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26 Neighbors In 2023 That Would Make Me Want To Move Out And Live In A Van Down By The River

Unless you live in a very desolate area, chances are you have neighbors. And sometimes, those neighbors are an absolute nightmare. Here are 27 screenshots of the worst neighbors we saw on the internet in 2023:

1.This neighbor who left this passive aggressive note about someone parking on a public street:

hello i've noticed you park here a lot but sadly you don't live here please don't park here anymore
u/estunum / Via

2.This neighbor who left their clothes in the communal dryer all afternoon and then got angry when someone finally moved them:

note left about how rude it was to move their clothes out of the dryer and anoter note is response saying the clothes were in there all afternoon so they are the rude one
u/Estemar20 / Via

3.This neighbor who let their dog pee all over these Halloween pumpkins that aren't theirs:

pee streaming from the pumpkin
u/SpookyGen13 / Via

4.This neighbor who keeps throwing syringes onto someone else's balcony in an attempt to get them evicted:

hand holding the syringes
u/mtsiri / Via

5.This neighbor who built some new furniture and then left all the boxes and trash against someone else's door:

tall opened boxes and trash in the hallway
u/sweetandsourcoochie / Via

6.These neighbors who snuck over and destroyed this porch light after complaining that it was "too bright":

spray paint on the lights and on the exterior wall
u/D_K_8_8 / Via

7.This neighbor who left this note because they didn't take too kindly to someone having the audacity to leave for work early in the morning:

note says to stop slamming car doors and making so much noise in the morning
u/Icy_Deer7055 / Via

8.These neighbors who let their dog poop all over the communal deck and just...leave it there:

dried and old dog poop covering the deck
u/sushi_sub / Via

9.This neighbor who likes to spend their evening in their car with its high beams shining straight into the yard in front of them:

bright lights coming from across the street
u/MorninJohn / Via

10.This neighbor who smokes cigarettes outside and then carelessly flicks the butts into their next door neighbor's yard:

cig butts collected in a cup
u/CelebrationAdept6060 / Via

11.This neighbor who made these insulting signs about the person living next to them:

if my house sells for less than it's worth i will sue you
u/Solarpanels46853 / Via

12.This neighbor who has some pretty unrealistic expectations, if you ask me:

i would really appreciate it if you could pee without making a sound
u/scoutodile / Via

13.This neighbor who carelessly built their pergola into the yard next to them:

the inches of the pergola going over into the neighbor's yard
u/papi_pizza / Via

14.This neighbor who took it upon themselves to park their truck riiiiiight on the property line, giving the other driver exactly one inch of space:

the tired of the truck are one inch into the neighbor's driveway and there's no room for the passenger to get out
u/ginajeans / Via

15.This neighbor and HOA president who left this note after someone put their trash out at 4 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.:

long letter about how the trash is being taken out too early
u/dslryan / Via

16.These neighbors NEVER break down their boxes, thus turning the communal recycling bin into a very toxic environment:

boxes overflowing the trash can
u/folieajess / Via

17.This neighbor who didn't like someone's (perfectly fine) park job, so they took it upon themselves to block them in:

truck blocking a car into a spot
u/smhCallum / Via

18.These neighbors who absolutely decimated this poor person's lawn:

large tire mark going into the yard
u/TBunny33 / Via

19.This neighbor who tried to saw off someone else's door handle:

closeup of the door handles
u/[deleted / Via

20.This nosy neighbor who noticed a privacy fence and decided to install a camera so they could continue to snoop:

camera put on top of their fence
u/Magicisntreallyreal / Via

21.These neighbors who accidentally discharged a fire arm into the apartment below:

bullet hole in the wall
u/_AbacusMC_ / Via

22.This neighbor who carelessly threw this spine-looking thing (???) over their fence and into the other neighbor's yard:

looks like the bones of a spine in the grass
u/dani_for_short / Via

23.This neighbor who sent this rude, insensitive note after a family was displaced by a hurricane:

the typed note

24.This neighbor who thought it was fine to park their car in a driveway that isn't theirs:

large truck in a driveway
u/[deleted] / Via

25.This selfish neighbor who parks like this when his wife isn't home, and then moves it when she's back so they can both park in a shady spot:

small car taking up two spots
u/reedtheraccoon / Via

26.And finally, this neighbor who created their own personal parking spot on a public street:

they painted the curb and also put up a sign on a pole saying it's for electric vehicles only
u/pdxtrashed / Via

H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating