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Anima Research Center participating in a trial for an investigational RSV vaccine

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ANIMA Research Centre
ANIMA Research Centre

Anima Research Center participating in a trial for an investigational RSV vaccine

Belgium’s largest clinical trial center encourages continued participation in trials to evaluate investigational vaccines

Center currently recruiting for participants in its clinical trial for Moderna’s investigational RSV vaccine

Alken, Belgium – September 15, 2022: One of Europe’s leading clinical trial centers, Anima Research Center, based in Alken, Belgium, is calling on the Belgian public to continue its support of investigational studies, especially those focused on investigational vaccines that may potentially combat winter viruses. Anima, which has grown since 2018 to become one of the most successful clinical trial centres in Europe, wants to ensure that the outstanding support for investigational drug and vaccine research continues, especially as winter closes in and seasonal flu and viruses start spreading.

Viruses that can cause issues in winter include Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV, a highly infectious illness that can cause serious respiratory issues such as pneumonia and even death in the elderly and very young. Over 160,000 people globally die of RSV annually and in Belgium alone, around 7,000 people are diagnosed with it each year. There are currently no approved vaccines or treatments for RSV, and Anima recently partnered with US biotech company Moderna to evaluate an investigational RSV vaccine, aimed at the over 60s.

Anima Research Center is the largest clinical trial center in Belgium. CEO and Principal Investigator, Dr Erik Buntinx, founded the centre with his wife, Dr Hilde Bollen, and his daughter, Linde Buntinx, PhD. Since 2018, Erik and his family, along with a highly experienced team, have built Anima into a leading European site for clinical trials, specializing in trials for CNS disorders and vaccines.

Dr Erik Buntinx, CEO of Anima Research Center and Principal Investigator, says: “RSV in most people will present as nothing more than a mild cold, however RSV in the elderly and very young can be very dangerous indeed. Despite huge amounts of research a vaccine has so far eluded developers, but we’re pleased to be supporting Moderna to recruit for their trial to evaluate an investigational vaccine. I would like to urge people to sign up if they are eligible – your contribution will help towards advancing research of an investigational vaccine to see if it is effective at preventing RSV.”

To read more about the trial and check your eligibility, visit the Anima Research website:

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For more information, please contact:

Anima Research Center
Dr Erik Buntinx, CEO and Principal Investigator
Tel: + 32 11 94 91 15

Consilium Strategic Communications
Amber Fennell, Tracy Cheung, Maya Bennison
Tel: +44 (0)20 3709 5813

About RSV

RSV is a highly contagious virus that can affect anyone and in mild cases resembles the common cold. But RSV can also cause more serious respiratory illness, mainly in older adults and young babies. RSV, like influenza (flu), is seasonal and in temperate climates often occurs during the winter months. RSV and influenza are different viruses; therefore, even if you have been vaccinated against the flu, you may get an RSV infection.

About Anima Research Center

ANIMA Research Center (ARC) in Alken, Belgium, is a highly specialized medical research center and has been conducting clinical studies for more than 25 years to test new drugs with a focus on the central nervous system. Since 2018, ARC is also one of the largest test centers in the world for vaccines and other preventive treatment methods. Visit our website to learn more: