Audi A8 L Security launched at the Auto Expo

These are the cars that are made for the super-rich and for those who want comfort, luxury and also very importantly security. The German luxury car makers Audi and Mercedes showed cars which are not just premium but absolutely safe as well.

Audi launched the A8 L security at the Auto Expo. The car meets the criteria of the class VR9 ballistic protection standard which is the most stringent requirements for civilian high security sedans. The car is made from some extremely resistant materials like aramide fabric, special aluminum alloys and a hot framed steel armor.

The car also has enhanced security features like armoured communication box on the luggage compartment, an intercom for communication with the outside world and selective door unlocking. The tyres also possess exceptional emergency flat running properties. The chassis and the permanent all wheel drove Quattro also meet the high security requirements.

Another option is the security start that gives the driver to start the engine remotely by a radio signal. The A8 L security is priced at Rs. 9.15 crores (ex-showroom) Mumbai and Delhi and will be made to order.

Rival Mercedes also showcased the armoured version of its flagship premium sedan, the Maybach S 600 at the motor show. The car also meets highest levels of security standards and is a step further of Audi when it comes to luxury. However, it is some time before Maybach S 600 is launched in the market.