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Babycham In Cath Kidston Logo Legal Battle

(c) Sky News 2013

The owners of sparkling perry makers Babycham have begun legal action against a top homeware brand over their use of a deer logo.

Babycham says the image used by Cath Kidston in its Christmas range breaches their copyright - a claim the home furnishings firm denies.

The High Court writ seeks injunctions preventing Catch Kidston from using the image and requests the destruction of all products marked with it.

A spokesman for Accolade Wines, which owns Babycham, said: "We have taken court action against Cath Kidston Ltd to protect the iconic Babycham mascot.

"Accolade Wines considers that the image of a young deer used in the Kidston Christmas homeware range could be confused with the the long-known and trademarked Babycham image."

The firm has also questioned whether the logo is suitable for print on childrens' items because of its association with alcohol.

"We are most concerned that the use of a similar image risks bringing the brand into disrepute by using alcohol-related imagery on material designed for children," it said in its statement.

"The company's initial attempts to resolve the dispute had been unsuccessful, leaving no option other than to go to court. We will make no further statements while the matter remains before the courts."

Cath Kidston Ltd has denied it broke copyright laws and vowed to fight the claim.

The company told Sky News: "We do not believe that there are any substantial similarities between its 2012 Christmas deer image and Babycham’s trademark.

"Cath Kidson Ltd has been advised that Babycham’s action is without merit.  We will fight these claims accordingly.

"As the matter is being litigated, we can make no further comment at this time."

The homeware giant is one of the most recognisable brands in the UK and was valued at £75m in 2010.

Catherine Kidston, who launched the company back in 1993, sold her majority stake three years ago but is still its creative director.