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5 fruit pizzas to satisfy your sweet tooth

·2-min read

Fruit pizza is a fun, fresh addition to any backyard barbeque. While they might look fancy, fruit pizzas are actually very easy to make and customizable to fit your dietary needs. And there’s no harm in turning your fruit servings into a dessert. Here are five fruit pizza recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

1. Sugar cookie fruit pizza

This fruit pizza from TikTok duo Kortney and Karlee (@kortneyandkarlee) features a rainbow spiral of sliced fruits and berries. After baking the sugar cookie crust, spread on an even layer of cream cheese frosting. Now comes the fruity fun part. Begin by adding a ring of strawberries to the outer rim. Then fill in the middle with a circle of mandarin oranges, kiwis, cherries and blueberries. Finish off with a flower made with strawberries and one blueberry in the center. 

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2. Nature’s pizza

TikToker Jori’s (@jorimezuda) fruit pizza has a fruity equivalent for each traditional pizza ingredient. Jori tops off the watermelon crust with yogurt, granola, a layer of blended strawberries to masquerade as tomato sauce, shredded coconut for cheese, kiwi for pepperoni, mango, peaches and a small sheet of 24k gold to keep things fancy!

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3. Fruit pizza with granola crust

This fruit pizza recipe from TikTok account The Chocolate Strawbz (@thechocolatestrawbz) is a healthy alternative to a sugar cookie crust. The crust is made from a blend of oatmeal, butter and honey. Once baked, spread a thin layer of yogurt over the crust and top off with any fruit of your choice. 

4. Fruit and Nutella pizza

This recipe from TikToker Marta (@caellei) is a Nutella game-changer. Marta’s method for making this fruit and Nutella pizza involves baking a thin, golden-brown cookie crust. Then she spreads a layer of Nutella and tops that with rings of strawberries, bananas, raspberries and blueberries.

5. American flag fruit pizza

No fruit pizza list would be complete without including a classic American flag recipe. This rendition from TikToker Marley S Rose (@marleysrose) is perfect for a Fourth of July or Memorial Day celebration. After baking the sugar cookie crust in a baking pan, Rose adds a layer of cream cheese frosting. For the American flag design, Rose arranges blueberries and chopped strawberries into a formation of stars and stripes. 

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