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39 People Who Were So Funny Online That Even The Grumpiest Person You Know Would Laugh

39 People Who Were So Funny Online That Even The Grumpiest Person You Know Would Laugh

I didn't used to be this way, folks. My comedic palette used to stretch far and wide. Alternative comedy, surrealistic comedy, dark comedy...I laughed at it all! But then I became a dad, and something inside of me began to...change. Suddenly, I longed for puns! And dad jokes! It has been years since I last got a laugh that wasn't followed by a groan...and I like it that way!

Two men on a couch laughing hysterically
Koldunova_anna / Getty Images/iStockphoto

I say all this because today I come bearing gifts, and by gifts I mean a whole bunch of puns and dad jokes that made me laugh:

1.Give everyone involved with this one a raise:

"You mean a choir?"
u/thenebulousvomiting / Via

2.I'll never get tired of this one:

a tire-tread table
u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via

3. Gen Z'ers, if you don't get it, ask your parents:

Twitter: @mariana057


4.Check out this Depression-era furniture:

"who chairs"
u/NotEnslavedApple / Via

5.If the last text here cost them the was worth it:

"Anything less than that and you'll tip over."
u/ImportantEquals / Via

6.This, I'm afraid, is also me:

Screenshot from "Stranger Things"
u/QuickPirate36 / Via

7.Finally some legislation that would pass in Congress:

"call it operation pothole"
u/LegalSirs / Via

8.I hope this husband appreciates how lucky he is:

u/NearbyCurrencya / Via

9.Ditto with this guy and his fiancée:

"it's for rock music."
u/RobMash11 / Via

10.Don't worry, he'll be your friend if you give him a tree-t:

"His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite"
u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via

11. BRB, moving to Minnesota:

Twitter: @samseely

12.The owner of this mug really excels at spreadsheets:

"FREAK in the sheets"
u/kooriwi / Via

13. Extra points if he said all this in the vestibule:

Twitter: @simoncholland

14.This dad has jokes, too:

"Butane is a lighter fluid."
u/OldAstronomera / Via

15. Note to self — God isn't big on puns:

Twitter: @ArfMeasures

16.And neither are judges, it seems:

"you're going to jail with him"
u/avish1998 / Via

17.Come for the cute photo, stay for the pun-tastic comment:

"That poor shark looks like he has a loose canine"
u/Masriam / Via

18.Big pun "win" here by Fluffinator69:

"The left ones don't taste right."
u/henAeries / Via

19.Pun-ishing humor:

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/shabbyprecinct / Via

20.Larry David voice: "Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good":

"Just their standard naan disclosure agreement."
Abbas_Noorani / Via


Twitter: @ThePunnyWorld

22.These two punsters need to get a room:

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/OmarColeman544 / Via

23.Coming up on the 11 o'clock news...:

"People are dying to find out."
u/PrinceTaj97 / Via

24. Sounds good to me:

Twitter: @Dadsaysjokes

25.I see what they did there:

"The cornea, the better."
u/GapSweet3100 / Via

26.And — why not? — here's another first-class vision-related joke:

"well yeah that's kind of the point of the glasses"
u/DoubleFascism / Via

27.🎵 When the moon hits your eye like a big...

A pizza in the shape of Pi
u/CrunchyUnicorn / Via

28.In a Michael Scott voice: "Well, well, well. How the turntables...":

"The stables have turned."
u/ReadyCows / Via

29.A+ response, no notes:

"Don't pay attention to the heaters focus on the fans."
u/EducationalFans / Via

30. More like Oklahoma Department of Bringing the Funny:

Twitter: @OKWildlifeDept

31.I love spotting a knockout pun on a sign:

"People are shocked when they find out I'm not a very good electrician"
u/EndersGame_Reviewer / Via

32.Here's another:

"But the bull charges"
u/BillyBobBarkerJrJr / Via

33.And another from a guy named Vince (good one, Vince!):

"My neighbor couldn't afford his water bill so I got him a get well soon card"
u/Efficient_Sky5173 / Via

34.This has got to be the best-named Olympian:

"Cindy Sember"
u/deleted / Via


"...and the boat becomes a cigarette lighter."
u/lionsden101 / Via

36.Wait for it:

"They're calling it a culture war."
u/Blu-Zoo-18 / Via

37.These are getting pretty ridiculous at this point:

"Pretty nuts, right?"
u/EL__TEE / Via

38.But that's not such a bad thing:

"My half brother and I aren't allowed to play with chainsaws any more."
u/Blu-Zoo-18 / Via

39.And lastly, kudos to all three funny people here...a job well done all around:

"You deserve credit for this."
u/DefNotInTheOven / Via

HT: r/puns