31 royal family quiz questions and answers

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Test your royal knowledge ahead of King Charles III's Coronation (Saturday 6th May 2023) with our ultimate royal family quiz. These questions (and answers) are ideal for any occasion or group size, whether you want to test yourself, friends or family, or are in need of some quiz questions for your street party.

Choose your quiz team and let the games begin! Who will take the crown?

23 royal family quiz questions and answers
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• 31 royal family quiz questions •

1. How many rooms are in Buckingham Palace?

2. Which Scottish location did Queen Elizabeth II famously retreat to during the summer?

3. What is King Charles III's favourite flower?

4. Which member of the royal family purchased Frogmore House in 1790?

5. How many garden parties were held at Buckingham Palace during the Queen's reign?

6. Before George IV ascended the throne in 1820, what was Buckingham Palace formally known as?

7. How many dogs did the Queen own during her reign?

queen elizabeth with corgis
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8. What year did the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary?

9. What year did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married?

10. What two crowns did the Queen wear on her Coronation in 1953?

11. Where do the royal family traditionally spend Christmas?

12. What is the oldest and largest occupied palace in the world?

13. How much did it cost to build Clarence House?

14. Who is the longest-reigning monarch in British history?

15. Which famous king lived at Hampton Court Palace?

hampton court palace
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16. What was the Queen's favourite flower?

17. The Queen received a miniature two-storey thatched cottage for her sixth birthday. Where is it located?

18. How old was King Charles when he became Prince of Wales?

highgrove house
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19. When does Trooping of the Colour traditionally take place?

20. What is the colour scheme in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace?

21. Who lived at Clarence House for nearly five decades?

22. Where did the Queen and Prince Philip live as newlyweds?

23. Highgrove house is surrounded by how many acres of organic land?

 a general view of the gardens at highgrove house
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24. What is the official Coronation recipe?

25. How many planes will take place in the Coronation flypast?

26. When was the Duchy of Cornwall first established?

27. Which royal residence was famously known as the Queen's 'happy place'?

28. What does King Charles do after he has planted a tree?

29. Who will conduct the Coronation?

30. What three instruments did King Charles play at school?

31. Who first built Westminster Abbey?

highgrove house, gloucestershire, 1986
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More on the Coronation:

• Royal family quiz: answers •

1. 775 rooms

2. Balmoral Castle

3. Delphiniums

4. Queen Charlotte

5. 180

6. Buckingham House

7. More than 30 dogs

8. 2017

9. May 2018

10. St Edward's Crown and the Imperial State Crown

11. Sandringham House

12. Windsor Castle

13. £22,232, although this was more than double what he had originally estimated, the Royal Collection Trust reveal

14. Queen Elizabeth II

15. Henry VIII

16. Lily-of-the-valley

lily of the valley
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17. Close to Royal Lodge within Windsor Great Park

18. 9

19. June

20. Red and gold

21. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

22. Clarence House

23. 900 acres

24. Quiche

25. More than 60 aircraft (closest answer wins)

26. 1337 by Edward III

27. Balmoral Castle

28. He gives the branch a friendly shake to wish it well

29. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

30. The piano, trumpet and cello

31. Edward the Confessor

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