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18 Oui By Yoplait French-Style Yogurt Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

five yogurt cups
five yogurt cups - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Oui by Yoplait is a French-style of yogurt. Some of the flavors are blended, while others have fruit at the bottom with yogurt on top. These yogurts feel a little different from typical Yoplait yogurts because Oui uses little glass pots to hold the various flavors. These glass jars are so cute; in fact, you can find toppers on the Oui site for the jars to keep them around and reuse the jars around your home. There's even a whole section of the Oui website focused on creating crafts using these little jars. There's just something special about enjoying yogurt from glass jars; it feels just a little more special.

There is quite a variety of Oui yogurt flavors on most grocery store shelves, so to help you select the best of the bunch, I've tried as many as I could get my hands on. Though some flavors are dairy-free, the vast majority of the flavors are made using whole milk. Among the bunch, there were ones I loved, as well as choices I won't be purchasing again.

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18. Dairy-Free Vanilla

Dairy-free vanilla flavor
Dairy-free vanilla flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

When I went hunting for the yogurt for this taste test, this was the most difficult flavor to find. It was unavailable at Walmart and Publix, and only when I ventured to Target did I find this flavor, only to be met with an empty shelf. I ended up asking a team member who was working on stocking shelves, and he was able to resupply the shelf so I could try this one. It's interesting, then, that this was my absolute least favorite flavor, given its supposed popularity.


Everything was off with this one. The texture was far too gooey, and its flavoring was odd because it tasted too much like coconut. Since it's a dairy-free alternative, this makes sense, but I still didn't like how the two flavors worked together. The only saving grace with this one is that it is dairy-free for those who need that, but I would recommend any other flavor of dairy-free yogurt over dairy-free vanilla.

17. Dairy-Free Strawberry

Dairy-free strawberry yogurt
Dairy-free strawberry yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

While the regular vanilla flavor had a seemingly gooey base, the fruit offerings were less gooey and smoother. This was certainly a welcome change, and I enjoyed the creaminess of most of the coconut dairy-free alternatives, but it really wasn't enough to overcome the somewhat odd flavoring, which seemed to be constantly in contest with the coconut base of the yogurt.

Like the dairy variety of strawberry, this was not a blended option but rather layered. The strawberry preserves sat at the bottom, while lightly strawberry-flavored — but mostly coconut — yogurt sat atop the fruit. I felt that the fruit here was similar in terms of consistency and flavor to the dairy version, but there also seemed to be a little less than what I expected.

16. Dairy-Free Raspberry

Dairy-free raspberry flavor
Dairy-free raspberry flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

The raspberry dairy-free option has a similar texture to the strawberry dairy-free option. Interestingly enough, this one had layered raspberry, as the strawberry did, while the regular dairy option has the raspberry blended throughout.

I found that the coconut flavor was more subdued here and felt more blended into the background than in the strawberry option, meaning that the fruit was able to take more center stage, resulting in a better flavor of yogurt. I liked the lightness of this one in terms of texture, but it still isn't quite what I want from my yogurt, given that it is still that coconut cream offering rather than a true yogurt feel. However, in terms of the dairy-free offerings, this is one of the better ones, to be sure. I also found the raspberry flavor to be pretty accurate without the feel of it being on the fake side.

15. Raspberry & Chocolate

Raspberry & chocolate flavor
Raspberry & chocolate flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

I really wanted to enjoy this one. Raspberry and chocolate flavors are typically a total win for me, especially as a dessert. Case in point, when I'm eating chocolate-based yogurt, they tend to have more of that dessert feel, which is what I expected here. However, I found this one to be quite a bit looser than other dessert-like yogurts I've tried, destroying the feel.

This offering is labeled as a creamy offering rather than a blended option, unlike some other non-fruit-at-the-bottom flavors. Even still, this was definitely the least appealing among all the creamy options I tried. The flavor really ended up being more like raspberry yogurt with chocolate shavings interspersed rather than a deeply chocolate offering with raspberry. The balance felt a bit off in this way, and I would have preferred the flavors to be more harmonious rather than simply put together as it felt like they were.

14. Dairy-Free Mango

Dairy-free mango flavor
Dairy-free mango flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Of the four dairy-free offerings I tried, this was definitely my favorite. Though the texture was what I had come to expect from the other dairy-free flavors sampled, and it wasn't ideal, which was really the biggest issue with this flavor.

I found that the coconut and mango options did a nice job of balancing each other out in this one with neither flavor becoming too prominent. The mango flavor was much more refreshing than I had initially expected. Mango tends to be a very strong flavor in artificially flavored foods, but this one felt authentically mango, a huge win in my book. Though I wouldn't typically reach for a mango-flavored yogurt, if dairy-free is what you want, don't hesitate on Oui's alternative, dairy-free mango.

