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Accountancy firms clock up £11m bill for Thomas Cook liquidation

Edmund Heaphy
Finance and news reporter
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    This always happens, the company doing the winding up are prime creditors who get paid first,
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    Nice Work KPMG. That’ll keep the wolf from the door.
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    That is more than Hays paid for the shops!
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    This is what accountants do ... a few hours work which isnt really hard is it ..
    The charge the earth so any money from the takeover goes to them and nothing back to the investors who lose ..
    Thats accountants for you .. destroy what they touch .. vile people
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    Liquidators won’t take a job with no prospect of payment. Simple
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    We you read this kind of thing it makes you wonder what kind of country we live in, bizarre thing is the kind of people taking this money see nothing wrong with this
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    The crucial point is that PwC earned £21m in consultancy fees. This is criminal. An auditor is supposed to examine and approve accounts. These auditors are provided with offices by the firms they are 'working' for and advise them on tax evasion and other matters. There is a massive conflict of interest as they are in the pay of the firms they are supposedly examining. It is a cosy club, rotten to the core and something that Tories turn a blind eye to because their chums are getting rich
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    An absolute disgrace!!
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    I was close to the team dealing with the carillion fallout. Charges of £250 an hour not uncommon and ultimately a 6 million pound bill racked up.
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    Seems like everyone is getting a slice of the pie, accept that is the shareholders.