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11 ways our shopping habits changed in 2017

John Lewis reports how the nation’s shopping habits have changed (John Lewis)

It’s the end of the road for Sat Navs.

With most new cars featuring in-built Sat Navs, and with smartphones taking the driving seat when it comes to getting from A to B, department chain John Lewis will no longer stock them.

Its annual review of the nation’s shopping habits has revealed the on-trend products that everyone and every home cannot do without.

And, it has also highlighted some of the products and trends that have fallen out of favour.

Here’s how we shopped in 2017.

Unicorns are everywhere, even on gin (John Lewis)

1. Fantasy world

Millennial pink was the colour of the year and if you combined pink with unicorns, you’ve struck gold.

Unicorns go with everything, from gin to bedsheets. Millennials drove a 70% increase in searches for the word “unicorn” on the John Lewis website.

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According to its report, “’a touch of the exotic and the fantastic helped people escape from the serious side of life”.

It added: “Unicorn and mermaid-themed products and giant inflatables in the shape of donuts, flamingos and watermelons were all on-trend and saw substantial sales.”

New home help tech such as the Amazon Echo Plus is booming (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

2. Tech hits

Connected home tech is on the up and up. Products such as Amazon’s Echo home help device, surveillance cameras, and gadgets to heat or light your home remotely via your smartphone, are all must-haves. John Lewis is now selling 135 connected home products compared with just three in 2013.

3. Tech misses

With the rise of smartphones comes the demise of other once essential tech gadgets.

As mentioned, Sat Navs are deemed no longer necessary, but eReaders have also slumped in demand as the humble book continues to make a recovery.

Retro products such as record players and Rubik’s Cube are make a come back (John Lewis)

4. Boomerang products

The appeal of vinyl records has seen a spike in demand for record players. John Lewis also reports that 80s staple the Filofax is on the comeback trail, while another blast from the past, the Rubik’s Cube, is back in fashion.

Sales of the once hugely popular push-up bra have plunged (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Swarovski)

5. Fashion

The push-up bra has seen sales plunge, as women opt for a more natural look. The office suit for women is out, but denim is being worn more than ever by both sexes – and in different styles, depending on where you live.

For men, perhaps not to be mourned too greatly, cummerbunds are out.

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Flares or skinnies, how you wear denim depends on where you live (John Lewis)

6. Fast fashion

According to the retailer: “Gone are the days of fast fashion, where everyone wanted to own the latest ‘must-haves’. Partly a sign of the economic times, customers need their wardrobes to work harder and are less prepared to invest in items that they will only wear a few times.”

Beards, as sported by Justin Timberlake, are showing no sign of dying off (Getty Images)

7. Grooming/beauty

We have hipsters to thank for the explosion of facial hair and beards are still very much in – John Lewis now sells more than 20 beard grooming products.

Beauty vloggers are increasingly driving trends – and example of which is ‘face foods’. The report says: “Cranberries, tumeric, broccoli and avocado: superfoods are not only popular on plates and in smoothies, they are increasingly finding their way into our skincare products.”

Kitchen gadgets, such as this avocado preparation tool, are must-haves (John Lewis)

8. Food

Everyone loves a kitchen gadget and sales have soared. Egg gadgets sales jumped 25%, while tools for preparing avocados climbed 40% as consumers bought into the healthy lifestyle properties of various foods.

The likes of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver showing off his latest creations in ceramic bowls also saw sales up 5%, while plates fell 12%.

But, all gadgets have a limited shelf life, as sales of spiralisers fell by 40%.

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9. Home style

Shoppers took inspiration from Californian-style home styling to snap up cactus prints, although the retailer predicts will be the year of the snake, monkey and toucan as jungle-style furnishings are introduced. Velvet sofas have been the look of the year for the living room.

10. When we shop

Moonlight shopping is now the norm. Browsing the internet in bed is as normal as reading a book. John Lewis gets an average of 9,000 orders during the night online, with diamond rings, sewing machines and smart TVs among the most expensive purchases made in the small hours.

Glamping is the number 1 gift choice for milliennials (Yahoo Style UK)

11. What next

Millennials will continue to drive the market. Glamping is the number one gift choice for 18-29 year olds and tech products will continue to be in demand. John Lewis also predicts that Japan will be a big influence on home decor and design. Two-tone lips will be all the rage, “with clashing colours on upper and lower lips for a standout pout”.