12 EastEnders spoilers for next week

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, there's a shock car crash on Albert Square, Denise takes desperate measures to keep Ravi away from Chelsea, while Freddie reveals a sad secret from his past.

Here's a full collection of the 12 biggest moments coming up.

1. Denzel has a party

denzel, eastenders

Denzel decides to throw a house party while his dad Howie and girlfriend Kim are out for the evening at an awards ceremony.

The teenager finds himself in a whole lot of trouble when the couple return home and shut the party down.

2. Kim wins a new car

denzel, pearl fox, kim fox, eastenders

At the awards ceremony, 'The Kimfluencer' herself is thrilled when she is presented with an 'Influencer of the Moment' prize and a brand new car.

But disaster strikes when Kim offers to take Denzel for a spin around the Square in her new motor.

3. Chelsea considers her future with Ravi

ravi gulati, denise fox, chelsea fox, eastenders

Chelsea starts to have second thoughts about Ravi after a warning from Stacey about her new lover's dodgy reputation.

As Chelsea considers giving Ravi his marching orders, she quizzes him about his past in the hope of finding out more about him.

4. Ravi loses his temper with Nugget

nugget, eastenders

Ravi snaps when he discovers his son Nugget took young Jordan along to Denzel's house party.

Nugget is left terrified after his angry dad lashes out.

5. Freddie double dates

freddie slater, eastenders

Freddie accidentally double-books himself for two dates on the same night. The Slaters encourage him to make the best of it and go ahead with both dates.

Will Freddie manage to juggle both dates without the other finding out?

6. Nish has a warning for Ravi

avi gulati and nish panesar in eastenders

There's tension between Ravi and his dad Nish after the Panesar family discover what happened between Ravi and Nugget.

Taking sides, Nish warns Ravi to stay away from his grandson.

7. Howie worries as Denzel's life hangs in the balance

howie danes, eastenders

After a shock turn of events in the new car, both Kim and Denzel are taken to hospital.

Kim tries to comfort Howie, who is left fearing the worst while Denzel remains unconscious.

8. Kim confronts Denise over her affair

kim fox, eastenders

Denise is put on the spot when her angry sister Kim confronts her about secret text messages from her ex-lover Ravi. Kim, who had Denise's phone in the car with her, reveals that the messages distracted her and caused the crash.

Now under more pressure than ever, will Denise come clean about everything that has happened?

9. Denise confronts Ravi over Chelsea

ravi, denise fox, eastenders

Denise is afraid for her daughter Chelsea as she continues to date Ravi.

After warning Ravi to stay away from Chelsea, desperate Denise takes matters into her own hands and makes a mystery phone call.

10. Callum makes an arrest

tony clay as callum highway in eastenders

Callum is off duty and having a drink with husband Ben, when the police officer receives unexpected orders to make an arrest over at Walford East.

Callum ends up hauling Ravi in for questioning – the moment the police have been waiting for after their recent investigative work.

11. Freddie reveals a high school secret

mr hawthorne, freddie slater, eastenders

After discovering that family relative Freddie had a horrible time at high school, Jean encourages him to confront his former teacher, Mr Hawthorne.

Freddie goes back to school and stands up to the teacher for humiliating him in the classroom.

12. Ravi is questioned by the police

ravi gulati, eastenders

Ravi is questioned by DC Webber at Walford Police Station following his arrest.

Ravi is later released without charge due to a lack of evidence, leaving Chelsea with another decision to make over how much she should support him.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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