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Anglian Water Services Financing Plc - Parent Company Decision to Pursue CMA Referral

Anglian Water Services Financing Plc


Date of disclosure: 14 February 2020

Anglian Water Services Limited (“Anglian Water”), the parent company of Anglian Water Services Financing Plc, has today released the following announcement:

Anglian Water

Decision by Board to request Ofwat to refer its PR19 Final Determination
to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

Anglian Water, the water and water recycling company covering the largest part of England and Wales, announces that its Board has asked Ofwat to refer its PR19 Final Determination to the CMA. Ofwat’s Final Determinations were published on 16 December 2019.

Chief Executive Peter Simpson said:

“The Anglian region faces specific challenges brought about by a changing climate and a population growing faster than almost anywhere else in the UK. Our plan aimed to address these challenges, and our customers wholeheartedly supported it. They want us to invest now, not wait. We also recognise that delaying now will mean that costs for customers in future will be much higher.

“Social and environmental needs are firmly embedded in our business purpose. We have a long term focus on improving the resilience of the region, and investing in infrastructure to cope with the impacts of climate change and population growth.

“As we do not believe the Final Determination enables us to meet these needs, we are making use of the next step in the regulatory process and asking the CMA to consider if the right balance has been struck between bill reductions and investment.

“Throughout the CMA process we will remain absolutely focused on continuing to deliver operational excellence and great service for our customers.”

The full announcement can be found on Anglian Water’s website:


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