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Baby pulled from wreckage of Kazakhstan plane crash that killed 12 people

A baby has been pulled from the wreckage of a plane that crashed in Kazakhstan on Friday morning, killing at least 12 people.

A video showed a rescuer sprinting from the accident site in Almerek village, with the child in his arms.

The man handed the baby off to an ambulance worker. The child’s condition is unknown.

The Bek Air plane, which was carrying 93 passengers and five crew members, hit a two-storey house at 7.22am this morning.

The Fokker-100 aircraft had taken off from Almaty International Airport and was headed to capital Nur-Sultan.

The plane went down after losing altitude during take-off. It then hit a concrete fence, before crashing into the building.

There were reports passengers were pleading for help on social media while still trapped inside the wreckage.

A rescuer saved a baby from the crash (Picture: Sky News)
Police stand guard as rescuers assist on the site of a plane crashed near Almaty International Airport, outside Almaty, Kazakhstan (Picture: AP)
Police and rescuers work on the side of a plane crash near Almaty International Airport (Picture: AP)
The plane hit a two-storey building (Picture: Reuters)
Emergency and security personnel are seen at the site of a plane crash near Almaty, Kazakhstan (Picture: Reuters)

Passenger Gulnara Koshenova said she heard screams before someone opened the emergency exit and everyone ran out.

Another survivor told Tengrinews the aircraft had lost height shortly after emitting a “terrible sound”.

She said: "The plane was flying with a tilt. Everything was like in a movie: screaming, shouting, people crying.

She added: “I did not know where to go, I lost the ability to speak.

“Someone showed where to go. I was sitting next to the wing and there was an emergency exit. "I went out, stepped on the wing, jumped, fell down.

“They shouted: ‘Get away, it can explode.”

Police and rescuers work on the site of a plane crash near Almaty International Airport (Picture: AP)
The site of a crash of a Bek Air plane (Picture: Getty)
The site of a crash of a Bek Air plane (Picture: Getty)

Businessman Aslan Nazaraliyev, who also survived the crash, said the plane shook while gaining height just two minutes after take-off.

He told the Vremya newspaper: "At some point we started falling, not vertically, but at an angle. It seemed like control over the plane was lost.”

An unnamed passenger said people were pleading for ambulances but they did not come and added there were many dead bodies.

Almaty International Airport said a Bek Air plane crashed Friday in Kazakhstan shortly after takeoff causing numerous deaths (Picture: AP)
The plane crashed after taking off in Almaty (Picture: AP)
A photo shows the wreckage of a passenger plane after it crashed on December 27 (Picture: Getty)
Local residents offer food to a soldier cordoning off the site (Picture: Getty)

Authorities confirmed at least 66 people survived the crash, with 50 of them being sent to the hospital for treatment.

The injured included eight children who are all receiving hospital care. news agency said one of its journalists, Dana Kruglova, was among the dead.

The news agency said: "(Her) trip had been uncertain, since she had work meetings planned in Almaty.

“But Dana wanted to celebrate the New Year with her parents in Nur-Sultan and decided to take this flight."


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The Fokker-100 plane, which was 23-years-old according to Flight Radar24, went down in Almerek village.

The area close to the runway has been taped off while emergency services deal with the incident.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev vowed to punish anyone responsible for the accident, tweeting: "Those responsible will face tough punishment in accordance with the law."

Almaty International Airport confirmed a special commission was investigating the incident in a statement issued on its Facebook page.