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After K-Pop, K-Drama is the new cool among millennials

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After K-Pop, K-Drama is the new cool among millennials

The craze for Korean drama and K-pop have have popular among the millennials for a while now. Korean dramas and K-pop have also become popular among Indian students, with the rise in popularity influenced by the increased demand for Korean artists and Korean cuisine.

K-pop and Korean drama success story

K-pop is a popular music genre that originated in South Korea in the early 1990s. It's a style of pop culture that combines traditional Korean instruments with intricate choreography and dance routines. Most Americans had no idea what K-pop or Korean drama is, far less what had happened to them. With the advent of the Internet, more K-pop and Korean drama fans can now interact with their idols on blogs and social media forums.

Young people in India find both South Korean TV dramas and K-pop cool, but why?

Korean and Indian teenagers are huge fans of both South Korean TV dramas and K-pop music. Singing, dancing, and comedy shows are all popular with young Indian teenagers. The number of young people who watch these shows is steadily growing. In the lives of teenagers, music and dance are highly significant. This is one aspect of life that television lacks. Instead, television shows emphasize glitz, glitter, and music. We can see Hollywood-style dramas in both Korean drama and K-pop.

Top 8 'most popular' K-drama shows streaming now

Korean dramas are increasingly available on the internet via streaming platforms, and fans are trying to watch them on their computer, smartphone, television, or tablet. It is reasonable to assume that you are missing out on an epic series. If you have, you are missing out on an excellent K-drama series.

Here are the top K-Dramas to hold you glued to your screens until the early hours of the morning.


The two main characters are Kim Soo-Hyun and Seo Yea, who share a deep bond in this heart-warming movie. In this narrative, two characters are forced to remain in opposing states due to events that unfold throughout the story. Following a recent breakup, the two begin to see each other in a different light, having failed to see their problems at the time of their initial break-up.


Yoon Se-ri is a North Korean citizen taking a solo flight over the Korean Border Area when he crashed into the North. Weaves in the lead roles for the entire company are Hyun Bin and Son Yein. There are several twists and turns in this North and South American love story, along with fun supporting characters and a witty script. And its roots can be hidden, as well as branches and trunk that can grow beneath and through the cracks in hard, uneven ground.


It is a television series that will follow the story of the Kwan'gyo clan. Park Saey-yee, a high school graduate, is a stickler for the rules. During this time, his life begins to go astray when several unfortunate events begin to follow. With an upcoming re-election campaign in mind, he vows to achieve his goals and seeks revenge for his father's death. Jo Yi-Sao is the one who can be doing the lifting.


Park Shin-Hye is partnered with Lee Jong-suk, who is considered one of the most attractive contestants in the show. Has been called ‘Pinocchio syndrome’ by others. And she hasn't advanced because of her abilities, making it difficult for her to succeed in her profession. On the other hand, Ha-Myeong always strives to report the facts and nothing but the facts. You'll have difficulty not getting up to change the channel each time you see an on-field reporter on the game, so you'll end up watching every game.


The protagonist of the movie, Lee Joon-Gi character, Hee-Sung, has something to hide from his past that causes him to be hesitant to share. Mun Hye-Jeong is his wife, who he married as a teenager. She was always faithful to him until they were finally married.


Even though it is known as "Boys Over Flowers," the series first aired in 2009. The show follows a normal teenage girl from a middle-class family who attends a highly prestigious high school, for which she is given a prestigious scholarship. The school also has F4, a notorious group of high school bullies called the Fs who taunts their peers.


This 2016 Korean series centers on the love story of Heo Joon Jae, who is a clever con-man, and a mermaid named Shim Chung, who falls in love with him.

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