13. Mocha And Chocolate

Mocha and chocolate yogurt flavor
Mocha and chocolate yogurt flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

It's no secret that I enjoy coffee, and nearly all of my mornings start with an iced coffee. However, this doesn't always translate to coffee-flavored items. I imagine this has everything to do with being a bit of a picky coffee drinker; even still, I find that coffee-flavored items have an odd aftertaste and never seem to quite hit the mark with that pure coffee flavor and smell.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what this yogurt suffers from. Although not specifically called out as a coffee yogurt, the mocha offering alludes to the classic chocolatey drink. What I found here is that the coffee, though present, feels ultra-sweet and therefore very strange to eat as a yogurt, when it seems to want to be something like a mocha frappuccino. All told, though better than other weak flavors, especially the dairy-free ones, I found that the Mocha and Chocolate was one of my least favorite dairy offerings.

12. Vanilla

Vanilla flavored yogurt
Vanilla flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Of all the rich and creative flavors of yogurt, choosing to eat a vanilla offering seems a bit of a bland choice, unless it's being used as the base for a smoothie or parfait. I found this flavor would probably work well in these situations but simply enjoying it on its own left much to be desired.

The vanilla flavoring does leave a bit of an aftertaste, which I really didn't enjoy. However, if you were to add fruits or other ingredients to it, I can imagine this pairing well with other flavors. Even if adding chocolate, as Oui did with another offering, doesn't quite do the trick. Rather, I think adding berries and making it into a parfait could be delicious and an opportunity to rescue this flavor.

11. Vanilla & Chocolate

Vanilla & chocolate flavor
Vanilla & chocolate flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

The vanilla and chocolate flavor suffers from many of the same problems as the regular vanilla yogurt, but it does have the added benefit of including chocolate shavings. This addition makes the flavoring just a bit better than the plain vanilla, but the chocolate shavings don't do enough to elevate it beyond mediocre territory.

The chocolate shavings included also felt quite small. Generally, when I enjoy chocolate in my food, I prefer it to be abundant or large enough to actually notice a texture difference. There is a bit of that happening here, but not enough for my taste. Larger shavings or even more would certainly enhance the experience. If you're looking for something slightly more interesting to use as the base for your parfait, this could be a good alternative to plain vanilla, especially if your additional ingredients would go well with just the littlest bit of chocolate.

10. Peach

Peach flavored yogurt
Peach flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

When I've shopped for Oui yogurt in the past, I've almost always purchased the fruit-at-the-bottom variety, but the peach flavor has never been something I would immediately think to reach for. Peach doesn't seem like the kind of fruit that brings a whole lot to yogurt, and I found that to be the case with this flavor.

Peach can be rather mild, and in this case, with the fruit at the bottom, the flavor isn't strong enough to make the yogurt really stand out, especially compared to the other Oui choices. That said, the peach flavor we do get tastes ultra-fresh, and like you're biting into a peach, even if other flavors offer a stronger flavor profile and make your bite of yogurt much more interesting.

9. Mango

Mango flavored yogurt
Mango flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Unfortunately, when I'm shopping for fruit yogurt, mango runs into the same problem that peach does as I typically imagine mango to be a quality addition to a fruity, tropical drink rather than a primary flavor in my yogurt. Even still, I enjoyed how the mango played here.

The flavor was a little more prominent than in the peach, and while some mango flavoring tends to feel a little fake, this one did not. So, while I didn't necessarily like the dairy-free coconut yogurt base working with the mango yogurt, I enjoyed how the flavor worked with the whole milk yogurt to provide more of a stiff yogurt texture rather than a goopy yogurt. I love the idea of substituting plain yogurt in a cool mango lassi with this mango yogurt to make the drink really pop. However, before you use it this way, you'll probably want to give it a really good stir to integrate that mango at the bottom of the cup fully.

8. Coconut

Coconut flavored yogurt
Coconut flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

It seems odd to include coconut-flavored dairy yogurt and a dairy-free alternative that uses a coconut base, especially since the whole milk option utilizes coconut cream for flavoring. However, I enjoyed the coconut flavor in this context much more than I did as a base of coconut yogurt in the dairy-free alternatives.

Having it as a flavor rather than the base makes it a much smoother experience rather than one that feels too prominent and leaves an aftertaste. Like the other yogurts Oui offers, you can incorporate this into other recipes in many ways. For example, using this coconut yogurt in place of vanilla or plain yogurt, or even coconut milk, for a tropical smoothie would really work well with the flavors at play here.

7. Honey

Honey flavored yogurt
Honey flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

The honey offering was a blended flavor, meaning there was nothing to mix up within the yogurt. This one had an ideal consistency, similar to that of the other blended fruit offerings, but with just a little bit more of a stiff feel.

In terms of flavor, I found that this one tasted like really high-quality honey. While eating it, I couldn't help but think of how much I enjoy goat cheese paired with honey, and that this yogurt, mixed with goat cheese and perhaps a little extra honey, could make for an absolutely delicious dip. I also like this as a base for a smoothie bowl; with honey, fruit, and granola on top, I think all of the ingredients would play very nicely together.

6. Key Lime

Key lime yogurt
Key lime yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

When I've enjoyed key lime offerings in the past, I've always wanted to compare them to key lime pie. In many situations, this comparison is absolutely reasonable as manufacturers aim to emulate that key lime flavor. However, in this case, the Oui yogurt seems to replicate the flavor of key lime, the fruit, rather than key lime, the dessert. As a result, the key lime flavor is quite tart, rather than sweet, although there is a touch of sweetness here, as well.

