOG

  15. $GOOG Not short yet, but looking closely at this one. Up since Jan. purely on hope. Results are what matters and they have disappointed.

  16. Is The Uber Ecosystem Sustainable ? $GOOG $FDX $AMZN http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/is-the-uber-ecosystem-sustainable-?post=60172

  17. $LVLT Hit new 52 week already today. Pushing on to $58-60! $TMUS $GOOG $AKAM $CTL

  18. $goog call 2

  19. ALERT: New MACD signal created on $GOOG - Low at 576.33 - Time: 14:45 - Strength: 10.

  20. $CBMX gaining momo here. Need a pop above $2.15 resistance. Members long since last week at this level. http://www.kcapitaladvisors.com/stock_alerts_performance/ $AAPL $GOOG

  21. $spy $qqq ... looks like another bait... $aapl $goog

  22. $TIVO being mentioned in the sam breadth as $goog & $aapl. Now you know how the breakout of the bullish ascending wedge will occur.

  23. $GOOG Potential continuation Uptrend on a 60 -15 -4 charts http://stocktwits.com/message/33559849

  24. ALERT: New Social signal created on $GOOG - Buy at 573.53 - Time: 14:00 - Strength: 9.

  25. I haven t posted much but here s my picks for tomorrow s option expiration... $PCLN $ICPT $GOOG $NFLX