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  2. Top 10 most visited sites world-wide - $GOOG $GOOGL >> http://stock.dealeronline.info/1-2/

  3. Some great $goog extensions for everyone to use especially us traders on StockTwits https://medium.com/product-hunt/7-chrome-extensions-that-will-change-your-internet-life-19ad3ad7a56b?source=userActivityShare-e0cf240c9f2-1469346281


  5. $GOOG $GOOGL - Google dominates the smartphone OS market...So how will Apple capitalize on the IoT? $AAPL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSIPNhOiMoE

  6. $MGT 1,000 - 5,000 installs of d-vasive on the play store = $850 - $4250 since app release after $goog gets it s cut. lol what?

  7. Top 10 most visited sites world-wide - $GOOG $GOOGL >> http://stock.dealeronline.info/1-2/

  8. Buying TripAdvisor: Would Antitrust Issues Kill a Priceline or Google Acquisition? - Skift $goog $pcln $trip http://skift.com/2016/07/19/buying-tripadvisor-would-antitrust-issues-kill-a-priceline-or-google-acquisition

  9. I ve always said this with tongue in cheek but every company in South Park has been bullish $GOOG $UPS $YELP $SNE $MSFT uber/lyft HBO $AMZN

  10. $SPY $GOOG I will be looking to add to my position on Monday. It has been a fantastic run so far! Thanks @PowerTriggerTrade

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  14. Full transcript: Bloomberg Beta partner James Cham on Too Embarrassed to Ask ...James is a friend. So smart $goog http://www.recode.net/2016/7/23/12181068/james-cham-bloomberg-beta-too-embarrassed-to-ask-podcast-transcript

  15. Where would be $goog before er?

  16. $GOOG Trend looks good but earnings are around the corner. http://smartstockcharts.com/goog-charts-on-july-22-2016/

  17. Video: $GOOG Stock Analysis 7.23.16 | Analyze Stocks Technically: youtu.be/LcSR6nsR6eE?a via @YouTube

  18. $SPY $GOOG Nice $SPY and $GOOG plays. Always learning something new!

  19. Video https://youtu.be/YW2Z6QCX7Lg explains the new $SPY update my Powerful $GOOG trades and about the feb 11 reversal plan eye opening stuff

  20. Nice video by @PowerTriggerTrade showing some great $SPY and $GOOG calls before they happened! https://twitter.com/Sandro_power/status/756249117114839040

  21. $MGT $APPL $GEVO $NFLX $GOOG whip it... into shape..shape it up ..get straight

  22. $MGT $APPL $GEVO $NFLX $GOOG Wasn t GEVO a really $hitty techno funk band in the 80 s? When a profit comes along, you must whip it....

  23. $MGT $APPL $GEVO $NFLX $GOOG Indeed, I plan on voting for my Johnson too.

  24. $MGT $APPL $GEVO $NFLX $GOOG Gary Johnson 16 - The two party system is an inside job.

  25. Shown on smaller time frame candles. Check my weekly candle analysis on $COMPQ $SPX for a macro look. Broad markets= $AAPL $GOOG $FB $AMZN