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Aldi's Mexi Cali Style Chicken Patties Are Hilariously Cat Approved

box of Mexi Cali style chicken patties from Aldi
box of Mexi Cali style chicken patties from Aldi - Instagram

Though the purpose of u/TheGoldenChow's post in the Aldi subreddit was to ask a question about chicken, an adorable furry friend ended up stealing the show instead. Perhaps giving its nod of approval, a curious cat posed in the background of a photo featuring Aldi's Kirkwood Mexi Cali Style chicken patties. Upon spotting the feline, animal-loving Reddit users shifted their attention towards the kitten. "The cat wants a taste," wrote one user. Another joked about the legality of sharing the cat's photo. "Did your cat give you permission to post their likeness on this Aldi sub?" they wrote.

So, should OP offer the enquiring cat a bite of chicken? Because small quantities of chicken are safe for house cats, your first instinct may be yes. However, this question can't be answered entirely without researching the other ingredients in this Aldi product — red onion, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, and roasted red peppers. Of these, the only thing cats can safely snack on is red pepper. Contrary to popular belief, dairy is hard on a cat's stomach, and onions are poisonous, potentially affecting the liver, lungs, and kidneys. Jalapenos, while not toxic, could cause negative reactions due to their heat, and while cilantro is safe, there's really no benefit to giving it to a cat.

Now that this question has been answered, it's time to return to the Reddit thread to discuss a couple more.


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Redditers Wonder Why The Cat Was In Aldi

cat grabbing for plate of meat
cat grabbing for plate of meat - Petra Richli/Getty Images

Some were so enamored by the cat that logic was an afterthought, but one Reddit user asked a question on many people's minds. "What's up with the cat in Aldi?" they commented. Technically speaking, the thread's author responded to the inquiry, but their answer left a lot to be desired. "I lurk most of the time here but I know enough that there is a cat pic tax if you want anyone to respond to your post!" it read. It was a valid question, as Aldi doesn't allow pets that aren't service animals in its store. Or at least, that's the rule. According to one employee on Reddit, "[they've] never seen anyone actually been kicked out" for bringing an animal into the grocery store.

These questions turned the attention away from why OP made the post in the first place — finding out what additional ingredients would complement the Mexi Cali Style chicken patties from Aldi. Luckily, there were several helpful folks who kept their heads in the game. "I eat them without a bun with sour cream and taco sauce, and chips and salsa or guacamole as a side!" one commenter offered. Someone else brought things full circle: "Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, a chipotle mayo or [a] combination of them. But you should really ask the cat."

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