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Any chance you can lend me £20? Britons owed more than £1,100 each by friends, family and co-workers...

Lending money

Remember that £20 you lent to your workmate in the pub just before Christmas?

Well, if you have yet to get it back, you’re not alone – Britons, on average, are owed more than £1,100 by friends, family and co-workers.

Money owed includes cash spent on food, drinks and things like leaving gifts, and it seems men are more generous – or should that be gullible? – than women.

On average, men are out of pocket to the tune of £1,404, compared with women, who are owed £814.

People aged 55 and over are owed the most cash at an average of £1,997, in second place are people aged 25-34 who are owed an average of £933.

Those in the 18-24 aged bracket are more likely than any others to lend money to their friends at 40%, followed by 25-34-year-olds (21%), 35-44 year-olds (16%) and those aged 45-54 and 55 and over at 9% and 6%, respectively.

The figures were compiled for money collection platform, by pollsters YouGov which quizzed 2,500 people.

Céline Lazorthes, CEO and founder of the Leetchi Group, said; ”The average amount of money owed to people in the UK is shocking along with the fact that a third of Brits state that they’ve encountered problems when getting money back from friends.

“For the amount of money owed to be this extensive, it’s clearly more than people just buying each other drinks after work. It’s most likely down to covering friends for things such as hen dos, group birthdays, leaving do gifts and weekend getaways.” is a platform that allows anyone to create a ‘money pot’ and invite others to help finance projects such as group gifts for birthdays, baby showers and co-workers, as well as fundraising for projects, charities and events.