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These 14 Photos Capture Just How Disgustingly Inconsiderate People Are In Public

I am so sorry, but today I chose violence, and calling out all the nasty shit people do in public was my destiny.

Person with arms spread and butterflies around, symbolizing freedom or inspiration

Don't worry — I had a strict "no visible bodily fluids" rule while making this roundup (but trust me, there were plenty of options to include).

Urupong / Getty Images

Prepare your soul, body, mind, and — mostly — your eyes. Let's get into 'em:

1.The number one nasty I came across WAY TOO OFTEN was bare feet in public. Put ya dogs away!!!

Bare foot protruding over armrest edge on an airplane
u/leavethisearth / Via

2.  This is a public service announcement!!! STOP! ✋🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

Twitter: @bongoism


3.I used to work retail, so I've definitely seen my fair share of clothing and shoe trade-ins. But c'mon, not the dusty-ass flip-flop...

Shelves stocked with various shoes and shoeboxes in a retail store setting and one person's used dirty flop-flop sitting on the shelf
u/metaphorical_zebra / Via

4.You're going to hell.

An untidy fast-food booth with scattered wrappers, containers, and cups on the table and seating area
u/bonefidescrewup / Via

5.And these people are gonna be right there with you.

Donation station with a sign "Your change can change a life" with trash like a can, plastic cup, and straw on the collection surface
u/Swedish12yearold / Via

6.Ok, I'm sorry, that was a bit dramatic of me, but c'mon, two fully grown adults should not be leaving the MINIONS premiere like this.

Messy cinema seating with discarded food and paper waste on the floor
u/_Scrudge_ / Via

In the US, that's about $14 in onion rings gone to waste!!!!

Spilled onion rings and a broken plate on the floor near theater chairs
u/_Scrudge_ / Via

They're f*cking judging you!!!!!

Three Minions, one with a guitar and sign reading "I'm with stupid" pointing to the center Minion

7.Anyways, enough about them. POV: This guy is flinging his fingernail clippings at you in the airport terminal...

Person with a pixelated face, sitting in an airport terminal clipping his fingernails
u/dogear / Via

8.Ah yes, just what I needed to go with my salsa: a dirty diaper. 😌😌😌

Shelves stocked with various brands of tortilla chips in a store and a dirty diaper on one shelf
u/themothertucker28 / Via

9.They say "spill the beans," but how about "spill the s'ghetti"?

Spaghetti spilled on a patterned seat inside a train, with a passenger standing in the background

That's one way to save your seat!!!

u/tetraquintans / Via

10.Apparently, "someone" (unclear if they were otter, human, or seagull) ate a pack of raw mussels they got from the grocery store and left all the shells at the bakery café.

Empty diner chairs and scattered mussel shells on the floor and on the table
u/hhk77 / Via

11.Grossed out but not surprised that a store had to make this sign.

Sign on a window reads "WE DO NOT ACCEPT 'BOOB', SOCK OR LICKED MONEY" next to an "ATM inside" sign
u/jennyskywalker / Via

12.A public water bowl for dogs turned into a visual representation of how shit humans can be.

A water station bowl for pets littered with cigarettes and other trash and a sign featuring a pet icon; sign in Polish indicates "water for your pet"
u/nobodycareSs1 / Via

13.Annnd...a public bus's air vent stuffed with a used mask — I call this one "the superspreader."

An overhead air vent on a ceiling bus stuffed with a used paper face mask
u/[deleted] / Via

And lastly:

14.If you needed a reason not to order delivery today.

Person sitting in a public restroom stall with an Uber Eats bag visible on the floor under the door
u/ItchiUcha / Via

Truly, I wish all of these things never happened, but I have unfortunately seen many of them (except maybe the s'ghetti on the seat). Anyways, this is a PSA: Let's all make the world a better place and clean up after ourselves!

Man and woman giving thumbs-ups while sitting with trash bags, participating in a park cleanup
Mixmike / Getty Images

And if you're still riled up, let me know in the comments if you have any other examples to add of inconsiderate things people do in public.