ABC arbitrage: 2021 dividend balance

ABC arbitrage
ABC arbitrage

ABC arbitrage
2021 dividend balance

As mentioned in the Report on the Combined General Meeting of June 10, 2022, we specify that the dividend balance for 2021, paid entirely in cash - as decided by the Board of Directors following the General Meeting - was fully distributed from the net benefit of the exercise.

It is specified that, for natural persons domiciled in France for tax purposes, the payment of the balance of the dividend of 0.10 euro per share for the 2021 financial year has the tax nature of distributed income subject to the single flat-rate tax. at the overall rate of 30%, except in the event of an option to tax income at the progressive scale of income tax. In the latter case, the entire amount thus distributed will be eligible for the 40% reduction resulting from the provisions of Article 158 3-2° of the General Tax Code.

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