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2-year-old checks her toy car’s tires like a seasoned mechanic

·2-min read

Viewers are losing it over this hilarious video of a toddler checking her toy car’s tires like an adult.

TikToker Shante (@oohthatisher) is a parent and content creator who posts clips of her adorable 2-year-old daughter, who is often cruising along in her bright pink toy convertible. One of Shante’s videos features the toddler abruptly getting out of her car to check on the tires, and viewers are loving the mini grownup’s gumption.

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The clip opens with a shot of the toddler, wearing a pink onesie and matching headband, getting out of her pink convertible, complete with princess decals on the sides.

The little girl steps out of the vehicle, then slams the door like an exasperated adult about to deal with an inconvenient fender bender.

“Oh! Who [are] you slamming the door on?” Shante asks her toddler from behind the camera. The little girl glances at her mother with a shrug as if to say, “Car trouble, you know?” before making her way to the front of the car.

“What’s wrong with your car?” Shante laughs as the 2-year-old rests her hand on the hood of her convertible and kneels to have a look at the bumper.

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The adorable toddler stands back up before marching her little Crocs over to the side of the car. “You checking the tires?” Shante inquires while her daughter kneels down like a seasoned mechanic and touches the tire as though she’s checking the air pressure.

Annoyed over having her car trouble documented, the toddler approaches her mother and blocks the camera with her hand before the video comes to a close.

The hilarious video had viewers cracking up all over TikTok.

PAW Patrol gave her a ticket,” joked one user.

“The way she slammed that door and walked around to check the car, it’s like a grown woman in a baby body,” one TikToker mentioned.

“The way she [was] checking her car like she has 30 years doing mechanical [work],” another viewer mentioned with a series of laughing emojis.
Shante’s daughter may only be 2 years old, but she’s already a pro when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

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