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'It actually works!' Amazon reviewers swear by these 5 anti-snoring devices

Kayla Kuefler
·3-min read

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Stop snoring with these Amazon reviewer-trusted devices.
Stop snoring with these Amazon reviewer-trusted devices.

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With everything going on in the world, the sound of snoring should be the least of your concerns. Whether your partner keeps you up all night or you're self-conscious of your own nighttime acoustics, an estimated 45 per cent of adults occasionally snore, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

And while the severity of snoring differs among sleepers (check with your doctor if you're concerned), there are a handful of anti-snoring devices available that, according to reviewers, actually make a difference.

From tried-and-true nasal strips to finding the right pillow to match your sleep habits, these are five anti-snoring products reviewers swear by on Amazon.

Breathe Right Extra Strength Nasal Strips


Breathe Right Extra Strength Nasal Strips (Photo via Amazon)
Breathe Right Extra Strength Nasal Strips (Photo via Amazon)

An oldie but a goodie: Breathe Right nasal strips are clinically proven to relieve nasal congestion, with 90 per cent of snorers reporting better sleep when using the strips. A sticky adhesive is used to lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages, helping you breathe better at night. "I've been wearing Breathe Right strips for years," raves a five-star reviewer. "Occasionally, I would try a different nasal strip, only to throw money away, and back to the Breathe Right Extra Strength strips. Now, I just stick with what works."

SHOP IT: Amazon, $60

GDream Anti-Snore Mouthpiece


Anti-Snore Mouthpiece (Photo via Amazon)
Anti-Snore Mouthpiece (Photo via Amazon)

The GDream snore-stopper works by holding the lower jaw and tongue forward, creating more space to breathe and therefore reducing the likelihood of snoring. After boiling in water, the device can be molded to the shape of your mouth. "[It] actually works!" promises one five-star reviewer. "This works for snoring, it's comfortable and, best of all, adjustable! [...] I've tried a ton of these, this one works the best and is the most comfortable. Stays put all night too."

SHOP IT: Amazon, $22

Relax Home Life Bed Wedge Pillow


Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow (Photo via Amazon)
Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow (Photo via Amazon)

Designed to provide relief and comfort to those suffering from postnasal drip, acid reflux, and snoring, Relax Home Life's wedge-shaped pillow improves your sleep posture while you rest. Its comfortable memory foam molds to any sleep style and will aid in neck, shoulder, and back pain. "Ordered this for snoring issues — inherited from my dad. But as a 5'2" woman, this was troubling. Especially when your husband of 20 years can't wake you to stop snoring and sleeps in the guest room," writes one shopper. "This trend has ended with this wonderful pillow! He reports that my snoring has stopped (three weeks and counting), and he can remain in our bedroom all night. Yay!"

SHOP IT: Amazon, $120


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Click here to sign up for Yahoo Canada's lifestyle newsletter.

Anti-Snoring Nose Vents


Anti-Snoring Nose Vents (Photo via Amazon)
Anti-Snoring Nose Vents (Photo via Amazon)

Rest easy with Mobi Lock's affordable anti-snoring nose vents. The nasal dilators gently widen the nostrils, ensuring less airway resistance in the nasal passage. Made of comfortable silicone, the vents won't irritate or painfully catch on noise hairs. "Wow, what a product!" one Amazon reviewer writes. "I am a heavy snorer [...], and my wife has told me that I have completely stopped snoring [with the vents], which she really appreciates! Really, really, really amazing product."

SHOP IT: Amazon, $12

Votala Anti-Snoring Solution


Votala Anti-Snoring Solution (Photo via Amazon)
Votala Anti-Snoring Solution (Photo via Amazon)

Get your eight hours in with the help of Votala's snore solution mouthguard. Easily molded to the shape of your mouth, the device can help lessen snoring and guard against teeth grinding. "[It's] easy to use and works great," writes a reviewer. "Fantastic little gadget. My wife was surprised not to hear a single snore the whole night. Easily you can adjust shape after dipping in hot water. I recommend it to anyone snoring big."

SHOP IT: Amazon, $20

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