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Attack on Shiba: The Meme Token That Rewards Holders and protects other meme tokens.

Attack on Shiba
Attack on Shiba

Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attack on Shiba is the latest addition to the world of meme tokens. It is the first of its kind to reward holders through native cross-chain reflections. The token aims to protect the meme token space by defending the city against evil AI-manipulated Shiba Inus and boosting every chart with its unique technology.

In the world of Attack on Shiba, the Inus were the rulers of the land until a new threat emerged. Giant Shiba Inus rampaged through the countryside, controlled by an advanced AI. The military was no match for the AI-controlled giants, but a group of Shiba Inus from the city of Shiba stepped forward and tamed the rogue AI.

To combat the threat, they created a new kind of giant called the Jimmy-bot for telegram. The Jimmy-bot could answer defi project, real-world questions Jimmy-bot also recognizes spam, forbidden words and create images and speech. Anyone could join the Telegram chat and talk to Jimmy, who became an invaluable resource for defi fanatics, project developers and communities.

The appearance of an AI-manipulated giant Shiba Inu group changed the world of Attack on Shiba forever. But the bravery and ingenuity of the Shiba Inus of Shiba saved the day, proving that even in the face of unimaginable danger, there is always hope.

Attack on Shiba's tokenomics are as follows: there is a 7% total tax, with 1% going towards the liquidity pool, 2% towards rewards, and 4% towards the treasury. This unique structure rewards holders while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the token.

In conclusion, Attack on Shiba is a unique meme token that rewards holders through cross-chain reflections. Its tokenomics ensure its long-term sustainability while boosting every chart with its innovative technology. With the bravery of the Shiba Inus of Shiba, Attack on Shiba is poised to defend the meme token space against all threats.

Attack On Shiba tokens can be staked on the Dapps for higher rewards.


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