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Apple prices 'defy normal rules' as fans face spending £2,000 on new iPhone deals

Matthew Field
Leaked images of the new iPhone XS - 9to5Mac

Customers could spend £2,000 on the new iPhone as they kit out their device with the latest Apple-branded smartwatch, headphones and accessories.

“The advent of the £2,000 bundle could be just a few days away,” said Ben Wood, the chief of research at CCS Insight. “If a consumer buys a new iPhone XS Max, AirPods and a top-of-the-line watch it could come to almost £2,000.”

Apple will reveal its new iPhones – expected to be called the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – on Wednesday. Analysts believe there will be a price hike on the previous model.

The top-of-the-range iPhone, which will have a 6.5-inch screen and extra power, could add £100 to the current £999 starting price of the iPhone X. Apple reported record profits earlier this year, despite falling phone sales.

UBS estimated its new top model could start at $1,100, or £1,100. Apple tends to price its phones the same in dollars and pounds. A model with extra storage could be even more expensive.

With Apple pushing its fans to buy a new Apple Watch, which can cost up to £399, with the cost of a smartphone contract consumers could be handing over thousands of pounds a year to upgrade their iPhone technology.

Wood added: “What is incredible is Apple is defying the normal rules of consumer electronics, where prices stay the same or go down.”

However, other analysts believe Apple may not keep raising prices. Research firm TrendForce estimated the iPhone price would stay the same.

The average price of premium smartphones has been rising, with rival offerings from Huawei and Samsung also priced around the £1,000 mark.