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Bank of England's Tenreyro sees risks of raising rates too high

Bank of England (BoE) building seen in London

LONDON (Reuters) - Bank of England interest rate-setter Silvana Tenreyro said the impact of the energy price shock, as well as time lags in how monetary policy works, brought a risk of raising borrowing costs too high when attempting to bring down inflation.

Tenreyro made the comments in slides she was due to present in a panel discussion about inflation at a conference on Friday organised by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Tenreyro was one of two members of the nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee who voted not to raise interest rates at the MPC's most recent meeting earlier this month. The BoE raised rates by half-a-percentage point, its 10th hike in a row.

(Writing by William Schomberg; editing by David Milliken)