ABC arbitrage / Combined General Meeting 9 June 2023

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ABC arbitrage
ABC arbitrage

ABC arbitrage
Combined General Meeting 9 June 2023

ABC arbitrage shareholders are invited to participate to the combined general meeting held on Friday 10 June 2022 from 10.30am at the Centorial Auditorium - 18 rue du Quatre Septembre - 75002 PARIS

The notice of meeting including the agenda and the text of the proposed resolutions was published in the French  Compulsory Legal Announcements Journal (BALO) on Wednesday 3 May 2023. This notice along with all participation modalities are available on the company’s website (

All documents and information required by the law are available to shareholders within the statutory period at the company’s headquarters.

In an environmentally-respectful approach in compliance with principles described in ABC arbitrage Group CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report, all documents required for the Combined General Meeting to be held are communicated electronicallywithin the statutory period.  

On the day of the Combined General Meeting, we invite our shareholders to use their smartphones, tablets and any other electronic equipment to consult the documents during the meeting (a Wi-Fi connection will be available) or to print beforehand the documents they deem necessary to attend the Combined General Meeting.