Add Butterscotch To Your Next Batch Of Chocolate Chip Cookies And Thank Us Later

chocolate chip butterscotch cookies on cooling rack
chocolate chip butterscotch cookies on cooling rack - Michael Woodruff/Shutterstock

In a survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll (via StudyFinds), 62% of participants said that the best-tasting cookies are chocolate chip cookies. In that same survey, 35% of participants agreed that chocolate chip cookies were their favorite flavor of cookies overall. Those rich, chocolatey chunks seem to provide a sufficient amount of flavor for cookie lovers nationwide. However, there is an ingredient that you can add to chocolate chip cookies to give them a more layered flavor profile that will surprise your taste buds.

A sprinkle of salt can take chocolate chip cookies to a whole new level, but have you tried adding butterscotch into your chocolate chip cookies? The next time you're whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, add some butterscotch to your cookie dough and then bake away. What will come out of the oven are cookies with a harmonious combination of flavors and a distinctive taste. Let's take a look at why these flavors enhance one another.

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Why Chocolate And Butterscotch Pair Well

Butterscotch chocolate chip cookies on a baking pan
Butterscotch chocolate chip cookies on a baking pan - Stephen B. Goodwin/Shutterstock

When you melt butter with browned sugar, cream, a little salt, and some vanilla, you create the flavorful candy that is butterscotch. The resulting flavor is silky and sugary, with a saltiness that balances out those creamy flavors. Conversely, when making chocolate chip cookies, most bakers use semisweet chocolate chips, resulting in a deep and luscious cocoa flavor, landing somewhere in the middle between milk and dark chocolate. Combining butterscotch, or butterscotch chips, with the chocolate chips in your cookie dough will create a balanced fusion of flavor.


When you bite into butterscotch chocolate chip cookies, you'll discover that the bitter flavor of the chocolate chips complements the innate sweetness of the butterscotch. The cookies will be crispy on the outside, chewy and gooey on the inside, and they'll pack a combination of sweetness, saltiness, and nuttiness that you'll certainly enjoy. This flavor combo results in a buttery-tasting cookie as well, ensuring your treats come out with multifaceted and layered flavors teasing your taste buds. But chocolate chip butterscotch cookies aren't the end all be all of cookies -- you can also whip up other cookies that combine butterscotch with distinctive flavors, too.

Other Flavors That Work Well With Butterscotch

A stack of pumpkin spice white chocolate butterscotch cookies
A stack of pumpkin spice white chocolate butterscotch cookies - Katheryn Moran/Shutterstock

Butterscotch is inherently sweet, so when thinking of flavor combinations to use in your cookies, it's best to look for flavors to contrast that sweetness. As you experiment with different treats, try butterscotch oatmeal cookies since the buttery butterscotch chips pair well with the cinnamon-flavored oatmeal cookie. If you want to stick with the cinnamon theme, add some pumpkin puree to your cookie dough, along with some white chocolate chips and butterscotch to create pumpkin spice butterscotch cookies. This cookie iteration packs an explosion of harmonious flavors because the cinnamon and ginger in the pumpkin spice combine well with the milky flavors of white chocolate and the creamy taste of butterscotch.

Sweet and salty is also a classic flavor combo, so why not try your hand at pairing those butterscotch chips with something salty? Give butterscotch potato chip cookies a whirl -- the briny taste of the potato chips balances the sugary flavor of the butterscotch. Lastly, if you'd like a really unique butterscotch treat, try making a gingerbread butterscotch chip cookie, where the spicy ginger and sweet butterscotch can both really shine. Butterscotch is a great flavor addition to cookies for every dessert lover with a sweet tooth.

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