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After beer and whisky, now there's a professional pizza taster job up for grabs

Taste testing pizza for two hours a week? Bring it on! (Bath Pizza Co)

There’s been quite a few “is this the best job in the world” adverts of late.

Travelling the world drinking whisky was one. And then there was being paid to drink beer.

Not forgetting the various openings through travel sites and hotel chains that want people to visit glamorous locations around the world to road test resorts.

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But this latest role will certainly tick a lot of boxes for a lot of jobseekers.

The Bath Pizza Co wants to recruit a professional pizza taster.

Candidates should be “an experienced pizza connoisseur with a love for wood fired flavours”.

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Hopefuls will also be expected to have a “cultured palate” to provide feedback on the new pizza toppings to the head chef.

It’s only a part-time role, just two hours a week, so you most likely won’t be able to walk away from a current job – this is just a bit of additional spending money, perhaps.

The salary is “competitive, with serious pizza perks”.

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The company promises that the successful candidate will play a key role in influencing the range of pizzas on offer “so ensuring our menu excites and delights our customers”.

Bath Pizza Co is also willing to cover travel costs to ensure it gets the right person for the job. See here to apply.

Come to think of it, maybe you could combine the pizza tasting job with the beer tasting one..?