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$50 million LA mega-home where Prince once lived has its own subterranean entertainment complex and spa—look inside

Christopher DiLella

This palatial $50 million Mediterranean-style estate in Bel Air, California, where Prince once lived and the Season 8 cast of "American Idol" stayed, has a lavish secret buried under the lawn — it's own multi-level, subterranean entertainment complex.

Superbroker Aaron Kirman and his colleague Tay Hasselhoff gave CNBC an exclusive tour of the 36,000-square-foot mansion for an upcoming episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

The 16,000-square-foot main residence has 20 bathrooms and eight bedrooms.

Beyond the house, just past the fountain and palm trees...

...steps away from the outdoor swimming pool...

...there's what looks like an unassuming structure.

Once inside, down two flights of stairs, the estate's buried secret is revealed: It's the entrance to the subterranean entertainment complex.

"You have three levels of pure party perfection," Kirman tells CNBC.

The spa

That "pure party perfection" starts with the complex's spa.

The main attraction is a resort-sized swimming pool.

"When Prince rented this house, he used to throw the most amazing parties in this room. He would literally cover the pool with glass… and have these amazing jam sessions," Kirman explains.

There's also a sauna and a massage room.

Massage room

The entertainment

For those who prefer to be a bit more active, there is a room with gaming tables, shuffleboard, billiards tables, ping pong tables and foosball.

Game tables

The complex also has its own racquetball court and bowling alley.

Raquetball court

The lounge

Just past the bar is a seating lounge and a grand piano.

The glass door wine cellar can hold up to 700 bottles.

But for those who just want to Netflix and chill, you can recline in the complex's state-of-the-art movie theater.

Talk about a palace fit for a king — or a Prince.

CNBC's Christopher DiLella is a producer for special projects.

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