1. $TWTR Just a matter of time, one of these days, everyone will be on board to recognize this for the monster it is. Remember $YHOO was $13

  2. $YHOO Heading for breakout?

  3. $YHOO Who would a thought we d recover so well in just two days, from BABA s drop?!!!! NICE !!! SHOWS CONFIDENCE IN YHOO SALE !!!

  4. $YHOO BREAKING: Verizon, Union Reach Agreement To End Strike - http://patch.com/new-jersey/hoboken/breaking-verizon-workers-agree-end-2016-strike-principle-dol-says

  5. $YHOO holding well

  6. $YHOO Ahh, 2pm Margin Calls about to go out $BABA, Yikes if you re Short

  7. I scan 4U: some of the technically best looking #US #Stocks 4 short term : $CCE $GPK $VZ $YHOO (DourDD.)

  8. $VZ is seeking help on its pursuit of the core assets of $YHOO from $BAC , which was a key adviser to Yahoo last year.

  9. Share an idea on $YHOO

  10. Dan Gilbert Deflects Yahoo Question, Says Detroit Could Become Fintech Capital Of The World $YHOO http://www.benzinga.com/fintech/16/05/8042566/dan-gilbert-deflects-yahoo-question-says-detroit-could-become-fintech-capital-

  11. $YHOO - testing key resistance here, with just over 3 hrs remaining in the session...

  12. $YHOO anyone think we will hear any word on monday?

  13. One Reason Yahoo! (YHOO) Stock is Up Today $YHOO https://www.thestreet.com/story/13588580/1/one-reason-yahoo-yhoo-stock-is-up-today.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  14. $BABA bouncing back nicely from SEC news, was a great buying opportunity, still playing thru $YHOO

  15. $YHOO Sold all! will buy again next week.

  16. $YHOO Back in the green overall, lets keep it going!

  17. Fortunes were made and lost in $BABA $YHOO options this week. What a racket!

  18. $YHOO most acquisitions go for a 15-30% premium. $45 sounds about right

  19. $YHOO what is yahoo EOD?

  20. $YHOO

  21. $YHOO It s all about the close. No way with SPY about to crack 2100 + BO offers do Shorts not run screaming out the door to Cover!

  22. Verizon Strengthens Infantry With Bank Of America To Fight Yahoo M&A War http://www.bidnessetc.com/69654-verizon-strengthens-infantry-bank-america-fight-yahoo-ma-war/ $VZ $BAC $YHOO

  23. $YHOO

  24. $YHOO when do you think we see the bids announced and a price jump?

  25. $YHOO at the top end of its recent trading range.