Artist's exhibition celebrating women held in Glasgow studio

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Artist's exhibition celebrating women held in Glasgow studio <i>(Image: Colin Mearns)</i>
Artist's exhibition celebrating women held in Glasgow studio (Image: Colin Mearns)

An occupational therapist turned artist has held her first exhibition, in Glasgow.

Karis Yves Knight, who works as K.Y.K showcased her Voice of Women works in the city on Saturday.

The artist said the works celebrate women across the city.  Karis’s subjects for the exhibition include important women in her life, including her gran, as well as high-profile Scottish performers like Elaine C Smith.

She said: “I really want to create an uplifting experience with space for intimate response, relatability and connection.

“I want this exhibition to help bring people together from all walks of life through art, performance and speakers.

“What better way to celebrate International Woman's Day and Mother's Day in the month of March.”

Other women she has painted include River City and Gary: Tank Commander actress, Leah MacRae, A-list and The Bay actress, Ellie Duckles, A-List and The Reckoning star, Indiana Ryan, Screwball and Hallows Eve actress, Savannah Baker and Rosie Dwyer of Sex Education and The A-List.

She added: “I realise how amazing and multifaceted we are as humans. This made me reflect on myself, as a woman in this world.

“ I feel compelled to use my art to create a space for women to share their voices to empower others.

“From speaking to these women, I've learned that - regardless of whether we're celebrities or not - we all have the most powerful stories to tell.

“The exhibition aims to represent all women from all walks of life, and I can’t wait to share my art with people from my home city for the very first time.”

The show was held at the HDS Hair studio in Jordanhill.