The 2023 Summer TV Preview: 15 Series to Watch

Summer is a time to savor the great outdoors — to emerge from a wearying winter into the rejuvenating sunlight and appreciate the splendor of a world that’s slowly, steadily, catching on fire. But if you’re a TV fan (or you’re simply overwhelmed by the heat, creepy-crawlies, and existential dread inherent to the longest days of the year), summer is also a peculiar time for storytelling. Some new shows feel like they’re trying to match the scope and scale of big-screen blockbusters. Others are incredibly strange experiments, either dumped on or targeted for the time of year when networks aren’t just competing with each other, but barbecues and baseball, fireworks and catching fireflies.

IndieWire’s 2023 Summer TV Preview is here to help. Our TV staff has selected 15 key programs debuting between mid-May and the end of July. About half are returning favorites while the rest are completely new (or, at least, “new” in the sense that remakes and I.P. plays can be considered “new.”) Each one is either an exciting show because of the creatives involved or an important series for the industry to keep an eye on. Some, maybe, are both!

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Fans are champing at the bit for “The Bear” Season 2, “The Witcher” Season 3, and “Never Have I Ever” Season 4 — in addition to new episodes of “Minx” (now on Starz) and “I Think You Should Leave” (still on Netflix). But what’s the appetite for a non-superhero, non-“Star Wars” original series on Disney+? AMC still believes a “Walking Dead” spinoff can drive viewership, and the next Marvel TV series better hope reports of superhero fatigue have been greatly exaggerated (even if “Secret Invasion” is more spy thriller than “Avengers” meet-up). And lest you think TV is all continuations and tentpoles, Boots Riley will unveil his unique indie vision with “I’m a Virgo,” comedy remains alive and well on Apple TV+ with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s “Platonic,” and “The Idol” looks to cast a long shadow after an early summer release.

So take a look at our list below and keep checking IndieWire for updates on all the summer TV you love, you’re about to love, or you just can’t resist reading about. And remember: It’s 2023. Even beaches have cell signal.

Steve Greene, Proma Khosla, and Erin Strecker contributed to this year’s Summer TV Preview.

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