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Believe launches its first employee shareholder plan « B.SHARES 2022 »

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Believe launches its first employee shareholder plan
« B.SHARES 2022 »

Paris, September 15, 2022 – Believe is launching its first collective employee shareholding offer “B.SHARES 2022”. Believe employees will be able to subscribe to Believe shares from September 16 to October 6, 2022.

This first employee shareholding plan will provide our employees with the opportunity to be directly associated with the future development of Believe (BLV, Euronext Paris - Compartment A). Involving our employees as Believe shareholders is a key step in our journey to our corporate ambition " Shaping Music for Good " driven by our four driving forces: respect, expertise, fairness and transparency towards all of our stakeholders.

The Offer will be rolled out in 6 countries and will be carried out by capital increase within the limit of 480,000 shares representing approximately 0.5% of the Company's share capital.


The Offer is dedicated to members of the Group Savings Plan or the International Group Savings Plan located in the following countries: Germany, China, United States, France, India and United Kingdom, having at least three months of seniority at the last day of the subscription period, October 6, 2022.

Terms of shares holding

Subscription to shares is carried out through an employee mutual fund (FCPE), the FCPE "Believe Shares", in Germany, France, India, the United Kingdom. Subscription to shares is carried out through direct shareholding in China and the in United States.

Subscription price

The subscription price of a share under the Offer is equivalent to the average prices weighted by the trading volumes of the Believe share on Euronext Paris during the twenty trading days preceding the decision of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer setting the dates of the subscription period, reduced by a 20% discount, and rounded up to the nearest hundredth of a euro.

On delegation from the Board of Directors, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer set, on September 15, 2022, the reference price for one share at €8.62 and the subscription price for one share at €6.90.

Lock-up period

Shares subscribed directly, as well as FCPE units, will be blocked for a period of five years, unless early release cases provided by law.

Exercise of voting rights

The voting rights attached to the shares held through the FCPE “Believe Shares” will be exercised by the supervisory board of the FCPE “Believe Shares”. The voting rights attached to the shares held directly will be exercised by direct employee shareholders.

informative schedule

The indicated schedule for carrying out the Offer is as follows:

  • setting of the subscription price: September 15, 2022

  • subscription period: from September 16 to October 6, 2022, inclusive

  • capital increase: November 3, 2022


Admittance to trading on the Euronext Paris market (ISIN Code: FR0014003FE9) of the new shares will be requested as soon as the capital increase is completed.

Specific note

FCPE units may not be offered or sold directly or indirectly in the United States (including its territories and possessions), to or for the benefit of a "U.S. Person", as defined by American regulations, and available on the website of the FCPE management company:

Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 833/2014 and Regulation (EU) No. 765/2006, as amended, the Offer is not open to Russian nationals and natural persons residing in Russia, nor Belarusian nationals and natural persons residing in Belarus, except for nationals in a country of the European Union or natural persons holding a temporary or permanent residence permit in a country of the European Union.

About Believe
Believe is one of the world's leading digital music companies. Believe's mission is to support artists and labels by offering them digital solutions adapted to their evolving needs at each stage of their development. Believe relies on its technological platform, on the unique digital expertise of its employees to advise its artists and labels, distribute and promote their music. Its 1,565 employees present in more than 50 countries support them with unique digital expertise, respect, fairness and transparency. Believe offers its various solutions through a portfolio of brands including, among others, TuneCore, Nuclear Blast, Naïve, Groove Attack and AllPoints. Believe is listed on compartment A of the regulated market of Euronext Paris (Ticker: BLV, ISIN: FR0014003FE9).

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