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Ammar Kabir A Young Property Entrepreneur from Birmingham, United Kingdom Offers How To Become Successful In Property

Ammar Kabir
·4-min read

Ammar Kabir, from Birmingham

His Secret to £1 Million-a-year success method Now Via Coaching by Ammar Kabir, from Birmingham, United Kingdom via Instagram
His Secret to £1 Million-a-year success method Now Via Coaching by Ammar Kabir, from Birmingham, United Kingdom via Instagram
His Secret to £1 Million-a-year success method Now Via Coaching by Ammar Kabir, from Birmingham, United Kingdom via Instagram

Birmingham, UK, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ammar Kabir, from Birmingham, United Kingdom, Uses Instagram to reveal the secrets of his success for young people like him.

Birmingham, United Kingdom, The self-made property entrepreneur says there are ways of getting onto the property ladder industry leaders don’t want you to know about.

The 23-year-old has created his own niche and became an online coach inspiring others to climb the ladder of success in the vast property industry.

He has taken to Instagram to reveal the secrets of his success.

Where did it all start?

Ammar Kabir from Birmingham began his career working 70 hours a week at a busy restaurant. Like many young people, his ambition hungered for more and he then went on to search for a new, profitable career.

He dropped out of Birmingham City University to forge his own success in the world of properties whilst studying Business and Management. Soon after, Ammar began learning about the property markets.

Finding and innovating ways in the industry to create substantial wealth for himself, Ammar is now eager to reveal his secrets to success in property for others looking to do the same.

How did Ammar Kabir do it?

Despite being told that he would need large amounts of cash or credit to get into properties, Ammar was determined to find ways of taking his own slice of the pie with effectively no money.

Ammar had decided the best route to getting started in the property industry is by cultivating a data-base. He would do the rounds leafletting in apartment buildings and gaining contact numbers and information from the property owners. This ultimately taught him how to ‘deal source’ and he now shares all his deals through his platform, as well as teaching individuals how to do the same.

Ammar says: “It definitely was not easy at first, I had to learn exactly what to do and say to build relationships that would eventually give me business. But now I’ve done the hard work, so that my students won’t have to”

“Work smart not hard” - through experience he quickly learnt that he was able to automate all his tasks and essentially run his property business all from his phone. The niche that Ammar has built his property empire from helped him earn without having to physically carry out any errands.

Now Ammar spends no more than 1 hour per day on his phone to deal with his property work, freeing time to enjoy the rest of the day with his collection of supercars including a Ferrari, BMW i8, Range Rover and a Lamborghini.

He says: “Properties is and always will be the only real way of making money in your sleep, this is because tenants are paying rent into your bank account while you go about your business”

Key Takeaway from Ammar Kabir

It is widely believed that only the wealthy are able to invest in properties and earn a living. However, Ammar says he has proved that by the age of 23, anyone no matter what their age or background is able to learn how to make money from property. An example he has given is how to average £500 from 1 property and how to scale to 20 deals, profiting £10,000 every month.

Ammar Kabir: “Uber doesn’t own any cars, AirBnB doesn’t own any hotels and Facebook doesn’t create any content. You also don’t need to own property to make money in property”. “Having an automated business, you can run off your phone is what anyone would dream of, and now you can learn how”

He is on a mission to stop people working on someone else’s dream. Ammar believes its high time people start working on their own dream and quit grafting for others.

How to become successful in property by Ammar Kabir

His course can be accessed via direct message to him. He will personally reply and get you started earning your passive income.

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