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5 Signs Your Job Interview Will Likely Lead To an Offer

bernardbodo / Getty Images/iStockphoto
bernardbodo / Getty Images/iStockphoto

The job interview process can be nerve-wracking, and it’s not uncommon to leave an interview without knowing where you stand. While there are no guarantees a job offer will be forthcoming — unless this is stated at the end of the interview — there are some key signs to look out for that indicate you likely will get the job.

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Here are some positive signs to look out for during the job interview.

Your Interviews Have Been Scheduled Back-to-Back

It is a good sign when your interviews are scheduled back-to-back instead of being spaced out, said David Dinkins, senior technical recruiter at McCuin Pierce Consulting.

“This is a great indicator of interest,” he said. “This is usually done when the employer knows that other offers are potentially on the table.”

The Interview Goes Longer Than Scheduled

“When a 30-minute interview turns into two hours, that is a pretty sure sign an offer is coming,” said Michael Gibbs, CEO of Go Cloud Careers.

After all, the interviewer wouldn’t want to waste your time or their own if there’s no chance of you actually getting the job.

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You Get Introduced To More Members of the Team

You may be asked if you have time to meet with any other members of the team straight after your interview. This is also a great sign, said Phoebe Davies, senior consultant at EC1 Partners, a fintech recruitment agency.

“This could be so the hiring manager can see how you engage and interact with other team members,” she said. “Furthermore, if you’re invited back for a less formal interview to meet other team members or a chat in a less formal setting, it is an extremely positive sign that a job offer may be forthcoming.”

The Questions Turn More Personal

“Sometimes the conversation can become less about work and more about getting to know you. This is often a positive indicator, as it means the interviewer has already bought into your talents and they are now trying to ascertain whether or not you will fit in with the team/company on a cultural level,” Davies said.

Compensation Comes Into the Conversation

Although you may know a potential salary range coming into a final interview, if more concrete details are discussed, this is a positive sign.

“If the interviewer is discussing compensation and benefits with you at the end of your interview, there is a high probability that you will be receiving an offer letter from them,” said Sanya Nagpal, head of HR at Leena AI.

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