This flavor is another example of a blended yogurt, rather than a fruit-at-the-bottom one, and the texture here is quite nice. Admittedly, it still reminds me of that key lime filling, especially with the texture. My only complaint here is that it is very tart, and unless you are a big fan of limes, you might not enjoy this one as much as if it were a key lime pie-flavored yogurt. I do, however, like the color, as it is a light but still bright green, emulating that key lime offering.

5. Blueberry

Blueberry flavored yogurt
Blueberry flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Starting to round off the flavors in terms of offerings that I especially enjoyed, we meet the blended blueberry flavor. Initially, my top spots went to options that were more fruit-at-the-bottom related, but I still enjoyed the blueberry here. I think that blended blueberry yogurt makes more sense than blueberry with fruit at the bottom. Given that blueberries are such small fruits, it makes sense to have them all mixed in rather than as a mush at the bottom of the cup.

The blueberries here feel very vibrant, and it reminds me, more than anything, of that delicious experience of enjoying a freshly baked blueberry muffin, absolutely packed to the brim with those plump little blueberries. With the fruit all mixed in, it's also a lovely shade of light, purplish-blue.

4. Caramel & Chocolate

Caramel & chocolate flavor yogurt
Caramel & chocolate flavor yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Since I disliked so vehemently so many of the creamy offerings, I was surprised that any of them would make their way into my favorites. Still, the caramel and chocolate flavor absolutely won my heart.

Though this flavor is billed as being an even split between caramel and chocolate, I did find that the caramel flavor did most of the heavy lifting here, while the chocolate is again relegated to being more shavings than anything else. Part of the reason this one shone so brightly amongst the other creamy offerings is that the creamy texture was somewhat closer to a fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt flavor than the ultra-creamy options I had seen with some of the other Oui creamy yogurt flavors. Though I found I generally disliked Oui's creamy yogurts, this flavor was definitely an exception to the rule.

3. Raspberry

Raspberry flavored yogurts
Raspberry flavored yogurts - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

While the dairy-free raspberry flavor has fruit at the bottom, the whole milk variety offers it as a blended yogurt with a delicious taste and texture. The raspberry felt fresh and not overpowering, and the tartness you get from raspberries was nicely complemented by the overall smooth feel that the yogurt provided, given its blended nature.

Although I tend to prefer other berries over raspberry, I liked how Oui presented this yogurt, and I also enjoyed that it's another option where the fruit flavor is integrated throughout the entire container rather than mostly present at the bottom. This one would make an ideal base for a very berry smoothie, perhaps omitting raspberries in the smoothie itself and instead including them as part of the yogurt for a bit of a background flavor.

2. Black Cherry

Black cherry flavor
Black cherry flavor - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Before taking on this taste test, I was admittedly a little familiar with Oui, as it's been a favorite yogurt variety of mine for many years. However, in the past, most of the Oui yogurt in my fridge has been of the black cherry variety. There's just something about a cherry-flavored option that keeps me coming back.

The flavor here is ultra-rich and reminds me of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia (which has an interesting beginning) but without the chocolate. My only complaint about this particular yogurt flavor is that I wish I knew what kind of cherry is used. It's so ambiguous with the black cherry designation, and it's hard to pinpoint, even when tasting it, which exact cherry flavor blends in the tartness and sweetness. Much to my disappointment, it isn't even identified on the ingredients list.

1. Strawberry

Strawberry flavored yogurt
Strawberry flavored yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

Although black cherry has been the flavor I've purchased most often, more recently, I have found myself leaning toward strawberry. Perhaps it's because this is my young son's favorite offering, but there's a good reason for it.

The strawberry here is rich and tastes absolutely real, unlike other strawberry-flavored items I've had. The strawberry at the bottom is thick, flavorful, and quite generous, making for a delicious mix-in. But even the yogurt on top of the fruit layer has a delicate strawberry taste to it. In fact, this is my son's favorite part of the yogurt. He enjoys the slightly flavored yogurt on top of the fruit rather than mixing the whole thing together. Though I disagree with his methods, it is impressive that both parts of the yogurt are so tasty.


strawberry Oui yogurt
strawberry Oui yogurt - Dani Zoeller / Tasting Table

When researching and taste testing for this article, I set out to try as many flavors as I possibly could. At the grocery stores around me, I didn't have access to all the flavors I wished I had, but I was able to sample a large selection of the Oui flavors. At the Publix locations nearby, I was able to snag most of the offerings, with Walmart able to round out the rest of the whole milk flavors. Interestingly, my local Target locations only offered dairy-free varieties, which was fine because those were nowhere to be found at my other stops.

To understand how all of the flavors taste between each other, I sampled small bites of the yogurt one right after another, to easily compare the flavors, texture, and feel of the different varieties. Ultimately, I found myself comparing flavor and taste as well as texture between the different varieties, concluding that the dairy-free offerings were just not my favorite, and by and large, neither was the creamy options.

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