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How ants could hold the key to a more productive workforce

Lianna Brinded
Head of Yahoo Finance UK
Photo: WikiCommons/Fir0002

Ants have found the key to productivity – and it isn’t getting everyone in the nest to work harder. A new study the journal Science revealed that 30% of ants digging a fire tunnel did 70% of all the work, which helps prevent progress-impeding traffic jams.

Mark Di-Toro, a careers expert at jobs website Glassdoor said during an interview on Yahoo Finance Presents: It’s A Jungle Out There, that while productivity means different things to different people, “in this day and age it’s really about working smarter and not harder.”

“The old-school culture of the 9-5 being visible in the office, being in front of a screen all day is actually really unproductive and unhealthy.”

The Jungle podcast is a new 10-part series that unpacks productivity lessons from nature. This week’s episode looks at productivity and how companies can get the most of their staff by rethinking the ways we nurture people and actually allowing them to take a break when they want to.

“The smart companies identify what works for them as a business but also understands their employees and what times of the day they’re more productive and give them more autonomy on how they get the job done – when you want and how you want,” he added.

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