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Balsamic Vinegar Is The Ingredient Your Pot Roast Has Been Missing

Pot roast with veggies
Pot roast with veggies - Nadia Nice/Shutterstock

It's amazing what a difference just a pinch of this or a splash of that can make in some dishes -- so much so that a meal can come out lacking in overall flavor because of one missing ingredient or it can be completely elevated with just a hint of an extra one. When it comes to a fantastic slow-cooked pot roast, balsamic vinegar is that show-stopping ingredient, and it definitely does not take much to make a big difference.

In a way, balsamic vinegar is a lot like Worcestershire sauce. They're both known for their bouquet of sweet and tangy flavors as well as their power to amplify a wide range of recipes, but it's balsamic vinegar's stronger acidic nature that makes it the must-use ingredient for your next pot roast. And it's not just about the flavor profile either. While red meat makes for a great roast, it can sometimes turn out tough. The acid in a balsamic vinegar marinade will make short work of any hard-to-chew fat and connective tissue to make your roast even more melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

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There Are Options For Using Balsamic Vinegar In Pot Roast

Braised pot roast and veggies
Braised pot roast and veggies - hlphoto/Shutterstock

One way to impart your pot roast with the sweet and sour notes of balsamic vinegar while also taking advantage of its full tenderizing potential is to marinate the meat in it, allowing the fibers and fat to break down ahead of time. This will also allow the vinegar to penetrate the roast so that its flavors are absorbed throughout.


Another option is to braise your pot roast with a few splashes of balsamic vinegar in a bath of other choice liquids -- such as beef broth, mushroom stock, apple cider, pineapple juice, red wine, and water. But don't forget to sear your pot roast on each of its sides before adding it to the pot as this will create a delicious Maillard reaction that develops the meat's trademark savoriness. You can also baste the roast periodically with a blend of balsamic vinegar and other liquids, but this will be more labor-intensive and cause your oven or crock pot to lose heat each time.

Balsamic Enhances Veggies Too

balsamic vinegar roasted vegetables
balsamic vinegar roasted vegetables - Robyn Mackenzie/Shutterstock

Balsamic vinegar doesn't just amplify meat, it also has an almost magical effect on vegetables -- including pot roast staples like carrots and onions. The sweet and sour nature of the vinegar adds to the profile of a variety of vegetables while the acidity gives them an extra boost of mouthwatering flavor. This is true whether you braise the pot roast and veggies or just give your vegetables a few splashes of the stuff before dry roasting in the oven.

In addition to experimenting with balsamic, now is a wonderful time to try out a slew of veggies that can also benefit from its special properties. Parsnips, beets, and cauliflower all deserve a shot in your next balsamic-spiked pot roast. You might also want to switch out your regular potatoes for sweet potatoes -- the results will be truly remarkable. In fact, a few dashes of balsamic vinegar on your next pot roast and you'll realize what your roasts have been missing all along, whether you knew they were missing something or not.

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